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Bierschenk W. H. 1954 GROUND-WATER RESOURCES OF THE PROVIDENCE QUADRANGLE RHODE ISLAND RI Dev. Counc. Bull. 10 wps light wear vg, 104 pp., 3 plts (folding maps in pocket), 12 figs.     Price: $25.00               (stock#RI04)

U. S. Geological Survey Bulletin #311 wps with corner tear, short repair to spine, stamp, contents vg clean, 74 pp., 2 plts & 6 figs. Includes sections on Rhode Island granites.

                                                                                   Price: $25.00                                (stock#USGSB311)

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                                                                                                                                           Price: $20.00           (stock#RI05)

Murray D. P. 1988 RHODE ISLAND: THE LAST BILLION YEARS wps light wear, vg, 94 pp., 56 figs, detailed field trip stop descritpions.                                                                                       Price: $20.00                          (stock#RI06)

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Rhode Island Development Council 1953 GROUND-WATER RESOURCES OF RHODE ISLAND RI Dev. Counc. Bull. 6, wps some wear along spine, contents vg,  170 pp., folding map in pocket.         Price: $25.00                 (stock#RI06)



Gonthier J. B. 1966  HYDROLOGIC DATA FOR SOUTH BRANCH OF THE PAWTUXET RIVER BASIN RHODE ISLAND RI Water Resources Coord. Board, ex-lib. soiling to wps 34 pp. 4 figs 2 f/o pocket maps.                                                                                                   Price: $15.00                       (stock#RI003)

Quinn A. and Swann D. H.  1950  BIBLIOGRAPHY OF RHODE ISLAND  GEOLOGY RI Industrial Dev. Comm. wps, 26 pp, 2 figs.                                                                Price: $15.00                      (stock#RI006)




#115 Gannett H. 1894 GEOGRAPHIC DICTIONARY OF RHODE ISLAND archival wps else vg copy with 31 pp.                                                                                                     Price: $15.00              (stock#USGSB115)

#311  Emerson and Perry 1907  THE GREEN SCHISTS AND ASSOCIATED GRANITES AND PORPHYRIES OF RHODE ISLAND 8vo wraps with marginal chips/tears, some wear overall, but good with 74 pp., 2 plts, 6 figs.                                                                                            Price: $25.00             (stock#USGSB311)

#615 Ashley G. H. 1915 RHODE ISLAND COAL light wear, slight  discoloration to wp margins from age else fine, contents clean, 62 pp., 5 plates and 3 figs.                    Price: $20.00            (stock#USGSB615)

#1071-I  Kaye C. A. 1960 SURFICIAL GEOLOGY OF THE KINGSTON QUADRANGLE RHODE ISLAND wps with small stamp, light wear, vg copy, 56 pp., 3 plts, 16 figs including large fold out pocket map.                                                                                                                      Price: $15.00         (stock#USGSB1071I)

#1158-B  Quinn A. W. 1963  BEDROCK GEOLOGY OF THE CROMPTON QUADRANGLE RHODE ISLAND wps with small stamp, light wear, vg, 17 pp. + map in rear pocket.  Price: $15.00      (stock#USGSB1158b)

#1295 Quinn A. W. 1971 BEDROCK GEOLOGY OF RHODE ISLAND wps, light wear, fine copy,  68 pp., 1 plt, 2 figs, the plate being the large colored fold out BEDROCK MAP OF RHODE ISLAND In rear pocket.                                                                                            Price: $20.00                (stock#USGSB1295)


#1499-A  Halberg H. N. et al. 1961 WATER RESOURCES OF THE PROVIDENCE AREA RHODE ISLAND 8vo, wps, vg copy, 50 pp., 1 plt, 16 figs, the plate being folding pocket map showing surficial geology of the Providence area.                                                                   Price: $15.00                    (stock#WSP1499A)

#1775  Rosenshein J. S. et al. 1968 HYDROLOGIC CHARACTERISTICS AND SUSTAINED YIELD OF PRINCIPAL GROUND WATER UNITS POTOWOMUT-WICKFORD AREA RHODE ISLAND wps and map slip case, ex-lib else light wear, vg, 38 pp., 5 plts, 8 figs.        Price: $10.00                     (stock#WSP1775)

#2033  Gonthier J. B. et al. 1974 AVAILABILITY OF GROUND WATER IN THE LOWER PAWCATUCK RIVER BASIN RHODE ISLAND wps, light wear, vg, 40 pp., 5 plts, 7 figs.  

                                                                                                       Price: $10.00                       (stock#WSP2033)


Chute N. E. 1949  SURFICIAL GEOLOGY OF THE PAWTUCKET QUADRANGLE RHODE ISLAND USGS map GQ-2 map in printed sleeve.                                             Price: $10.00                      (stock#mapGQ02)

 Feininger T. 1965  BEDROCK GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE ASHAWAY QUADRANGLE CONNECTICUT - RHODE ISLAND USGS map GQ 403 map in sleeve, map fine.    Price: $10.00            (stock#mapGQ403)
Schafer J. P. 1965  SURFICIAL GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE WATCH HILL QUADRANGLE RHODE ISLAND - CONNECTICUT USGS map GQ 410map in sleeve, map fine.       Price: $10.00            (stock#mapGQ410)


Chester A. H. and Cairnes F. I. 1887 CROCIDOLITE FROM CUMBERLAND, R. I. offprint, Amer. Jour. Sci, wraps with small edge chips, some wear, contents vg, 8 pp.        Price: $10.00                      (stock#RI28)

Loughlin G. F. and Hechinger L. A. 1914 AN UNCONFORMITY IN THE NARRAGANSETT BASIN OF RHODE ISLAND AND MASSACHUSETTS offprint from American Jour. Science wps with penciled names, vg, 20 pp., 1 fig. Scarce.                                         Price: $8.00                                      (stock#RI007)

Perkins E. H. 1920 THE ORIGIN OF THE DIGHTON CONGLOMERATE OF THE NARRAGNASETT BASIN OF MASSACHUSETTS AND RHODE ISLAND offprint  from Amer. Jour. Science wps signed compliments of author, light wear, vg, 15 pp., 1 fig.          Price: $10.00                                 (stock#MA009)

Quinn A. and Young J. A. Jr. 1937 MINERALS AND ASSOCIATED ROCKS AT COPPER MINE HILL RHODE ISLAND offprint from American Mineralogist 22(4) some wear but vg, 11 pp., 2 figs that Are detailed maps of the mine adits and dumps. Scarce.       Price: $12.00                                   (stock#RI002)

Shaler N. S. 1893 THE CONDITIONS OF EROSION BENEATH DEEP GLACIERS BASED UPON A STUDY OF THE BOULDER TRAIN FROM IRON HILL, CUMBERLAND, R. I. MCZ Bull. 16(11) wraps with stamps, minor edge chips else light wear, contents vg, 41 pp., 4 plts, folding map.   

                                                                                                  Price: $20.00                                    (stock#RI29)

Woodworth J. B. and Marbut C. F. 1896 THE QUEEN’S RIVER MORAINE IN RHODE ISLAND offprint from Jour. Geology 8vo, wps with light soiling, name stamp and notation, contents vg, 13 pp., 7 figs.                                                                                            Price: $10.00                                 (stock#RI008)

Young J. A. Jr. 1938 KEILHAUITE – A GUIDE MINERAL TO THE STERLING GRANITE GNEISS OF RHODE ISLAND offprint from American Mineralogist 23(4) 8vo, vg, 4 pp., 1 fig.            
                                                                                                     Price: $4.00                                  (stock#RI001)

Jackson C. T. 1840 REPORT ON THE GEOLOGICAL AND AGRICULTURAL SURVEY OF THE STATE OF RHODE-ISLAND, MADE UNDER A RESOLVE OF LEGISLATURE IN THE YEAR 1839 8vo, rebound in green buckrum, ex-lib, binding solid, contents with light foxing, 310 pp., 7 plates, 14 figs. Note that the  hand colored folding geologic map and section sheet are not present.                                                 Price: $75.00                                      (stock#JacksonRI)