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Cooper R. W. et al. 2007 WESTERN AUSTRALIA ATLAS OF MINERAL AND PETROLEUM FIELDS wps light wear vg, 12 maps in text, lengthy index and large folding map Mineral Exploration in Queensland.  

                                                                                                                            Price: $20.00                   (stock#AUS26)


Emery K. O. 1962 MARINE GEOLOGY OF GUAM USGS Prof. Paper 403-B wps some wear, contents vg, 76 pp., 1 plt, 65 figs.                                                                                                          Price: $15.00                     (stock#PP403B)


McKenzie G. D. (ed.) 1987 GONDWANA SIX: STRATIGRAPHY, SEDIMENTOLOGY, PALENTOLOGY AGU Mono. #41 4to cloth light wear vg, 250 pp., scores of figs. Includes diverse papers ranging from the Paleozoic of Australia, Triassic of New Zealand, Tasmania, Antactica, Trematosauridie by Hammer and more. A standard reference vol. for Gondwana studies.                                                                                            Price: $25.00                    (stock#AUS41)


Nuttall C. P. et al. 1972 GEOLOGICAL PAPERS VOLUME 1 Geol. Surv. Malayasia stiff wps light wear vg 100 pp., some plts, figs, folding maps.                                                                             Price: $20.00               (stock#SEA41)


Stevens G. 1981 NEW ZEALAND ADRIFT cloth with dust jacket, some wear to jacket, contents with ownership signature else vg, clean with 442 pp. and numerous figures that describe the plate tectonic origin and geological history of New Zealand.                                                                                                            Price: $30.00                        (stock#AUS51)


Umbgrove J. H. F. STRUCTURAL HISTORY OF THE EAST INDIES Cambridge Unv. Press folio, cloth, light wear vg 62 pp., 10 plts including folding map at rear, 67 figs. Focused on Malaysia/Sumutra.  Price: $35.00       (stock#SEA36)


Wellman H. W. 1956 STRUCTURAL OUTLINE OF NEW ZEALAND NZ DSIR Bull. #121 stiff wps with some wear, light marginal stain, contents vg with 36 pp., folding maps. Somewhat scarce.    Price: $20.00                   (stock#AUS34)

                                                          OTHER TITLES

Baker G. 1959 RODINGITE IN NICKELIFEROUS SERPENTINITE NEAR BEACONSFIELD NORTHERN TASMANIA offprint Jour. Geol. Soc. Australia wps with signature else vg, 16 pp., figs.                 Price: $8.00                         (stock#AUS04)

Blanchard R. 1947 SOME PIPE DEPOSITS OF EASTERN AUSTRALIA offprint from Economic Geology 8vo, wps with signatures else vg, 32 pp., figs.                                                                        Price: $10.00                       (stock#AUS02)

Bryan W. H. and Jones O. A. 1954 offprint Proc. Roy Soc. Queensland THE STRUCTURAL HISTORY OF THE BRISBANE METAMORPHICS 8vo, wps with signature, vg, 26 pp., figs.                             Price: $8.00                        (stock#AUS08)

Chatterton B. D. E. 1973 BRACHIOPODS OF THE MURRUMBRIDGE GROUP TAEMAS NEW SOUTH WALES Aust. Bur. Min. Res., Geol. Geophysics Bull. #137 cloth, light wear, ex-lib, contents vg, 146 pp., 35 plts.  

                                                                                                                            Price: $20.00                      (stock#IPB30)
Campbell K. S. W. 1965 AUSTRALIAN PERMIAN TEREBRATULOIDS Aust. Bur. Min. Res., Geol., Geophysics Bull. #68 wps, light wear, ex-lib, contents vg, 114 pp., 17 plts + figs.                                 Price: $15.00                      (stock#IPB29)
Coleman P. J. 1957 PERMIAN PRODUCTACEA OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Aust. Bur. Min. Res., Geol., Geophysics Bull. #40 wps, some wear, ex-lib, contents vg, 148 pp. 21 plts.                                  Price: $15.00                     (stock#IPB28)
Cooper G. A. 1972 HOMEOMORPHY IN RECENT DEEP-SEA BRACHIOPODS Smithsonian Cont. Paleobiology 4to, wps light wear, vg, 25 pp., 4 plts.                                                                               Price: $10.00                     (stock#IPB105)
Cooper G. A. 1973 NEW BRACHIOPODA FROM THE INDIAN OCEAN Smithsonian Cont. Paleobiology #16 4to, wps, light wear, vg, 43 pp., 8 plts.                                                                               Price: $10.00                     (stock#IPB103)
Cooper G. A. 1973 VEMA’S BRACHIOPODA Smithsonian Cont. Paleobiology #17 4to Wps light wear, ex-lib, vg, 51 pp., 9 plts.                                                                                                                    Price: $10.00                    (stock#IPB104)
Cooper G. A.  1978 TERTIARY AND QUATERNARY BRACHIOPODS FROM THE SOUTHWEST PACIFIC Smithsonian Cont. Paleobiology #38 4to, wps light wear, ex-lib, vg, 23 pp., 2 plts.               Price: $8.00                       (stock#IPB101)
Crespin I. 1963 LOWER CRETACEOUS ARENACEOUS FORAMINIFERA OF AUSTRALIA Aust. Bur. Min. Res., Geol., Geophysics Bull #66 boards, light wear, ex-lib, contents vg, 110 pp., 18 plts.      Price: $10.00                     (stock#IPF19)
Crockford, J. 1945  STENOPORIDS FROM THE PERMIAN OF NSW & TASMANIA offprint PROC. LINNEAN SOC. NSW 70 (1-2) 16 pp., 2 pls, 25 figs.                                                                                    Price: $6.00                    (stock#IPA14)
Edwards A. B. 1919 SOME OBSERVATIONS ON THE MINERAL COMPOSITION OF THE MOUNT LYELL COPPER ORES, TASMANIA AND THEIR MODES OF OCCURRENCE offprint, Proc. Austr. Inst. Mining & Met. wps light wear, vg, 42 pp., 15 figs.                                                                                                                  Price: $10.00                     (stock#AUS23)
Edwards A. B. 1956 METAMORPHISM AND METASOMATISM AT KING ISLAND SCHEELITE MINE offprint Geol. Soc. Aust. wps with ownership stamp else vg, 43 pp., 2 plts, map, figs.                    Price: $10.00                    (stock#AUS24)
Edwards A. B. and Glaessner M. F. 1947 THE MINERAL RESOURCES OF THE WESTERN PACIFIC ISLANDS Australian Inst. Mining Metall. 8vo, wps, light wear, vg, 153 pp., figs.                                  Price: $15.00                     (stock#AUS01)

Gatehouse C. G. 1968 EARLY MIDDLE CAMBRIAN TRILOBITES OF THE LITCHFIELD AREA NORTHERN TERRITORY and other Papers in Paleontological Papers, 1965 Austral. Bur. Min Res. Bull. #80 8vo, stiff wps, ex-lib, vg, 224 pp., 15 plts, figs (for entire vol.).                                                                                       Price: $20.00                  (stock#IPAR05)
Gustafson J. K. and Miller E. S. 1937 KALGOORLIE GEOLOGY RE-INTERPRETED Aust. Inst. Mining Metall. Offprint wps, ex-lib, vg, 31 pp., maps, figs.                                                                                 Price: $10.00                    (stock#AUS10)

Guzman E. J. (ed.) 1956 SYMPOSIUM SOBRE YACIMIENTOS DE PETROLEO Y GAS TOMO II – ASIA Y OCEANIA 20th International Geol. Congress, Mexico City, signature on wrap else light wear, vg, 240 pp., figs.   

                                                                                                                               Price: $20.00                   (stock#OIL40)
Haddon A. C. et al. 1894 ON THE GEOLOGY OF TORRES STRAITS Trans. Royal Irish Acad. royal 4to, wps with chips/tears, 57 pp., 4 plts. The plates include a map and very nice period outcrop photos.    

                                                                                                                               Price: $15.00                    (stock#AUS18)
Hogertoorn D. J. 1970 PINE RIDGE AND RASLIE GAS FIELDS Geol. Surv. Queensland Rpt #55 8vo, wps soiled but contents unaffected, clean, light wear, vg, 89 pp., figs.                                       Price: $15.00                    (stock#AUS14)
Jones O. A. 1947 ORE GENESIS IN QUEENSLAND Proc. Roy. Soc. Queensland wp with Signature else vg, 89 pp., figs.                                                                                                                                Price: $20.00                  (stock#SEA06)

8vo, cloth, ex-lib else vg, 262 pp., 71 figs.                                                                                                                         Price: $20.00                 (stock#AUS40)


Kadar D. 1975 PLANKTONIC FORAMINIFERA FROM LOWER PART OF SENTOLO FORMATION CENTRAL JAVA INDONESIA offprint from JOUR. FORAM RES. 5(1) 20 pp., 8 pls.                          Price: $6.00                     (stock#IPF04)
Kesling R. V. 1958 FOSSIL CRABS FROM GUAM Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 14(14) 8vo, wraps, like new, 56 pp., 12 pls, 2 maps.                                                                                                        Price:  $10.00                (stock#IPAR42)

Kesling R. V. 1969  THREE PERMIAN STARFISH FROM WESTERN AUSTRALIA AND THEIR BEARING ON REVISION OF THE ASTEROIDEA Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 22 (25) 8vo, wraps, like new, 17 pp., 3 pls, 6 figs.                                                                                                                                                          Price: $10.00                    (stock#IPE03)
Kruttschnitt J. and Mann 1937 MINING METHODS AND COSTS AT THE MOUNT ISA MINES LTD, MOUNT ISA, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA US Bur. Mines Circ. #6978 wps, light wear vg, 35 pp., figs, maps.        

                                                                                                                                 Price: $20.00      (stock#USBMC6978)

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA US Bur. Mines Circ. #7303 wps light wear, vg, 33 pp., figs.   

                                                                                                                                 Price: $20.00       (stock#USBMC7073)
Ladd H. S. 1966 CHITONS AND GASTROPODS (HALIOTIDAE THROUGH ADEORBIDAE) FROM THE WESTERN PACIFIC ISLANDS USGS Prof. Paper #531 wps with stamp else vg,  98 pp. 16 plts, 2 figs.    Price: $15.00              (stock#IPM53)
McCaskey H. D. 1903 REPORT ON A GEOLOGICAL RECONNAISSANCE OF THE IRON REGION OF ANGAT, BULACAN Philippines, Manila:The Mining Bureau, Bulletin 3 8vo, wps with minor chips, ex-lib else vg, 62 pp., approx. 70 plates, and folding maps. The maps are extremely rare, most having been destroyed during WW2.   

                                                                                                                                 Price: $75.00                (stock#AUS03)

Mallet C. W. 1970  DEVONIAN STROMATOPORIDS FROM BROKEN RIVER FORMATION NORTH QUEENSLAND offprint Roy. Soc. NSW 103: 35-42, 2 pls, 1 fig. light wear, stamps.                                    Price: $6.00                       (stockPB22)
Maxwell J. C. 1949 SOME OCCURRENCES OF CHROMITE IN NEW CALEDONIA offprint Econ. Geol. 8vo, wps light wear, 20 pp., figs.                                                                                                   Price: $8.00                    (stock#AUS12)

Moors R. T. ORDOVICIAN GRAPTOLITES FROM THE CLIEFDEN CAVES AREA MADURAMA NSW WITH A RE- APPRAISAL OF THEIR STRATIGRAPHIC SIGNIFICANCE Proc. Roy. Soc. Victoria vol. 82(2) wps, ex-lib, vg, 35 pp., 5 figs.                                                                                                                         Price: $8.00                     (stock#IPA32)


Paine A. G. L. et al. 1972 PROPSERINE QUEENSLAND Bur. Mineral Res. Geological Series wps with signature, crease but else good, 24 pp., 3 figs, large folding map in rear pocket.                            Price: $20.00                 (stock#AUS43)

Palmer A. R. and Rowell A. J. 1995 EARLY CAMBRIAN TRILOBITES FROM THE SCHACKLETON LIMESTONE OF THE CENTRAL TRANSANTARCTIC MOUNTAINS Paleont. Soc. Memoir #45 4to, wps light wear, vg, 28 pp., 18 figs.                                                                                                                                                 Price: $20.00                (stock#IPAR55)
Potton C. and Wood P. 1990 YESTERDAY’S NEW EARTH – NEW ZEALAND’S GEOTHERMAL LANDSCAPE small folio, cloth with dj, some external wear to jacket else vg copy, 136 pp., color plates.      Price: $20.00              (stock#AUS19)

Playford G. 1971 LOWER CARBONIFEROUS SPORES FROM THE BONAPARTE GULF BASIN WESTERN AUSTRALIA AND NORTHERN TERRITORY Austral. Bur. Min Res. Bull. #115 8vo, stiff wps, ex-lib, vg, 104 pp., 18 plts, figs.                                                                                                                                                    Price: $15.00                   (stock#PBp12)
Reid I. W. 1958 THE GEOLOGY OF COCKATOO ISLAND YAMPI SOUND WESTERN AUSTRALIA offprint Aust. Inst. Mining Metall. wps light wear vg, 26 pp., map.                                                      Price: $10.00                  (stock#AUS13)
Richards S. M. 1966 MINERAGRAPHY OF FAULT ZONE SULPHIDES BROKEN HILL N. S. W. Commonwealth Sci. Indust. Organ. Australia Mineragraphic Investigations Tech. Paper No. 5 8vo, wps w/ sign. else fine.          

                                                                                                                                Price: $10.00                  (stock#AUS15)
Santos-Ynigo and Esguerra F. B. 1961 GEOLOGY AND GEOCHEMISTRY OF THE NICKELIFEROUS LATERITES OF NONOC AND ADJACENT ISLANDS SURIGO PROVINCE PHILIPPINES Philipp. Bur. Mines Publ. 18 8vo, wraps with faded stamps else vg, 90 pp. 10 plts (maps in pocket), 18 figs.                             Price: $25.00                (stock#SEA180)
Sherlocke R. L. 1903 THE FORAMINIFERA AND OTHER ORGANISMS IN THE RAISED REEFS OF FIJI Bull Mus. Comp. Zoology 5(8) wps and first few pages with crease, short tear, discrete stamp to wrap else overall light+ wear, contents vg, 18 pp., 8 figs.                                                                                                     Price: $8.00                     (stock#IPF38)
Siegrist H. G. Jr. 1992 SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF 20TH CENTURY GEOSCIENCE AND RELATED SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE OF MICRONESIA PART 1. MARIANA ISLAND ARC cloth with very light spotting, else light wear, vg, 105 pp.                                                                                                                           Price: $15.00                  (stock#AUS22)
Smith W. D. 1905 THE COAL DEPOSITS OF BATAN ISLAND Philippines, Manila:The Mining Bureau, Bulletin 5 8vo, wps with chips, some exterior wear, ex-lib else contents good, 56 pp., approx. 20 plates, and folding maps. The maps are extremely rare, most having been destroyed during WW2.                                  Price: $75.00                 (stock#AUS07)
Smith W. D. and others 1908 – 1920 THE MINERAL RESOURCES OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS 7 volumes for the years1907; 1911; 1912; 1915; 1916; 1917-18; 1919-1920 each volume 4to, in wraps as issued, light+ exterior wear, usually small splits along ends of paper spine covers, contents very good and diverse. Rare.                 

                                                                                                                                Price: $150.00                (stock#AUS16)
Stark J. T. and Hay R. L. 1963 GEOLOGY AND PETROGRAPHY OF VOLCANIC ROCKS OF THE TRUK ISLANDS EAST CAROLINE ISLANDS USGS Prof. Paper #409 wrap, ex-lib, cloth tape along spine, rear wrap lacking, both pocket maps present, and in fine condition, which are large folding maps of the Truk Islands and Truk Lagoon, and somewhat scarce. With 40 pp., 2 plts, 16 figs.                                                                         Price: $35.00                 (stock#PP409)

Veevers J. J. 1959 DEVONIAN AND CARBONIFEROUS BRACHIOPODS FROM NORTHWESTERN AUSTRALIA Austral. Bur. Min Res. Bull. #55 8vo, wps, ex-lib, vg, 42 pp., 4 plts, figs.                           Price: $10.00                     (stock#IPB41)
Warren R. G. A COMMENTARY ON THE METALLOGENIC MAP OF AUSTRALIA AND PAPUA NEW GUINEA Australia Bur. Mineral Resources Bull. #145 8vo, dust jacket, light wear, vg copy, 85 pp., figs.    Price: $30.00      (stock#AUS05)
Wass R. E. 1968 PERMIAN POLYZOA FROM THE BOWEN BASIN Austral. Bur. Min Res. Bull. #90 8vo, stiff wps, ex-lib, vg, 134 pp., 18 plts, figs.                                                                                         Price: $20.00                   (stock#IPA40)
Webby B. D. 1971 ALLEYNODICTYON A NEW ORDOVICIAN STROMATOPOROID FROM NEW SOUTH WALES offprint from Paleont. 8vo, wps, stamp, vg 15 pp., 1 plt, 1 fig.                                            Price: $6.00                       (stock#PB33)
Williams M. A. J. et al. (eds.) THE CAINOZOIC IN AUSTRALIA: A RE-APPRAISAL OF THE EVIDENCE Geol. Soc. Aus. Spec. Publ. #18 wps light wear, vg 346 pp., figs.                                                  Price: $30.00                   (stock#AUS18)

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