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Cox A. (ed.) PLATE TECTONICS AND GEOMAGNETIC REVERSALS  8vo, soft covers with owner’s name in ink else some exterior wear, contents  vg,  702 pp., scores of figs.                Price: $15.00               (stock#GEOP22)


Crandell D. R. 1987 DEPOSITS OF PRE-1980 PYROCLASTIC FLOWS AND LAHARS FROM MOUNT ST. HELENS VOLCANO WASHINGTON USGS Prof. Paper #1444 wraps, ex-lib light wear vg, 91 pp., frontis, 1 plt, 54 figs.                                                                                                        Price: $15.00                   (stock#PP1444WA)


Lipman P. W. 1975 EVOLUTION OF THE PLATORO CALDERA COMPLEX AND RELATED VOLCANIC ROCKS SOUTHEASTERN SAN JUAN MOUNTAINS COLORADO USGS Prof. Paper #852 wraps light wear, vg, 128 pp., 67 figs.                                                                                                                      Price: $20.00                       (stock#PP852co)


MacDonald G. A. and Kuno H. (eds.) 1962 THE CRUST OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN Amer. Geophys. Union Monograph #2 8vo, cloth light wear, vg, 195 pp., numerous figs.       Price: $20.00                     (stock#GEOP21)


Rosenberg G. D. and Runcorn S. K. 1975 GROWTH RYTHMS AND THE HISTORY OF THE EARTH’S ROTATION [J. Wiley & Sons, publ.] 8vo, cloth, private name and stamp else light wear vg copy, 559 pp, numerous figs. A classic text.                                                                                                  Price: $20.00                     (stock#GEOP19)


Steinhart J. S. and Smith T. J. (eds.) 1966 THE EARTH BENEATH THE CONTINENTS American Geophysical Union cloth light wear, vg, Half the volume is focused on the LAKE SUPERIOR REGION and an early contribution to putting together the geology, structure and features of the Midcontinent rift system in the early days of the plate tectonic theory revolution. The volume remainder covers diverse areas and topics. A classic volume.               

                                                                                                                              Price: $30.00                                       (stock#WI54)

                                                      OTHER  TITLES

American Geophysical Union 1958 GEOPHYSICS AND THE IGY – PROCEEDINGS AGU Monograph #2. cloth light wear, vg, 210 pp., figs.                                          Price: $15.00              (stock#GEOP10)

Anstey N. A. 1977 SEISMIC INTERPRETATION 4to, hardback, vg, 625 pp., figs.  

                                                                                               Price: $20.00      (stock#GEOP01)

Barton P. B. et al. (eds.) MINERAL RESOURCES: GENETIC UNDERSTANDING FOR PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS National Academy Press 4to, printed wraps, ex-lib else vg, 119 pp., figs.     Price: $15.00         (GEOP031)


EARTHQUAKES OF DECEMBER 23 `1972 USGS Prof. Paper 838 wps with stamp, else light+ wear, contents clean, vg, 34 pp., 1 plt, 23 figs.                                                                                Price: $10.00        (stock#SA46)

Calder N. 1972 THE RESTLESS EARTH A REPORT ON THE NEW GEOLOGY 8vo, dust jacket with light wear, small nicks, contents clean, vg, 152 pp., nice illustrations. A good intro text for the educated layman on the then new development of plate tectonics.                                                                Price: $10.00            (stock#GEOP02)

Collins M. P. 1937 LOCAL EARTHQUAKES IN NEW ENGLAND offprint from Bull. Seism. Soc. America 8vo, light wear, stamp to wrap else vg, 8 pp., 4 figs.                                        Price: $10.00                       (stock#SEI001)

Collinson D. W. et al. 1967 METHODS IN PALEOMAGNETISM Elsevier, Nato Studies Institute cloth, ex-lib else vg, 609 pp., figs.                                                     Price: $20.00            (stock#GEOP03)

Cremer G. M. et al. HOT DRY ROCK GEOTHERMAL ENERGY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Los Alamos Scientific Labs, publication LA-8280-HDR 4to, printed wraps light wear, vg, 248 pp.   

                                                                                                                                 Price: $15.00       (stock#GEOP30)

Dickenson W. R. and Grantz A. 1968 PROCEEDINGS OF CONFERENCE ON GEOLOGIC PROBLEMS OF SAN ANDREAS FAULT SYSTEM Stanford Unv. 8vo, wps, private owners stamp else light wear, vg, 376 pp., figs, folding map at rear.                                                                                 Price: $25.00            (stock#CA132)

Espinosa A. F. (ed.) 1976 THE GUATEMALAN EARTHQUAKE OF FEBRUARY 4, 1976 A PRELIMINARY REPORT USGS Prof. Paper #1002 printed wps, ex-lib contents vg, 90 pp., 76 figs.       Price: $10.00   (stock#SA048)

FEMA 1989 ESTABLISHING PROGRAMS AND PRIORITIES FOR THE SEISMIC REHABILITATION OF BUILDINGS 4to, wps, light wear, vg, 122 pp., figs.                              Price: $15.00                        (stock#GEOP05)


                                                                                                                    Price: $10.00                        (stock#GEOP06)

Gonzalez J. and Foshag W. E. 1946 THE BIRTH OF PARICUTIN offprint Smithsonian Ann Rpt, wraps, light wear, vg, 12 pp., 10 plates.                                                                       Price: $15.00                       (stock#GEOP22)

Hobbs W. H. 1927 THE CAUSE OF EARTHQUAKES ESPECIALLY THOSE OF THE EASTERN UNITED STATES USNM Proc. #2889 8vo, ex-lib, some wear/chips to wrap margins, pages unopened contents vg, 21 pp., 2 figs.                                                                                                                      Price: $10.00     (stock#SEI002)

Iacopi R. EARTHQUAKE COUNTRY - HOW, WHY AND WHERE EARTHQUAKES STRIKE CALIFORNIA 4to, cloth, light wear, ex-lib, vg, 192 pp., figs.                                                          Price: $15.00          (stock#GEOP04)

James P. 1974 CALIFORNIA SUPERQUAKE 1975-77? Exposition Press, New York, 8vo, dust jacket with some wear else very good, 274 pp., figs. A mix of fringoid Edgar Cacye, Biblical and 1970s era self-styled pyschics predicting the doom of California. Makes for a light, entertaining read.                    Price: $10.00        (stock#GEOP07)

Journal of Geophysical Research 1963 PAPERS IN GEOPHYSICS HONORING LOUIS BYRNE SLICHTER 8vo, cloth, signature else vg, clean, with 10 papers and approx. 130 pp., figs.    Price: $20.00          (stockGEOP08)

Keller G. V. 1959 DIRECTIONAL RESISTIVITY MEASUREMENTS IN EXPLORATION FOR URANIUM DEPOSITS ON THE COLORADO PLATEAU USGS Bull. #1083-B wps with small stamp else light wear, vg, 36 pp., 18 figs.                                                                                                            Price: $10.00            (stock#USGSB1083B)

Keller G. V. 1960 PULSE-TRANSIENT BEHAVOIR OF BRINE-SATURATED SANDSTONES USGS Bull. #1083-D wps with small stamp light wear, vg, 19 pp., 9 figs.                       Price: $10.00          (stock#USGSB1083D)

Lachenbruch A. H. 1969  THE EFFECT OF TWO-DIMENSIONAL TOPOGRAPHY ON SUPERFICIAL THERMAL GRADIENTS U. S. Geological Survey Bulletin #1203-E wraps light wear, vg, 86 pp., 23 figs.       

                                                                                                            Price: $10.00                       (stock#USGSB1203E)

Larsen E. S. 1929 THE TEMPERATURES OF MAGMAS offprint Amer. Mineralogist 8vo, wps, ex-lib, vg, 14 pp. 

                                                                                                                 Price: $8.00    (stock#VUL02)
Leet L. D. 1948 CAUSES OF CATASTROPHE – EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES, TIDAL WAVES AND HURRICANES McGraw Hill, New York 8vo, cloth light wear, vg, 232 pp., figs.    Price: $10.00  (stock#GEOP09)

Leet L. D. EARTH WAVES Harvard Unv. Press, 8vo, cloth, light wear, vg, 122 pp., figs. 

                                                                                                                                 Price: $10.00       (stock#GEOP10)

Mortiz H. 1962 STUDIES ON THE ACCURACY OF THE COMPUTATION OF GRAVITY IN HIGH ELEVATIONS Ann. Acad. Sci. Feenicae 8vo, wps vg, 37 pp., 7 figs.                                         Price: $10.00         (stock#GEOP11)

National Research Council 1983 THE LITHOSPHERE, REPORT ON A WORKSHOP wps light wear, vg, 84 pp., figs.                                                                                                                    Price: $10.00          (stock#GEOP15)

Phillips O. M. 1968 THE HEART OF THE EARTH 8vo, cloth as issued, signature on fep, light wear, vg, 236 pp., figs. On solid earth geophysics and sub-crustal geology.                         Price: $10.00         (stock#VUL001)

Phinny R. A. 9ed.) 1968 THE HISTORY OF THE EARTH’S CRUST A SYMPOSIUM Princeton Unv. Press, 4to, cloth, ex-lib else vg,  244 pp., scores of figs.                                   Price: $15.00       (stock#MIN138)

Rast N. (ed.) 1962 APPLIED GEOPHYSICS U.S.S.R. Pergamon Press, cloth, ex-lib, vg, 429 pp., figs.

                                                                                                                               Price: $20.00    (stock#GEOP12)

Reid H. F. 1914 THE LISBON EARTHQUAKE OF NOVEMBER 1, 1755 offprint from Bull. Seism. Soc. America signed by author, short tears to margin, 1st page  loose else good, 17 pp., 1 plt.           Price: $10.00         (stock#GEOP13)

Rojas A. G. et al. (eds.) 1956 VULCANOLOGIA DEL CENOZOICO 20th International Geological Congress Mexico City, 2 volumes  complete, both in wraps as issued, light wear, vg set. With 543 pp., figs.            

                                                                                                                      Price for set: $25.00           (stock#SA054)

Schmoll H. R. et al. 1975 GEOLOGIC CONSIDERATIONS FOR REDEVELOPMENT PLANNING OF MANAGUA NICARAGUA FOLLOWING THE 1972 EARTHQUAKE USGS Prof. Paper #914 wps, ex-lib, vg, 23 pp., 1 plt, 8 figs.                                                                                                                                Price: $10.00       (stock#SA047)

Sohon F. W. 1932 INTRODUCTION TO THEORETICAL SEISMOLOGY cloth, priv. name stamp else fine copy 149 pp., figs. A classic text.                                                                         Price: $15.00            (stock#GEOP14)

Urry W. D. 1941 HEAT ENERGY FROM RADIOACTIVE SOURCES IN THE EARTH offprint, Wash. Acad Sci., wrap with signature else vg,  12 pp.                                                                              Price: $6.00   (stock#GEOP16)

Van Nostrand R. (ed.) 1971 SEISMIC FILTERING Soc. Explor. Geophy. 8vo, cloth, fine clean copy 223 pp., figs.                                                                                                                                Price: $20.00       (stock#GEOP17)

Ward F. N. et al. 1963 ANALYTICAL METHODS USED IN GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION BY THE U. S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY U. S. Geological Survey Bulletin #1152 wraps light wear, vg 100 pp., 8 figs. 

                                                                                                                            Price: $10.00       (stock#USGSB1152)

Whitford-Stark J. L. 1987 A SURVEY OF CENOZOIC VOLCANISM ON MAINLAND ASIA Geol. Soc. America Spec. Paper #213 4to, printed wps light wear, vg,  74 pp., figs.       Price: $20.00   (stock#GSASP203)

Williams H. 1950 VOLCANOES OF THE PARICUTIN REGION MEXICO USGS Bulletin #965-B 8vo, wps, ex-lib else vg, 114 pp., 2 plts, 21 figs.                                                Price: $20.00       (stock#USGSB965B)

Yoder H. S. Jr. 1975 GENERATION OF BASALTIC MAGMA Nat. Acad. Of Sciences, publisher. 8vo, name stamp on fep else vg, 265 pp., figs.                                                  Price: $15.00    (stock#MIN094)

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