Caley C. F. 1940 PALAEOZOIC GEOLOGY OF THE TORONTO-HAMILTON AREA, ONTARIO Geological Survey of Canada Memoir #224 wraps light wear, very good clean copy with 284 pp., folding maps in rear pocket. 

                                                                                                                       Price: $45.00                  (stock#GSCMem224)


Caley J. F. 1941 PALAEOZIC GEOLOGY OF THE BRANTFORD AREA ONTARIO Geological Survey of Canada Memoir #226 wraps light wear, very good clean copy with 176 pp., folding maps in rear pocket.                 

                                                                                                         Price: $35.00                           (stock#GSCMem#226)


Caley J. F. 1943 PALAEOZOIC GEOLOGY OF THE LONDON AREA ONTARIO Geological Survey of Canada Memoir #237 8vo, wraps light wear, very good clean copy with 171 pp., 5 plates, 4 figs., folding maps in rear pocket.     

                                                                                                            Price: $35.00                              (stock#GSCMem237)


Caley J. F. 1945 PALAEOZOIC GEOLOGY OF THE WINDSOR-SARNIA AREA ONTARIO Geological Survey of Canada Memoir #240 wraps light wear, very good clean copy with 227 pp., 9 figures, folding maps in rear pocket.    

                                                                                                              Price: $40.00                      (stock#GSCMem#240)


Clapp C. H. and Cooke H. C. 1917  SOOKE AND DUNCAN MAP AREAS, VANCOUVER ISLAND Geol. Surv. Canada Mem. #96 wps, ex-lib, light wear, vg, 445 pp., figs, maps.                          Price: $45.00                    (stock#GSCM96)


Drysdale C. W. 1915 GEOLOGY OF FRANKLIN MINING CAMP BRITISH COLUMBIA Geol. Surv. Canada Memoir #56 wps with signature else light wear vg 246 pp., 23 plts, 16 figs, 2 folding maps.    Price: $45.00                 (stock#GSCMem56)


Geological Survey of Canada 1913 SOUTHWESTERN ONTARIO Guidebook No. 4 of the GSC Transcontinental Excursion series, 8vo, in wraps, light wear, vg, 142 pp., small, folding colored maps, figs., covering the region’s geology with emphasis on Ordovician to Devonian strata and fossils, and Quaternary geology of Niagara Falls region. 

                                                                                                                          Price: $30.00                            (stock#ONT15)


Hume G. S. 1933 OIL AND GAS IN WESTERN CANADA Geol. Surv. Canada Economic Geology Series #5 8vo, wraps with stamp, some external wear, contents vg, 359 pp., 26 figs. Scarce.      Price: $35.00              (stock#GSCEG05)


James H. T. 1929 BRITANNIA BEACH MAP AREA, BRITISH COLUMBIA Geol. Surv. Canada Mem. #158 wps, ex-lib, light wear, vg, 139 pp., figs, map.                                                                  Price: $35.00                         (stock#GSCM158)


Liberty B. A. 1963 GEOLOGY OF TWEED, KALADAR AND BANNOCKBURN MAP-AREAS, ONTARIO Geol. Surv. Canada Tech. Paper 63-14 wraps light wear, vg, 15 pp., 3 folding maps in rear pocket.   Price: $20.00             (stock#GSCTP63-14)


Logan et al., 1865 EOZOON CANADENSE offprint from Quat. Journ. Geol. Soc. plain wraps with period notations, a few spots of soiling, contents vg, 31 pp., 1 plate, 6 figs.                            Price: $35.00                             (stock#CAN102P)


McLearn F. H. and Kindle E. M. 1950 GEOLOGY OF NORTHEASTERN BRITISH COLUMBIA Geol. Surv. Canada Memoir #259 wraps with small stamp, some exterior wear, contents vg with 236 pp., 8 plates, 16 figs. and pocket map.
                                                                                                              Price: $30.00                     (stock#GSCMem259)


Norford B. S. 1962 ILLUSTRATIONS OF CANADIAN FOSSILS - CAMBRIAN, ORDOVICIAN AND SILURIAN OF THE WESTERN CORDILLERA Geol. Surv. Canada Tech. Paper 62-14 wraps light wear, vg, 25 pp., including 10 plates of fossils.                                                                                                  Price: $20.00                         (stock#GSCTP62-14)


Sanford B. V. and Brady W. B. 1955 PALAEOZOIC GEOLOGY OF THE WINDSOR-SARNIA AREA ONTARIO Geological Survey of Canada Memoir #278 wraps light wear, very good clean copy with 65 pp., folding maps in rear pocket.      

                                                                                                                          Price: $35.00              (stock#GSCMem278)


Stott D. B. and Aitken J. D. (eds.) 1993 SEDIMENTARY COVER OF THE CRATON IN CANADA GSA and Geol. Surv. Canada, Geology of North America Vol. D-1 4to, pictorial cloth, light wear, vg, 826 pp., scores of figs, apparently lacking separate slip case of maps.                                                               Price: $60.00                      (stock#GSAD5)


Walcott C. D. 1912 THE GEOLOGY OF STEEPROCK LAKE, ONTARIO Geol. Surv. Canada Memoir #28 wraps, some wear at margins, contents vg, 23 pp., 2 plates.                                                Price: $25.00                        (stock#GSCMem28)


Walker J. F. 1926 GEOLOGY AND MINERAL DEPOSITS OF WINDERMERE MAP AREA, BRITISH COLUMBIA Geol. Surv. Canada Mem. #148 wps, ex-lib, light wear, vg, 69 pp. figs.                     Price: $30.00                        (stock#GSCM148)



Barr F. T. and Weegar A. A. 1972 STRATIGRAPHIC NOMENCLATURE OF THE SIRTE BASIN LIBYA Petrol. Expl. Soc. Libya 8vo, cloth light wear vg 179 pp., scores of graphic well logs which cover the Cretaceous-Tertiary rocks of the basin.   

                                                                                                                       Price: $20.00                             (stock#AFR15)


Cotta B. 1839 ANLEITUNG ZUM STUDIUM DER GEOGNOSIE UND GEOLOGIE BESONDERS FÜR DEUTSCHE FORST UN LANDWIRTHE UND TECHNIKER bds loose, ex-lib, some foxing but contents good 132 pp., 30 figs. Scarce.           

                                                                                                                    Price: $50.00                            (stock#EUR92)


Falke H. (ed.) 1972 ROTLIEGEND - ESSAYS ON EUROPEAN LOWER PERMIAN 8vo, cloth as issued light wear, vg clean copy with 299 pp., 66 figs.                                                                      Price: $25.00                           (stock#EUR81P)


Flett J. S. et al. 1927 THE GEOLOGY OF THE DISTRICT AROUND EDINBURGH issue of THE GEOLOGIST'S ASSOCIATION, London in wraps, some wear, ex-lib., signed by J. H. Watson on wrap, with 106 pp., 7plates, 14 figures. Scarce.                                                                                                              Price: $25.00                        (stock#EUR34)


Hede J. E. 1915 SKANES COLONUSSKIFFER offprint Medd. Geol. Faltklubb, 4to, wraps with tears, old tape repair on spine, loose, 65 pp., 4 plates of fossils from the Colonus Shale of Sweden.   Price: $20.00           (stock#EUR83P)


Khudoley K. M. and A. A. Meyerhoff  PALEOGEOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGICAL HISTORY OF GREATER ANTILLES Geological Society of America Memoir #129 8vo, cloth with gilt title, some external wear, ex-library copy else contents very good with 199 pp., 30 figs.                                                             Price: $30.00                          (stock#GSAMem129)


Kobayashi T. 1937 THE CAMBRO-ORDOVICIAN SHELLY FAUNAS OF SOUTH AMERICA Jour. Imperial Unv. Tokyo wraps, some external wear, contents vg, 154 pp., 8 plates of fossils including trilobites.    

                                                                                                                       Price: $30.00                         (stock#SA22P)


Kummel B. and Teichert C. (eds.) 1970 STRATIGRAPHIC BOUNDARY PROBLEMS PERMIAN AND TRIASSIC OF WEST PAKISTAN royal 8vo, dust jacket with some wear else vg copy,  474 pp., figs, maps.   

                                                                                                                     Price: $30.00                           (stock#CSE32)


Kupper H. (ed.) 1964 GEOLOGISCHER FUHRER ZU EXKURSIONEN DURCH DIE OSTALPEN Vol. 57, #1 8vo, wraps light wear, vg, 375 pp., scores of figs. on the Triassic and younger strata fossils and rocks of the Austrian Alps. A classic reference on the Alpine Triassic - Jurassic realm and hard to find.                    Price: $30.00                   (stock#EUR31)


Miller A. K. et al., 1954 ORDOVOCIAN CEPHALOPODS FROM BAFFIN ISLAND Geological Society of America Memoir #62 8vo, gilt cloth, fine copy, 234 pp., 63 plates of fossils, 20 figs.              Price: $25.00                   (stock#GSAM62)


Muir-Wood H. M. et al. 1948 MALAYAN LOWER CARBONIFEROUS FOSSILS British Museum 8vo, cloth light wear, very mild ex-lib else clean, vg copy, 118, 17 plates, 3 figs. Scarce.               Price: $25.00                              (stock#SEA22)


Perkins B. F. 1960 BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC STUDIES IN THE COMANCHE (CRETACEOUS) SERIES OF NORTHERN MEXICO AND TEXAS Geological Society of America Memoir #83 8vo, red cloth as issued, ex-lib else light wear vg copy, 138 pp., 34 plates mostly of fossils, 26 figs.                                                      Price: $25.00                            (stock#GSAMem83)


Salem M. J. and Busrewil M. T. (eds.) 1980 THE GEOLOGY OF LIBYA 3 volumes. All 4to, dust jackets with light+ wear contents clean and vg, and extremely scarce. With 1,155 pp. scores of figs. Scarce to find all three vols together. 

                                                                                                                     Price: $100.00                             (stock#AFR18)


Stomer L. 1953 THE MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN OF THE OSLO REGION NORWAY wraps with institutional stamp else light wear, vg, 141 pp., 6 plates, 16 figs. A classic report on one of the classic locales for Ordovician fossils.  

                                                                                                            Price: $25.00                                (stock#EUR117P)


Takai F. et al. (eds.) 1963 GEOLOGY OF JAPAN published by Unv. of California press, hardcover, a few light spots to cloth else light wear, contents have a very slight corner bump for first 5 pages else contents are very good with ownership stamp of Alan Bateman, a noted economic geologist of the last century. With 279 pp., 30 figures. Hard to find.                                                                                                                 Price: $30.00                            (stock#SEA45)


Wiese J. H. and Cardenas S. 1945 TUNGSTEN DEPOSITS OF THE SOUTHERN PART OF SONORA MEXICO USGS Bull. #946-D wps light wear vg 28 pp., 6 plts (pocket maps), 1 fig.                 Price: $15.00               (stock#USGSB946D)


Ziegler A. M. et al. 1974 CORRELATION OF THE SILURIAN ROCKS OF THE BRITISH ISLES GSA Spec. Paper #154 8vo, printed wraps light wear, vg to fine copy, 154 pp., folding chart in rear pocket.    Price: $15.00              (stock#GSASP154)



Armstrong F. C. 1981 GENESIS OF URANIUM- AND GOLD-BEARING PRECAMBRIAN QUARTZ-PEBBLE CONGLOMERATES USGS Prof. Paper #1161 wps faded else light wear, vg  with approx. 800 pp., scores of figs. Reports in the volume are individually paginated.                                                         Price: $25.00                  (stock#PP1161mc)


Bastin E. S. 1910 ECONOMIC GEOLOGY OF FELDSPAR DEPOSITS OF THE UNITED STATES USGS Bull. #420 archival wraps else light wear, vg, 85 pp., 8 plts. Much on Pegmatite deposits.  Price: $20.00                     (stock#USGSB420)


Bloss F. D. 1961 AN INTRODUCTION TO THE METHODS OF OPTICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 8vo, cloth boards with small worn area else light wear, contents with some penciled notations otherwise clean, 294 pp., scores of figs.                                                                                                                       Price: $20.00                               (stock#MIN09)


Borner R. 1962 ROCKS, MINERALS, AND GEMSTONES London: Oliver and Boyd [publishers] 8vo, cloth, some external wear, contents vg, translated by W. Mykura. With 250 pp., and numerous figs and color photos.

                                                                                                                  Price: $25.00                      (stock#MIN146)


Calkins et al. 1913 CONTRIBUTIONS TO ECONOMIC GEOLOGY 1911 PART I, METALS AND NONMETALS EXCEPT FUELS USGS Bulletin #530 bound in limited issue red cloth, ex-lib else light wear, contents vg with 400 pp., 7 plts, 51 figs. Diverse contents include Carrville California; Creede Colorado; Loon Creek and St. Joe Idaho; Antelope District Nevada gold lodes and placers and more.                                                      Price: $45.00                 (stock#USGSB530)


Cammen L. 1926  PRINCIPLES OF METALLURGY OF FERROUS METALS American Assoc. Mech. Engineers 8vo, cloth, fine copy, 145 pp. + figs.                                                                               Price: $30.00                          (stock#MC117)


Crawford J. T. III and Hustrulid W. A. 1979 OPEN PIT MINE PLANNING AND DESIGN AIME 4to, cloth, light wear, owner name on bottom edges of pages, visible when book is closed else vg, 367 pp., scores of figs.    

                                                                                                                         Price: $35.00                          (stock#MC113)


Cross W. and Hillebrand W. F. 1885 CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE MINERALOGY OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS USGS Bull. #20 front wp with some wear, small marginal chips, rear wrap lacking, contents vg, pages uncut, untrimmed, 112 pp., 1 plt.                                                                                  Price: $25.00                        (stock#USGSB20)  


Eakin M. C. 1990 BRITISH ENTERPRISE IN BRAZIL: THE ST. JOHN D EL REY MINING COMPANY AND THE MORRO VELHO GOLD MINE, 1830-1960 tall 8vo in dust jacket and original publishers shrink wrap, 334 pp., figs. Used copies start at over $100, ours is priced to sell, and in as new condition!           Price: $40.00                      (stock#SA155)


Eckel E. C. 1914 IRON ORES: THEIR OCCURRENCE, VALUATION, AND CONTROL (NY: McGraw-Hill publ.) cloth some wear, hing cracked but boards firm, ex-lib, contents vg, 430 pp., scores of figs.    Price: $25.00                (stock#MC118)


Emmons W. H. 1917 THE ENRICHMENT OF ORE DEPOSITS U. S. Geological Survey Bulletin #625 wraps and original spine cover pasted onto archival wraps else light wear, contents very good with 530 pp., 7 plates, 29 figures. A classic text.                                                                                         Price: $25.00                           (stock#USGSB625)


Emmons W. H. 1940 THE PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMIC GEOLOGY [New York: McGraw-Hill, publisher] cloth with gilt title as issued, private bookplate and stamp else light wear and a very good copy of the 2nd edition. With 529 pp., scores of figs.                                                                                            Price: $25.00                              (stock#MC142)


Gottfried D. et al. 1972 DISTRIBUTION OF GOLD IN IGNEOUS ROCKS USGS Prof. Paper #727 wraps with stamps, ex-lib else vg, 42 pp., 13 figs.                                                                                 Price: $15.00                           (stock#PP727mc)


Graton L. C. 1940 NATURE OF THE ORE-FORMING FLUID from Economic Geology, 8vo, wraps light wear, vg, 162 pp.

                                                                                                                        Price: $20.00                          (stock#MC115)


Groth P. 1874 TABELLARISCHE UBERSICHT DER EINFACHEN MINERALIEN NACH IHREN KRYSTALLOGRAPHISCH-CHEMISCHEN BEZIEHUNGEN 8vo, wraps loose or coming so, contents vg, 60 pp.    Price: $40.00            (stock#MIN58P)


Hansen D. A. et al. (eds.) 1966 MINING GEOPHYSICS two volumes, light wear, Vol. 1 with 492 pp., figs; Vol. 2 with 708 pp., figs. Very good set.                                                                              Price: $50.00                             (stock#MC119)


Hollister V. F. (ed.) 1991 PORPHYRY COPPER, MOLYBDENUM, AND GOLD DEPOSITS, VOLCANOGENIC DEPOSITS (MASSIVE SULFIDES) AND DEPOSITS IN LAYERED ROCK Soc. Metal Mining Explor. 4to, cloth, light wear, vg, 256 pp., scores of figs. With much on Arizona and Colorado mining districts, and elsewhere.     Price: $40.00         (stock#MC112)


Jackson M. P. A. and Galloway W. E. 1984 STRUCTURAL AND DEPOSITIONAL STYLES OF GULF COAST TERTIARY CONTINENTAL MARGINS: APPLICATION TO HYDROCARBON EXPLORATION AAPG Course Notes #25 4to, wraps, light external wear, contents vg, 226 pp., scores of figs.                               Price: $25.00                           (stock#AAPGCN25)


Kemp J. F. 1903 THE ORE DEPOSITS OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA in cloth as issued, some external wear, pencil notations on free end papers and paste downs, with period inscription from 1904 and 1906, contents vg with 479 pp., numerous figs, and period publishers advertisements at rear.        Price: $30.00                   (stock#MC179)


King C. 1882 PRODUCTION OF THE PRECIOUS METALS IN THE UNITED STATES from Second Annual Report of the U. S. Geological Survey, and is perhaps the most concise and useful summary of Western States mining and precious metal production at the height of the boom and bust period. A very useful document for those interested in the economics and production of gold silver and other precious metal mining in the United States. 4to, archival tape along spine, some wear, overall good to vg with 72 pp., 2 plts.         Price: $30.00                            (stock#MC08)


Koschman A. H. and Bergendahl M. H. 1968 PRINCIPAL GOLD PRODUCING DISTRICTS OF THE UNITED STATES USGS Prof. Paper #610 cloth as issued, fine copy with 283 pp. and 28 figs. Long of out print.  

                                                                                                                            Price: $35.00                        (stock#PP610)


Kosolapova T. Ya.1971 CARBIDES – PROPERTIES, PRODUCTION AND APPLICATIONS Plenum Press, translated from original Russian, 8vo, cloth, dust jacket with some wear, contents vg with 298 pp., figs. Scarce.  

                                                                                                                Price: $30.00                                 (stock#MC98)


Lovering T. G. 1972 JASPEROID IN THE UNITED STATES - ITS CHARACTERISTICS ORIGIN, AND ECONOMIC SIGNIFICANCE wps, light wear, ex-lib, vg, 164 pp., 50 figs.                                      Price: $20.00                 (stock#PP710)


THE MINERALOGICAL RECORD 1994 (Vol. 25, Number 5, December Issue) THE HISTORY OF MINERAL COLLECTING 4to, in original publishers wrap unopened very good as are contents. With 264 pp., illustrations.    Scarce.              

                                                                                                                     Price: $25.00                          (stock#MIN34)


Naumann C. F. and Zirkel F. 1907 ELEMENTE DER MINERALOGIE large 8vo, quarter calf boards with wear, old repair and loose piece of tape along spine, Jospeh Singewald's copy, signed and dated on free end paper, contents vg with 821 pp., 1113 figs. Scarce.                                                                          Price: $40.00                             (stock#MIN91)


90th Congress, 1967 HEARINGS BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND RADIATION OF THE JOINT COMMITTEE ON ATOMIC ENERGY, CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES Parts 1 and 2, complete, 8vo, wraps, some wear, vg, 1373 pp. Scarce.                                                       Price: $40.00                           (stock#MC82)


Peyton C. E. (ed.) 1977 SEISMIC STRATIGRAPHY - APPLICATIONS TO HYDROCARBON EXPLORATION AAPG Memoir #26 cloth as issued, light+ wear signature on paste down else vg, 516 pp., scores of figs. The volume that is the landmark beginning of sequence stratigraphy.                                                   Price: $35.00                 (stock#AAPGM26)


Pogue J. E. 1873 TURQOISE Memoirs National Acad. Sci, 5th printing, 4to, cloth, light+ exterior wear, dust soiling to boards, contents vg 162 pp., 22 plts, some in color.     Price: $25.00                             (stock#MIN187)


Ransome F. L. et al. 1920 CONTRIBUTIONS TO ECONOMIC GEOLOGY 1919 PART I- METALS AND NONMETALS EXCEPT FUELS U. S. Geological Survey Bulletin #710 no wps, cloth tape to spine else light wear, vg, 248 pp., 10 plts, 39 figs. With alot on Manganese ores of western states, including amongst other papers: Jones E. I. 1919 DEPOSITS OF MANGANESE ORE IN NEW MEXICO, 24 pp., 1 fig.; Jones E. I. & Ransome F. L. 1919 DEPOSITS OF MANGANESE ORE IN ARIZONA, 90 pp., 4 plts; Jones E. I. Jr. 1919 DEPOSITS OF MANGANESE ORE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 24 pp., 1 plt.; Pardee J. T. & Jones E. I. 1920  DEPOSITS OF MANGANESE ORE IN NEVADA, 39 pp 1 plt 2 figs., and more.

                                                                                                                                Price: $20.00                (stock#USGSB710)


Rase E. R. 1969 GEOLOGY OF TITANIUM AND TITANIFEROUS DEPOSITS OF CANADA Geol. Surv. Canada Economic Geol. Series #25 wps, ex-lib else vg, 177 pp., 8 plts, 19 figs, pocket map.    Price; $30.00                 (stock#GSCEG25)


Richardson G. B. et al. 1911 CONTRIBUTIONS TO ECONOMIC GEOLOGY 1910 PART 1 -  METALS AND NON-METALS EXCEPT FUELS U. S. Geological Survey Bulletin #470 bound in half calf wth marbled boards, gold gilt spine title, marbled end papers. Some wear to edges of the covers, with a small split along spine gutter at top with front board. Contents have a few stamps that say "U. S. Goverment" and a personal inscription on title page in period hand, else are very good and otherwise clean. The volume contains numerous papers on gold silver copper and other metal mining districts with 558 pp., 17 plts, 54 figs. With a number of important papers including: THE AURIFEROUS GRAVELS OF THE TRINITY RIVER BASIN, CALIFORNIA By J. S. Diller; THE ECONOMIC GEOLOGY OF CARSON'S CAMP, HINSDALE COUNTY COLORADO By E. S. Larsen; GEOLOGY AND MINERALIZATION OF THE UPPER ST. JOE RIVER BASIN IDAHO By J. R. Pardee; GOLD BEARING GROUND MORAINE IN NORTHWESTERN MONTANA By F. C. Schrader; GEOLOGIC RELATION OF ORE DEPOSITS IN THE ELKHORN MOUNTAINS MONTANA By R. W. Stone, and much more. Hard to find a good copy.                                                         Price: $50.00                  (stock#USGSB470)


Robie E. H. (ed.) 1959 ECONOMICS OF THE MINERAL INDUSTRIES Seeley W. Mudd Series of the American Institue of Mining Engineers, in pebbled red cloth, bright gilt spine and cover title, mining company ownership stamp on front free end paper else very good clean copy with 755 pp., figures.                        Price: $25.00                           (AIMEmuddvol)


Schlegel D. M. 1957 GEM STONES OF THE UNITED STATES USGS Bull. #1042-G wps, very good copy, 50 pp.
                                                                                             Price: $20.00                                     (stock#USGSB1042G)


Shepard T. et al. 1985 A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO FLUID INCLUSION STUDIES 8vo, dust jacket with some wear, former owner name on page fore edge (visible when book is closed) else vg, 239 pp., scores of figs.                

                                                                                                                          Price: $25.00                           (stock#MIN162)


Short M. N. 1940 MICROSCOPIC DETERMINATION OF THE ORE MINERALS USGS Bull. #914 wraps with some wear, crossed out name, contents vg with 314 pp., 14 plts, 33 figs.                       Price: $20.00                    (stock#USGSB914)


Sindeeva N. D. 1964 MINERALOGY AND TYPES OF DEPOSITS OF SELENIUM AND TELLURIUM New York, Wiley & Sons, publ. 8vo, dust jacket with tears, ex-lib, contents proper vg, 363 pp., 89 figs.   Price: $25.00        (stock#MIN130)


Trask P. D. and Patnode H. W. 1942 SOURCE BEDS OF PETROLEUM American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 8vo, cloth with gilt spine title, light rubbing edges of boards else very good and clean copy with 566 pp., 72 figures. A classic volume.                                                                              Price: $25.00                                    (stock#AAPGNS19)


various authors, 1847 ANNALES DES MINES OU RECUEIL DE MEMOIRES SUR L’EXPLOITATION DES MINES  8vo, in older buckrum with bright gilt spine title, contents with light wear, vg, 806 pp., 14 plates, some folding. Volume 11 of this important French mining and economic minerals journal.        Price: $50.00                 (stock#EUR13)


Warner L. A. et al. 1959 OCCURRENCE OF NONPEGMATITE BERYLLIUM IN THE UNITED STATES USGS Prof. Paper #318 wps with small signature, crease else light wear, vg, 198 pp., 5 plts, 60 figs.  

                                                                                                                        Price: $25.00                     (stock#PP318)


Wells R. C. 1925 CHEMISTRY OF DEPOSITION OF NATIVE COPPER FROM ASCENDING SOLUTIONS USGS Bull. #778 wps, light wear, vg, 71 pp., 2 figs.                                                              Price: $20.00                        (stock#USGSB778)


Wisser E. 1960 RELATION OF ORE DEPOSITS TO DOMING GSA Mem #77 8vo, gilt cloth, stamp on fore edge and preliminaries else vg, 117 pp., 2 plts and 34 figs. With much on famous mining districts in CA, UT, NM, CO, WY and elsewhere.                                                                                             Price: $25.00                                   (stock#GSAM77)


Wright T. L. and Fleischer M. 1965 GEOCHEMISTRY OF THE PLATINUM METALS U. S. Geological Survey Bulletin #1214-A wraps with light wear, contents very good with 24 pp., 14 tables.   Price: $15.00                 (stock#USGSB1214A)

TOPICAL GEOLOGY (Sed-Strat, Tectonics, Glacial, etc...)


Brock T. D. 1978 THERMOPHILIC MICROORGANISMS AND LIFE AT HIGH TEMPERATURES 8vo, pictorial cloth, some external wear, ex-lib else contents vg, 465 pp., scores of figs.        Price: $30.00                         (stock#IP10P)


Campbell M. R. 1922 GUIDEBOOK OF THE WESTERN UNITED STATES PART E. THE DENVER & RIO GRANDE WESTERN ROUTE USGS Bull. #707 no wraps, some wear but overall contents vg, 266 pp., 156 pp., 63 figs., and the 10+ map sheets.                                                                                         Price: $40.00                              (stock#USGSB707)


Cook H. E. and Enos P. (eds.) 1977 DEEP-WATER CARBONATE DEPOSITIONAL ENVIRONMENTS SEPM Spec. Publ. #25 cloth with gilt titles, ex-lib else light wear, vg, 336 pp., scores of figs.    Price: $25.00              (stock#SEPMSP25)


Curran H. A. 1985 BIOGENIC STRUCTURES: THEIR USE IN INTERPRETING DEPOSITIONAL ENVIRONMENTS Soc. of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists Special Publ. #35 8vo, gilt decorated cloth, no ownership markings and very good with 347 pp., scores of figs.                                                       Price: $25.00                       (stock#SEPMSP35)


Curtis D. M. 1978 ENVIRONMENTAL MODELS IN ANCIENT SEDIMENTS SEPM Reprint Series #6 8vo, printed wraps with signature else light wear, vg, 240 pp., figs.                                     Price: $20.00                       (stock#SEPMRS06)


Cys J. M. and Mazzullo S. J. 1978 DEPOSITIONAL PROCESSES IN ANCIENT CARBONATES SEPM Reprint Series #7 8vo, printed wraps with signature else light wear, vg, 235 pp., figs.             Price: $20.00              (stock#SEPMRS07)


Flugel K. 1982 MICROFACIES ANALYSIS OF LIMESTONES Springer-Verlag, in cloth, lower outer corner of covers and first few pages damaged as evident in photo, text and contents otherwise not affected. A good reading and research copy with 629 pp., 53 plates, additional figures. A classic work on carbonate fabrics, diagenesis and petrology.

                                                                                                               Price: $25.00                                 (stock#SED49)


Fyfe and Others 1958 METAMORPHIC REACTIONS AND METAMORPHIC FACIES Geological Society of America Memoir #73 8vo, gilt cloth, signature on FEP else fine with 259 pp., 108 figs.      Price: $25.00              (stock#GSAM73)


Geikie J. 1910 STRUCTURAL AND FIELD GEOLOGY (NY Van Nostrand, publ.), 2nd ed., 8vo, cloth with smudge, some wear, ex-lib, contents vg, 443 pp., scores of plates and figures. A good copy.       Price: $30.00               (stock#MC231)


Hallam A. 1975 JURASSIC ENVIRONMENTS Cambridge Unv. Press cloth, dust jacket with some wear, short tears, contents vg with 278 pp., numerous figures. A classic text mostly on marine and paralic-shoreline Jurassic age sediments and strata.                                                                                  Price: $25.00                        (stock#SED91)


Houseknecht D. W. and Pittman E. D. 1992 ORIGIN, DIAGENESIS AND PETROPHYSICS OF CLAY MINERALS IN SANDSTONES SEPM Spec. Publ. #47 4to, cloth with gilt embossment and title, light wear, vg-fine copy, 282 pp., scores of figs. A nice copy.                                                                   Price: $30.00                     (stock#SEPMSP47)


Hoyt J. C. and Grover N. C. 1930 RIVER DISCHARGE 8vo, cloth with some external wear, ownership signature inside front cover, and inside rear cover is a period anti-FDR sticker that says “NO THIRD TERM”. Otherwise contents are vg with 210 pp., figs, some maps.                                                             Price: $30.00                              (stock#HYDRO15)


Laporte L. F. 1974 REEFS IN TIME AND SPACE - SELECTED EXAMPLES FROM THE RECENT AND ANCIENT Soc. of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists Special Publ. #18 8vo, gilt decorated cloth, ex-oil company library else very good with 256 pp., scores of figs.                                                  Price: $25.00                        (stock#SEPMSP18)


Le Blanc R. J. and Breeding J. G. 1957 REGIONAL ASPECTS OF CARBONATE DEPOSITION SEPM Spec Publication #5 8vo, printed wraps, some wear, contents vg, 178 pp., figs including a few folding maps.  

                                                                                                                           Price: $20.00                  (stock#SEPMSP05)


Lerman A. 1979 GEOCHEMICAL PROCESSES WATER AND SEDIMENT ENVIRONMENTS 8vo, cloth, as new still in original publishers shrink wrap, with 479 pp., numerous figs.                     Price: $20.00                        (stock#SED12)


Longwell C. R. et al. 1964 SEDIMENTARY FACIES IN GEOLOGIC HISTORY GSA Memoir #39 8vo, gilt cloth, vg copy, 171 pp., numerous figures (contains individual papers which are paginated separately). With much on Colorado Plateau geology.                                          Price:  $20.00                             (stock#GSAM39)


Lucas S. G. and Sullivan R. B. 2015 VERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY IN NEW MEXICO New Mexico Museum of Natural History Bulletin #68 wraps light wear, very good copy that details the history and localities for fossil vertebrates in New Mexico, from fish to dinosaur with 438 pp., scores of figs.                          Price: $40.00                  (stock#NMMNHBu68)


Mabbut J. A. 1979 DESERT LANDFORMS vol. 2 of the “An Introduction to Geomorphology” series, 8vo, cloth, dust jacket with some wear, signature on free end paper else contents vg with 340 pp., 95 figs. A good reference for the processes and their results and interpretations that generate eolian landforms.     Price: $25.00                (stock#sed34)


McDonald D. A. et al (eds.) 1984 CLASTIC DIAGENESIS American Association of Petroleum Geologists Memoir #37 4to, dust jack over cloth, light wear, ownership signature on free end paper and title page else contens clean, a very good copy. With 434 pp., scores of figures. A classic reference on the formation, lithification and post-depositional histories of  sedimentary rocks.                                                                         Price: $40.00                                (stock#AAPGM37)


Montanez  I. P. et al. (eds.) 1997 BASIN-WIDE DIAGENETIC PATTERNS – INTEGRATED PETROLOGIC, GEOCHEMICAL, AND HYDROLOGIC CONSIDERATIONS Society Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, Special Paper #57 4to, dust jacket, light wear, ownership signature on blank free end paper else very good clean copy with 302 pp., scores of figures.                                                                                             Price: $30.00                             (stock#SEPMSP57)


Peale A. C. 1893 NATURAL MINERAL WATERS OF THE UNITED STATES from 14th Annual Report of the U. S. Geological Survey 4to, spine covered by cloth archival tape, light marginal soiling to outer edge of pages else very good copy with 40 pp., plates and figures including two (2) large folding maps that show Mineral Springs and Mineral Spring Resorts of the period though out the United States.                      Price: $30.00                        (stock#HYD29)


Ramberg I. B. and Neumann E. R. 1978 TECTONICS AND GEOPHYSICS OF CONTINENTAL RIFTS Nato Symposium Vol. 2. 8v0, cloth, overall light wear, faded stamp on end paper else vg, 444 pp., scores of figs.  Price: $25.00    (stock#TECT34)


Randall C. A. Jr. (ed.) 1969 EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL MATTER N. Illinois Unv. Press cloth, still in publishers shrink wrap, fine copy, 331 pp., figs. Scarce. Note the bright spot in photo is glare from camera flash on shrink wrap.  
                                                                                                                 Price: $25.00                   (stock#SSG03)


Rankama K. 1965-1967 THE QUATERNARY Volumes I and II complete, in publishers cloth, ex-lib else light wear vg. Volume 1 with 300 pp., figs. covering Scandinavia; Volume II with 477 pp., figs, covering United Kingdom, France, Germany and The Netherlands.                                                                   Price: $40.00                          (stock#GLAC67)


Snead R. E. 1981 WORLD ATLAS OF GEOMORPHIC FEATURES Springer-Verlag, 4to, in publishers shrink wrap, fine unopened copy with 301 pp., scores of maps and figs. In print for $109 from publisher, our copy is priced to sell. 

                                                                                                          Price: $40.00                                (stock#Geomorph12)


Strakhov N. M. 1967 PRINCIPLES OF LITHOGENESIS: VOLUME 1 translated from the orginal Russian, 8vo, cloth, dust jacket with some wear, contents vg, 245 pp., figs. Mostly focused on rock weathering processes and products from different climatic zones and environments, a classic text.                          Price: $30.00                     (stock#SED65)


Traverse A. 1994 SEDIMENTATION OF ORGANIC PARTICLES 4to, decorated cloth, light wear, and a very good copy of Traverse's classic text and treatise on the preservation and sedimentation of organic matter, particularly fossil pollen and spores but also other contributors. Hard to find a good copy for under $70 (I did look).            

                                                                                                                         Price: $40.00                       (stock#SED76)


Turner F. J. 1948 EVOLUTION OF METAMORPHIC ROCKS Geological Society of America Memoir #30 8vo, gilt cloth, private ownership signature else fine with 342 pp., 86 figs. Buyer/highest bidder pays shipping, payments via Ebay preferred. Items shipped                                                                           Price: $25.00                           (stock#GSAM30)  


Various authors 1990 THE LATE CENOZOIC ICE AGE Trans Royal Soc. Edinburgh, Vol. 81, part 4, Symposium papers, 4to wps light wear vg 177 pp., scores of figs and comprises 12 papers on various aspects of the Pleistocene.
                                                                                                             Price: $20.00                                (stock#GLAC53)


Velicheko A. A. (ed.) translated by Wright H. E. and Barnosky C. W. 1984 LATE QUATERNARY ENVIRONMENTS OF THE SOVIET UNION royal 4to, cloth with dust jacket, vg, 327 pp., many figs.       

                                                                                                                    Price: $35.00                          (stock#EUR072)


Walker R. G. (ed.) 1984 FACIES MODELS 4to, wraps light wear, very good with 317 pp., scores of figs. and one of the better references on sedimentary facies and their interpretation from the rock record.         

                                                                                                                 Price: $25.00                                  (stock#SED74)


Winchell A. 1890 WALKS AND TALKS IN THE GEOLOGICAL FIELD [2nd ed.] 8vo gilt spine title bright, minor wear to extremities, contents vg, clean with 329 pp., numerous figures.                       Price: $25.00                          (stock#HST78)





Agassiz E. (ed.) 1885 Louis Agassiz His Life and Correspondence [Houghton Mifflin, publisher], 1st edition, complete in two volumes. Both with some exterior wear, cloth rubbed/frayed through at spine ends, original cloth boards, firm on both, but volume 2 has slight cracking. Frontis portrait of Agassiz in Vol. 1 with old repair, some soiling. Else contents of volumes are generally clean and very good. In vol. 1, pages 61-65 have short tears to edges due to uneven opening/cutting of pages (no loss to text and is minor overall. A good+ to very good minus of the scarce first edition.
                                                                                                            Price: $75.00                                  (stock#HST47)


Bowlby J. 1990  CHARLES DARWIN – A NEW LIFE 8vo d/j, fine copy, 511 pp. figs.   Price: $25.00                   (stock#EV05)


EVOLUTIONARY THEORY published by Dept. Biology, Unv. of Chicago, broken run of 32 issues covering vols. 1-6 (1976-1983) and consisting of: Vol. 1, issues #7-9; Vol. 2, issues 1-3; Vol. 3, issues 1-5; Vol. 4, issues 1-6; Vol. 5, issues 3-5; and Vol. 6, issues 1-6. Hard to find and chock full of articles and reports on evolutionary theory and biology.
                                                                                                                             Price: $100.00                    (stock#ETset)


Desmond A. and Moore J. 1991 DARWIN – THE LIFE OF A TORMENTED EVOLUTIONIST 8vo, in dust jacket, light wear, vg, 808 pp., 91 figs.                                                                     Price: $30.00                                 (stock#EV006)


Gorgan, J. X. (ed.), 1982 THE GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES IN THE ANTEBELLUM SOUTH University of Alabama Press, small 8vo, h/b, no dust jacket, not sure if one issued, fine copy, 195 + figs.       Price:  $20.00               (stock#HST12)


Laporte L. F. 1987 SIMPLE CURIOSOTY - LETTERS FROM GEORGE GAYLORD SIMPSON TO HIS FAMILY, 1921-1970 in cloth with dust jacket, light wear, vg, 340 pp.                                   Price: $20.00                            (stock#HST64)


Livingstone D. N. 1987 NATHANIEL SOUTHGATE SHALER AND THE CULTURE OF AMERICAN SCIENCE University of Alabama Press, 8vo, h/b, dust jack with a few light smudges else vg, clean copy, 395 pp.      

                                                                                                                 Price: $25.00                             (stock#HST08)


Manning T. G. 1988 U. S. COAST SURVEY VS. NAVAL HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE Unv. Alabama Press 8vo, cloth, dust jacket vg clean copy, 202 pp. A great read!                                                Price: $25.00                          (stock#HST88)


Mathew W. M. 1992 AGRICULTURE GEOLOGY AND SOCIETY IN ANTEBELLUM SOUTH CAROLINA – THE PRIVATE DIARY OF EDWARD RUFFIN Unv. Georgia Press dust jack, light wear vg clean copy, 368 pp., fig. 

                                                                                                            Price: $25.00                                     (stock#HST34)


Nickles J. M. 1924 GEOLOGIC LITERATURE ON NORTH AMERICA, 1785-1918; PART I,  BIBLIOGRAPHY USGS Bull. #746, in cloth, ex-lib, vg with 658 pp.; with USGS Bull. #747 GEOLOGIC LITERATURE ON NORTH  AMERICA, 1785-1918; PART II, INDEX, 658 pp. A scarce set and the ultimate basic bibliographic index  for pre-1918 North American geology references.                                                                                         Price: $40.00                        (stock#USGSB746-747)


Rappaport R. 1997 WHEN GEOLOGIST WERE HISTORIANS Cornell Unv. Press, light wear, in dust jacket, contents very good with 308 pp. Hard to find a copy not worn or marked up.                       Price: $25.00                      (stock#HST101)


Siegfried R. and Dott R. H. Jr. 1980 HUMPHRY DAVY ON GEOLOGY THE 1805 LECTURES FOR THE GENERAL AUDIENCE University of Wisconsin Press, 8vo, dust jacket, light wear, 169 pp., many figs.  

                                                                                                             Price: $25.00                                    (stockHST02)


Strahler A. N. 1987 SCIENCE AND EARTH HISTORY – THE EVOLUTION/CREATION CONTROVERSY 4to, in pictorial cloth, light wear, vg clean copy with 552 pp., scores of figures.       Price: $30.00                           (stock#EVOL33P)


Winchell A. 1890 WALKS AND TALKS IN THE GEOLOGICAL FIELD [1st ed.] published by The Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Society, 8vo in decorated cloth, private ownership bookplate inside front cover else clean, unmarked copy. Light wear to some edges of the cloth covers but minor. A nice copy of the 1rst edition. With 353 pp., numerous figures.                                                                                                                         Price: $30.00                            (stock#HST110)