Case E. C. 1930 ON THE LOWER JAW OF BRACHYSUCHUS MEGLADON Unv. Michigan Cont. Paleont. 3(8), pp. 155-161, 5 plts, 8vo, no wps, spine neatly bound with archival tape, clean copy on the phytosaur Paleorhinus from the Triassic of West Texas.                                                                                Price: $10.00                    (stock#VPR024)

Cope E. D. 1875 CHECKLIST OF NORTH AMERICAN BATRACHIA AND REPTILIA WITH A SYSTEMATIC LIST OF THE HIGHER GROUPS AND AN ESSAY ON GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION BASED ON SPECIMENS IN THE U. S. NATIONAL MUSEUM U. S. National Museum Bull. 1, 104 pp. Also bound in is Surface A. H. 1906 THE SERPENTS OF PENNSYLVANIA with a score of plates and figs. The volume is bound in cloth, ex-lib, overall contents very good.                                                                           Price: $45.00                (stock#PA350)

Gilmore C. W. 1916 CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GEOLOGY AND PALEONTOLOGY OF SAN JUAN COUNTY NEW MEXICO wraps with archival tape on spine, some wear to lower, outer corner, contents vg, and Curt Tiecherts copy with his name stamp. With 29 pp., 8 plates mostly of fossil dinosaurs and turtles, and 15 figs. On the famous Cretaceous and Tertiary boundary vertebrate fauna of the Bisti Badlands and adjacent areas of the San Juan basin.

                                                                                                                               Price: $25.00                       (stock#PP98Q)

Renesto S. et al. 2010 THE TAXONOMY AND PALEOBIOLOGY OF THE LATE TRIASSIC (CARNIAN-NORIAN: ADAMANIAN-APACHEAN) DREPANOSAURS (DIAPSIDA: ARCHOSAUROMORPHA: DREPANOSAUROMORPHA) NM Mus. Nat. Hist. Bull. #46 wps light wear vg 80 pp., 54 figs.             Price: $35.00                    (stock#VPR92)

Romer A. S. and Lewis A. D. 1963 THE CHANARES (ARGENTINA) TRIASSIC REPTILE FAUNA. XIX. POSTCRANIAL MATERIALS OF THE CYNODONTS PROBELESODON AND PROBAINOGNATHUS Brevoria #407 title wps with smudge, notation else light wear vg, 26 pp., 17 figs.                                   Price: $10.00                          (stock#VPR162)

                FOSSIL AMPHIBIA AND REPTILES (Alphabetical by author)



                                                                                 AUTHORS A-L

Alexander  R. M. 1989 DYNAMICS OF DINOSAURS AND OTHER EXTINCT GIANTS 8vo, d/j vg, 167 pp. + figs.

                                                                                                                        Price: $15.00                               (stock#VPR01)

Allen J. A. 1878 DESCRIPTION OF A FOSSIL PASSERINE BIRD FROM THE INSECT BEARING SHALES OF COLORADO no wps, from Hayden Survey Bulletin light+ wear, clean, 3 pp., 1 plt.     Price: $8.00      (stock#VPR143)

Alverez R. 1977 A PLEISTOCENE AVIFAUNA FROM JALISCO, MEXICO Unv. Michigan  Cont. Paleont. 24(19) title wps light wear, vg, 16 pp., 2 figs.                                                                Price: $8.00                       (stock#UMCP24(19)

Andrews Roy Chapman 1953 ALL ABOUT DINOSAURS 8vo, printed cover on cloth, ex-lib, contents vg. Andrews venture into the world of children's books.                                               Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPR139)

Baird D. 1965 PALEOZOIC LEPOSPONDYL AMPHIBIANS offprint, name stamp, some wear, 8 pp., 6 figs.

                                                                                                                         Price: $6.00                               (stock#VPA01)

Baird D. 1970 TYPE SPECIMEN OF THE OLIGOCENE FROG ZAPHRISSA EURYPELIS COPE 1866 offprint, light wear, stamped “Compliments of the author”, 2 pp.                                 Price: $4.00                               (stock#VPA03)

Baird D. and Carroll R. L. 1967 ROMERISCUS THE OLDEST KNOWN REPTILE offprint, name stamp else vg, 3 pp., 3 figs.                                                                                                                 Price: $5.00                             (stock#VPR02)

Beerbower J. R. 1963 MORPHOLOGY, PALEOECOLOGY AND PHYLOGENY OF THE PERMO-PENNSYLVANIAN AMPHIBIAN DIPLOCERASPIS Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. 130 (2) wps with signature else light wear, vg, 78 pp., 15 figs.                                                                                                                 Price: $15.00                              (stock#VPA04)

Berman D. S. 1971 A SMALL SKULL OF THE LOWER PERMIAN REPTILE DIADECTES FROM THE WASHINGTON FORMATION DUNKARD GROUP, WEST VIRGINIA Ann. Carnegie Mus. 43(3) 8vo, name stamp else vg, 14 pp., 3 figs.                                                                                                                 Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPR03)

Berman D. S. 1973 A TRIMERORACHID AMPHIBIAN FROM THE UPPER PENNSYLVANIAN OF NEW MEXICO offprint Jour. Paleont. 8vo, fine, 14 pp., 6 figs. on Lafonius lehmani from the Kinney Brick Quarry near Albuquerque.                                                                                                 Price: $8.00                               (stock#VPA05)



                                                                                                                         Price: $10.00                             (stock#VPF08)

Bolt J. R. 1974 A TREMATOPSID SKULL FROM THE LOWER PERMIAN AND ANALYSIS OF SOME CHARACTERS OF THE DISSOROPHOID (AMPHIBIA: LABYRINTHODONTIA) OTIC NOTCH Fieldiana, Geology 30(3) 8vo, ex-lib, light+ wear, vg, 67 pp., 4 figs.                                                                      Price: $10.00                             (stock#VPA09)
Bolt J. R. 1974 OSTEOLOGY, FUNCTION AND EVOLUTION OF THE TREMATOPSID (AMPHIBIA: LABYRINTHODONTIA) NASAL REGION Fieldiana, Geology 33(2) 8vo, title wps, ex-lib, light wear, vg, 20 pp., 5 figs.                                                                                                                  Price: $10.00                              (stock#VPA10)

Broili F. 1908 UBER DIE RHACHITOMEN WIRBEL DER STEOGCEPHALEN 8vo, wps, light wear, good, E. B. Branson’s copy, 6 pp., 1 plt.                                                                         Price: $8.00                                 (stock#VPA11)

Broili F. 1908 SYSTEMATISCHE UND BIOLOGISCHE BEMERKUNGEN ZU DER PERMISCHEN GATTUNG LYSOROPHUS offprint, wps chipped, good, 9 pp., 3 figs.                      Price: $8.00                                (stock#VPA12)

Broili F. 1932 ANTHRACOSAURUS RANICEPS GOLDENBERG offprint 8vo, no wps, name stamp, some wear, good, 5 pp., 2 figs.                                                                                                    Price: $7.00                               (stock#VPA13)

Brower J. C. 1983 THE AERODYNAMICS OF PTERANODON AND NYCTOSAURUS, TWO LARGE PTEROSAURS FROM THE UPPER CRETACEOUS OF KANSAS in Jour. Vert. Paleont., this is the whole issue (Vol. 3, #2) 4to, light wear, vg. Other articles on fossil fishes and mammals.                            Price: $15.00                          (stock#VPR005)

Brown B. 1933 A NEW GENUS OF STEGOCEPHALIA FROM THE TRIASSIC OF ARIZONA American Museum Novitates #640 8vo, stamp to title wp, good, E. B. Branson’s copy, 4 pp., 2 figs. On a amphibian from the Moenkopi Formation.                                                                                    Price: $10.00                              (stock#VPA14)

Brown B. and Schlaikjer E. M. 1940 THE ORIGIN OF CERATOPSIAN HORN CORES AMNH Novitates #1065 8vo, no wps as issued, fine clean copy, pp. unopened 7 pp., 2 figs.                   Price:  $10.00                          (stock#VPR009)

Callison G. 1967 INTRACRANIAL MOBILITY IN KANSAS MOSASAURS Unv. Kansas Paleont. Cont. Paper #26 8vo, ex-lib, vg, 15 pp., 10 figs.                                                                               Price: $10.00                             (stock#VPR117)

Camp C. L. and Vanderhoof V. L. 1940 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF FOSSIL VERTEBRATES 1928-1933 GSA Special Paper #27 wps light wear, ex-lib else vg, 503 pp.                                                Price: $25.00                       (stock#GSASP27)

Carroll R. L. 1964 THE RELATIONSHIPS OF THE RHACHITOMOUS AMPHIBIAN PARIOXYS AMNH Novitates #2167 fine copy, 11 pp., 5 figs.                                                                                  Price: $8.00                              (stock#VPA15)

Carroll R. L. 1964 EARLY EVOLUTION OF THE DISSOROPHOID AMPHIBIANS Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. 131 (7) wps with signature else light wear, vg, 90 pp., 2 plts, 26 figs. A classic work on Carboniferous Amphibia.                   

                                                                                                                          Price: $15.00                             (stock#VPA16)

Carroll R. L. 1976 EOSUCHIANS AND THE ORIGINS OF ARCHOSAURS offprint 8vo, vg, 22 pp., 11 figs incl. fold out plate.                                                                                                                Price: $8.00                                (stock#VPR11)

Carroll R. L. 1987 VERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 4to, dust jacket with some wear, contents otherwise fine, 698 pp., scores of figures. A vg copy of the standard reference for most Vertebrate Paleontologists and Museums.                                                                     Price: $40.00                            (stock#VPR12)
Carroll R. L. and Baird D. 1972 CARBONIFEROUS STEM-REPTILES OF THE  FAMILY ROMERIIDAE MCZ Bull. #143(5) 8vo, wps, ex-priv. lib., light wear, vg, 38 pp., 1 plt, 13 figs.           Price: $15.00                             (stock#VPR13)

Carroll R. L. and Currie P. J. 1975 MICROSAURS AS POSSIBLE APODAN ANCESTORS offprint, vg, light wear, 19 pp., 5 figs.                                                                                                         Price: $6.00                              (stock#VPA17)

Case E. C. 1904 THE OSTEOLOGY OF THE SKULL OF THE PELYCOSAURIAN GENUS DIMETRODON offprint, wps with name stamp, notation, some small marginal chips else contents good, disbound, 7 pp., 6 figs  

                                                                                                                           Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPR14)

Case E. C. 1905 THE OSTEOLOGY OF THE DIADECTIDAE AND THEIR RELATIONS TO THE CHELYDOSAURIA wps with short tear and longer, with old tape repair, spine taped, contents vg, 34 pp., 20 figs.

                                                                                                                           Price: $15.00                            (stock#VPR15)

Case E. C. 1908 NOTES ON THE SKULL OF LYSOROPHUS TRICARINATUS COPE AMNH Bull. 24(26) 8vo, wps, fine,  3 pp., 1 fig.                                                                                               Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPA18)

Case E. C. 1908 A GREAT PERMIAN DELTA AND ITS VERTEBRATE LIFE WITH RESTORATIONS BY THE AUTHOR offprint, front wrap torn else good, 12 pp., 13 figs.                                      Price: $10.00                         (stock#VPR019)

Case E. C. 1914 ON THE STRUCTURE OF THE INNER EAR OF PRIMITIVE REPTILES offprint, bound in archival folder, vg, 4 pp., 3 figs.                                                                                   Price: $7.00                             (stock#VPR20)

Case E. C. 1914 RESTORATION OF EDAPHOSAURUS CRUCIGER COPE offprint, E. B. Branson’s copy, light wear, vg, 5 pp., 1 plate.                                                                                             Price: $10.00                          (stock#VPR021)

Case E. C. 1924 A POSSIBLE EXPLANATION OF FENESTRATION IN THE PRIMITIVE REPTILIAN SKULL WITH NOTES ON THE TEMPORAL REGION OF THE GENUS DIMETRODON Unv. Mich. Paleont. Cont. #2(1) 8vo, wps, ex-lib, vg, 12 pp., 4 figs.                                                                                       Price: $10.00                          (stock#VPR022)
Case E. C. 1927 THE VERTEBRAL COLUMN OF CEOLOPHYSIS COPE; A COMPLETE PHYTOSAUR PELVIS FROM THE TRIASSIC BEDS OF WESTERN TEXAS and other papers contained in Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleont. Vol. 2, complete. 8vo, cloth as issued, fine, clean unmarked copy. Contains a dozen papers including 5 by Case on Permian, Triassic Reptiles and K-T Turtles in addition to papers by other authors on crinoids, brachiopods and other fossil groups.                                                                                        Price: $50.00                     (stock#UMCPvol2)
Chantell C. J. 1971 FOSSIL AMPHIBIANS FROM THE EGELHOFF LOCAL FAUNA NEBRASKA Unv. Mich. Cont. Paleont. 23(15) 8vo, title wps, fine copy, 7 pp., 1 plt.                                 Price: $5.00                               (stock#VPA19)

Colbert E. H. 1945 THE HYOID BONES IN PROTOCERATOPS AND IN PSITTACOSAURUS AMNH Novitates #1301 stamp to title wps else vg, 10 pp., 6 figs.                                                    Price: $10.00                             (stock#VPR25)
Colbert E. H. 1949 A NEW CRETACEOUS PLESIOSAUR FROM VENEZUELA AMNH Novitates #1420 stamp to title wps else vg, 22 pp., 9 figs.                                                                          Price: $10.00                              (stock#VPR27)
Colbert E. H. 1955 SCALES IN THE PERMIAN AMPHIBIAN TRIMERORHACHIS AMNH Novitates #1740 8vo, title wps, fine copy, 17 pp., 9 figs.                                                                        Price: $8.00                              (stock#VPA20)

Colbert E. H. 1989 THE TRIASSIC DINOSAUR COELOPHYSIS MNA Bull. #57 wps, fine copy, 160 pp., 104 figs.   

                                                                                                                          Price: $50.00                            (stock#VPR31)
Colbert E. H. and Cosgriff J. W. 1974 LABYRINTHODONT AMPHIBIANS FROM ANTARCTICA AMNH Novitates #2552 4to, wps with stamp else vg, 30 pp., 20 figs.                                 Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPA21)

Colbert E. H. and Ostrom J. H. 1958  DINOSAUR STAPES AMNH Novitates #1900 title wrps, ownership stamps else light wear, contents vg, 20 pp., 11 figs.                                                Price: $10.00                          (stock#VPR123)


Cosgriff, J. W. 1974 LOWER TRIASSIC TEMNOSPONDYLI OF TASMANIA GSA SPECIAL PAPER 149 8vo, in printed wps, light wear, vg, 134 pp., many figs and very good locality and stratigraphic information included.    

                                                                                                                           Price: $30.00                          (stock#VPA23)

Cox C. B. 1968 THE CHANARES (ARGENTINA) TRIASSIC REPTILE FAUNA IV. THE DICYNODONT FAUNA Brevoria #295 8vo, vg, pages unopened. 27 pp., 12 figs.                                         Price: $10.00                           (stock#VPR35)
Czaplewski N. J. et al. 1994 CATALOG OF TYPE AND FIGURED FOSSIL VERTEBRATES OKLAHOMA MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY OKGS Spec. Pub. 94-1 4to, wps, ex-lib, vg, 35 pp., 5 figs.    Price: $10.00            (stock#VPR36)

Dalquest W. W. and Mamay S. H. 1963 A REMARKABLE CONCENTRATION OF PERMIAN AMPHIBIAN REMAINS IN HASKELL COUNTY TEXAS offprint, lightwear, vg, 4 pp.                           Price: $4.00                             (stock#VPA25)

Daly E. 1994 THE AMPHIBAMIDAE (AMPHIBIA; TEMNOSPONDYLI) WITH A DESCRIPTION OF A NEW GENUS FROM THE UPPER PENNSYLVANIAN OF KANSAS Unv Kansas Misc. Publ. #85 8vo, wps with small signature, vg, 59 pp., 40 figs.                                                                                                Price: $15.00                            (stock#VPA71)

DeMar R. E. 1967 TWO NEW SPECIES OF BROILIELLUS (AMPHIBIANS) FORM THE PERMIAN OF TEXAS Fieldiana: Geology 16(5) title wps, vg, 13 pp., 2 figs.                                                   Price: $8.00                              (stock#VPA29)

Dempster W. T. 1935 THE BRAINCASE AND ENDOCRANIAL CAST OF ERYOPS MEGACEPHALUS COPE offprint 8vo, wps, name stamp else vg, 25 pp., 12 figs.                                          Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPA27)

Dodson P. 1996 THE HORNED DINOSAURS 8vo, cloth with dust jacket, both vg, light wear, contents fine, 346 pp., many figs.                                                                                                        Price: $20.00                          (stock#VPR133)


                                                                                                                         Price: $10.00                             (stock#VPR131)
Douthitt H. 1917 THE STRUCTURE AND RELATIONSHIPS OF DIPLOCAULUS Contr. Walker Museum 2(1) wps, light wear, vg, 41 pp., 2 plts, 6 figs.                                                                      Price: $20.00                            (stock#VPA28)

Estes R. 1970 NEW FOSSIL PELOBATID FROGS AND A REVIEW OF THE GENUS EOPELOBATES MCZ Bull. 139(6) 8vo, wps with small stamp else, vg, 46 pp., 31 figs.                                  Price: $10.00                             (stock#VPA70)

Eaton T. H. Jr. 1960 A NEW ARMORED DINOSAUR FROM THE CRETACEOUS OF KANSAS Unv. Kansas Paleont. Cont. Vertebrata Article 8 4to, wps, ex-lib, vg, 24 pp., 21 plts, 39 figs.  Also bound in are two papers on fossil rodents from Colorado by R. W. Wilson (92 pp., 131 figs), and Fagan S. R. (32 pp., 1 plt, 32 figs), respectively.            

                                                                                                                         Price: $20.00                            (stock#VPR116)

Eaton T. H. Jr. 1965 A NEW WYOMING PHYTOSAUR Unv. Kansas Paleont. Cont. wps with some dust soiling ex-lib, contents vg, 6 pp., 2 figs; Also contains report by Bardack on Cretaceous teleost fish from Texas.   

                                                                                                                         Price: $10.00                (stock#NKUPapers1-2)

Edmund A. G. 1962 SEQUENCE AND RATE OF TOOTH REPLACEMENT IN THE CROCODILIA ROM Cont. #56 8vo, wps, light wear, good copy, small marginal stain affected outer pp. margins. 41 pp., 21 figs.   

                                                                                                                         Price: $10.00                           (stock#VPR037)

Estes R. et al. 1970 STUDIES ON THE FOSSIL SNAKE DINILYSIA PATAGONICA WOODWARD: PART 1. CRANIAL MORPHOLOGY MCZ Bull. 140(2) 8vo, wps with small stamp else, vg, 48 pp., 5 plts, 12 figs.   

                                                                                                                         Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPR134)

Farlow J. O. (ed.) 1989 PALEOBIOLOGY OF THE DINOSAURS GSA Spec. Paper #238 4to, printed wps, some wear good, 100 pp., numerous figs.                                                                      Price: $20.00                    (stock#GSASP238)

Galton P. M. REDESCRIPTION OF THE SKULL AND MANDIBLE OF PARKSOSAURUS FROM THE LATE CRETACEOUS WITH COMMENTS ON THE FAMILY HYPSILOPHODONTIDAE (ORNITHSCHIA) ROM Contr. #89 8vo, wps with notation else vg, 21 pp., 9 figs.                                           Price: $15.00                             (stock#VPR141)

Gilmore C. W. 1906 NOTES ON SOME RECENT ADDITIONS TO THE EXHIBITION SERIES OF VERTEBRATE FOSSILS USNM Proc. #1460 wps with pencilled notation and blind stamp else vg, 5 pp., 6 plts on Pterosaurs and Triceratops.                                                                                                    Price: $15.00                            (stock#VPR124)

Gilmore C. W. 1916 CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GEOLOGY AND PALEONTOLOGY OF SAN JUAN COUNTY NEW MEXICO PART 2 – VERTEBRATE FAUNAS OF THE OJO ALAMO, KIRTLAND AND FRUITLAND FORMATIONS USGS Prof. Paper #98-Q no wps, spine taped else vg, 29 pp., 8 plates mostly of fossil dinosaurs and turtles, 15 figs. On the famous Cretaceous and Tertiary boundary vertebrate fauna of the Bisti Badlands and adjacent
areas of the San Juan basin.                                                                       Price: $25.00                  (stock#USGSPP98Q)
Gilmore C. W. 1917 BRACHYCERATOPS - A CERATOPSIAN DINOSAUR FROM THE TWO MEDICINE FORMATION WITH NOTES ON ASSOCIATED FOSSIL REPTILES USGS Prof. Paper #103 wps with stamp, spine taped else vg, contents with beautiful fold out plts of dinosaurs 62 pp., 4 plts,  57 figs.      Price: $30.00          (stock#USGSPP103)

Gould C. N. 1929 COMANCHEAN REPTILES FROM KANSAS OKLAHOMA AND TEXAS offprint, wps with short tears, Inscription, E. B. Branson’s copy, contents vg, 5 pp.                   Price: $7.00                                 (stock#VPR39)

Gregory W. K. et al. 1917 SECOND REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON THE NOMENCLATURE OF THE CRANIAL ELEMENTS IN THE PERMIAN TETRAPODA offprint, ex-lib, short tear to wp else vg, 14 pp.      

                                                                                                                       Price: $7.00                                  (stock#VPR41)

Gregory J. T. and Westphal F. 1969 REMARKS ON THE PHYTOSAUR GENERA OF THE EUROPEAN TRIAS offprint from Jour. Paleont. name stamp on title wp else vg, 3 pp.                   Price: $5.00                                 (stock#VPR42)

Holman J. A.1973 REPTILES OF THE EGELHOFF LOCAL FAUNA (UPPER MIOCENE) NEBRASKA Unv. Mich., Cont. Paleont. 24(12) 8vo, wps, fine, 10 pp., 5 figs.                                          Price: $8.00                                (stock#VPR130)
Hook R. W. and Baird D. 1984 ICHTHYCANTHUS PLATYPUS COPE 1877 REIDENTIFIED AS THE DISSOROPHOID AMPHIBIAN AMPHIBAMUS LYELLI offprint, fine, 6 pp., 2 figs. On material from Linton, Ohio.   

                                                                                                                      Price: $5.00                                   (stock#VPA31)

Hook R. W. and Hotton N. III 1991 A NEW SPHENACODONTID PELYCOSAUR (SYNAPSIDA) FROM THE WICHITA GROUP LOWER PERMIAN OF NORTH-CENTRAL TEXAS offprint, fine, 8 pp., 6 figs.  Price: $5.00      (stock#VPR43)
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                                                                                                                       Price: $5.00                                 (stock#VPR75)

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                                                                                                                       Price: $4.00                                 (stock#VPR76)

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                                                                                                                       Price: $4.00                                 (stock#VPA45)

Romer A. S. 1943 HUNTING FOR GRANDPA BUMPS offprint, light+ wear, vg, 3 pp., 1 fig. On the occurrence of Eryops skulls in the Texas Permian.                                                         Price: $5.00                                 (stock#VPA46)

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                                                                                                                       Price: $10.00                               (stock#VPA48)

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                                                                                                                       Price: $7.00                                (stock#VPR127)

Romer A. S. 1970 A CHINIQUODONTID CYNODONT WITH AN INCIPIENT SQUAMOSAL-DENTARY JAW ARTICULATION Brevoria #344 8vo, title wps, small piece of clear tape adhered to front page else vg, 18 pp., 9 figs.                                                                                                               Price: $10.00                               (stock#VPR126)

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                                                                                                                      Price: $12.00                                (stock#VPR82)

                                                                                                                      Price: $10.00                                (stock#VPR83)

                                                                                                                      Price: $8.00                                (stock#VPR084)
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Simspon G. G. 1926 THE AGE OF THE MORRISON FORMATION 8vo, wp loose, contents vg, 19 pp.

                                                                                                                      Price: $10.00                                (stock#VPR89)

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Stovall J. W. 1948 A NEW SPECIES OF EMBOLOMEROUS AMPHIBIAN FROM THE PERMIAN OF OKLAHOMA offprint, ex-lib, author’s presentation copy, vg, 4 pp., 2 figs.                Price: $6.00                                 (stock#VPA55)

Sullivan R. M. 1979 REVISION OF THE PALEOGENE GENUS FLYPTOSAURUS (REPTILIA, ANGUIDAE) AMNH Bull. #163(1) wps with signature, notation else vg, 72 pp., 26 figs.               Price: $15.00                              (stock#VPR120)
Swinton W. E. 1951 THE CORRELATION OF CONTINENTAL VERTEBRATE BEARING BEDS IGC 18th Meeting wps with signature light wear, vg, 93 pp. With diverse short papers by Westoll White, Louis Leaky and others.                                                                                                                                         Price: $15.00                               (stock#SED30)

Swinton W. E. 1970 THE DINOSAURS 8vo, dust jacket with wear/tears, ex-lib with the usual markings, overall good with 331 pp., figs.                                                                               Price: $15.00                               (stock#VPR92)

Vaughn P. P. 1955 THE PERMIAN REPTILE ARAEOSCELIS RESTUDIED MCZ Bull. 113(5) 8vo, crafted front wrap with inked title, contents vg with light wear, 162 pp., 2 plts, 15 figs.    Price: $20.00                              (stock#VPR93)

Vaughn P. P. 1963 NEW INFORMATION ON THE STRUCTURE OF PERMIAN LEPOSPONDYLOUS VERTEBRAE  - FROM AN UNUSUAL SOURCE offprint, name stamp vg, 9 pp., 1 fig.              Price: $6.00                      (stock#VPA57)

Vaughn P. P. 1964 VERTEBRATES FROM THE ORGAN ROCK SHALE OF THE CUTLER GROUP, PERMIAN OF MONUMENT VALLEY AND VICINITY, UTAH AND ARIZONA offprint, vg, 17 pp., 2 plts, 2 figs.                                

                                                                                                                        Price: $8.00                                (stock#VPR94)

Walker A. D. 1966 ELASHISTOSUCHUS A TRIASSIC RHYNCHOCEPHALIAN FROM GERMANY offprint, 8vo, name stamp else vg, 6 pp., 5 figs.                                                                        Price: $8.00                                (stock#VPR95)

Watson D. M. S. 1913 THE LIMBS OF LYSTROSAURUS offprint, stamped “With the author’s compliments to E. B. Branson”, name stamp, contents vg, 3 pp., 3 figs.                                   Price: $8.00                               (stock#VPR96)

Welles S. P. 1941 THE MANDIBLE OF A DIADECTID COTYLOSAUR Unv. Calf. Vol. 25(8) 8vo, title wps, some wear, contents good, 9 pp., 2 figs.                                                                       Price: $10.00                               (stock#VPR97)
Welles S. P. 1957 NEW NAME FOR A BRACHYOPID LABYRINTHODONT offprint, vg, 1 p.     

                                                                                                                        Price: $3.00                                (stock#VPA58)

Weems R. E. 1980 SYLLOMUS AEGYPTIACUS A MIOCENE PSEUDODONT SEA TURTLE offprint from Copeia 8vo, some wear, light soiling, 5 pp., 3 figs.                                                       Price: $4.00                                (stock#VPR98)

Wetmore A. 1929 BIRDS OF THE PAST IN NORTH AMERICA offprint, Smithsonian Ann Rpt wrps with stamps else light wear, vg, 13 pp., 11 plts of Cenozoic fossil birds.                              Price: $10.00                           (stock#VPR124)


Williston S. W. 1904 NOTICE OF SOME TRIASSIC REPTILES FROM THE UPPER TRIAS OF WYOMING offprint Jour. Geol. wp with stamp, wp and margins with chip, some wear, 10 pp., 6 figs.     Price: $10.00                 (stock#VPR99)

Williston S. W. 1908 THE OLDEST KNOWN REPTILE – ISODECTUS PUNCTULATUS COPE offprint, some wear, stamp to wps, spine taped, contents good, 6 pp., 2 figs, stamped “Compliments of the Author…”.                               

                                                                                                                        Price: $10.00                             (stock#VPR100)

Williston S. W. 1908 THE COTYLOSAURIA offprint, no wps, some wear, name stamp, spine taped, contents good, 10 pp., 6 figs, stamped “Compliments of the Author…”.                          Price: $10.00                             (stock#VPR101)

Williston S. W. 1908 LYSOROPHUS A PERMIAN URODELE offprint, wps, E. B. Branson’s copy and stamped  "compliments of S. W. Williston” light+ wear, vg, 12 pp., 9 figs.       Price: $10.00                             (stock#VPA59)

Williston S. W. 1909 NEW OR LITTLE KNOWN PERMIAN VERTEBRATES TREMATOPS, NEW GENUS no wps, stamp, spine taped, contents good, 19 pp., 7 figs.                                   Price: $10.00                             (stock#VPA60)

Williston S. W. 1909 NEW OR LITTLE KNOWN PERMIAN VERTEBRATES. PARIOTICHUS offprint, presentation by author to C. C. Branson, some wear, marginal tear to last page but text not affected, good, 15 pp., 6 figs. 

                                                                                                                         Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPR102)

Williston S. W. 1910 NEW PERMIAN REPTILES: RHACHITOMOUS VERTEBRAE offprint, name stamp, light+ wear, vg, 16 pp., 1 plt, 3 figs.                                                                                   Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPR103)

Williston S. W. 1910 CACOPS, DESMOSPONDYLUS NEW GENERA OF PERMIAN  VERTEBRATES offprint, chips to wps, E. B. Branson’s copy, contents vg, 36 pp., 12 plates.                      Price: $20.00                             (stock#VPA61)

Williston S. W. 1911 RESTORATION OF SEYMOURIA BAYLORENSIS BROILI AN AMERICAN COTYLOSAUR offprint, name stamp, good, 6 pp., 1 plt.                                                                    Price: $7.00                              (stock#VPA62)

Williston S. W. 1911 A NEW FAMILY OF REPTILES FROM THE PERMIAN OF NEW MEXICO offprint, name stamp, spine with thin archival tape, contents vg, 21 pp., 7 figs.                         Price: $15.00                            (stock#VPR104)

Williston S. W. 1912 RESTORATION OF LIMNOCELIS A COTYLOSAUR REPTILE FROM NEW MEXICO offprint from Amer. Jour. Science 8vo, wps, vg, 11 pp., 7 figs.                                        Price: $10.00                           (stock#VPR105)

Williston S. W. 1913 THE SKULLS OF ARAEOSCELIS AND CASEA, PERMIAN REPTILES offprint, spine taped, name stamp else good, 5 pp., 3 figs.                                                                     Price: $7.00                             (stock#VPR106)
Williston S. W. 1913 OSTODOLEPIS BREVISPINATUS A NEW REPTILE FROM THE PERMIAN OF TEXAS offprint, name stamp, good, 4 pp., 2 figs.                                                                 Price: $5.00                             (stock#VPR107)

Williston S. W. 1913 THE PRIMITIVE STRUCTURE OF THE MANDIBLE IN AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES offprint, 8vo, some wear, short tears, plates are odd, shorter then page dimensions and I don’t know if original or tipped in for  comparative study purposes, 3 pp., 5 plates.                                           Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPR108)

Williston S. W. 1914 BROILIELLUS A NEW GENUS OF AMPHIBIANS FROM THE PERMIAN OF TEXAS offprint, name stamp, no wps, good, 8 pp., 3 figs.                                                             Price: $8.00                               (stock#VPA63)

Williston S. W. 1915 TRIMERORHACHIS A PERMIAN TEMNOSPONDYL AMPHIBIAN offprint Jour. Geol. 8vo, disbound, some wear, marginal tears, name stamp, good, 10 pp., 6 figs.        Price: $8.00                   (stock#VPA64)

Williston S. W. 1916 THE SKELETON OF TRIMERORHACHIS offprint Jour. Geol., name stamp else vg, 7 pp., 3 figs.                                                                                                                  Price: $7.00                               (stock#VPA65)

Williston S. W. 1916 SYNOPSIS OF SOME AMERICAN PERMIAN VERTEBRATES II and THE OSTEOLOGY OF SOME AMERICAN PERMIAN VERTEBRATES II Cont. Walker Museum 8vo, wps with minor chips, light+ wear, vg, 72 pp., scores of figs. The first paper deals more with Reptilia, the second more with Amphibia.          

                                                                                                                         Price: $30.00                           (stock#VPR109)

Williston S. W. 1916 SPHENACODON MARSH A PERMOCARBONIFEROUS THEROMORPH REPTILE FROM NEW MEXICO USNM Proc.  8vo, title wrap corner with tear, else some wear, good, 5 pp., 1 fig. 

                                                                                                                         Price: $7.00                               (stock#VPR110)

Williston S. W. 1917 THE PHYLOGENY AND CLASSIFICATION OF REPTILES offprint, wps, name stamp, light+ wear, vg, 12 pp., 5 figs.                                                                                            Price: $10.00                              (stock#VPR111)

Williston S. W. 1917 LABIDOSAURUS COPE A LOWER PERMIAN COTYLOSAUR REPTILE FROM TEXAS offprint, name stamp else Vg, 13 pp., 9 figs.                                                             Price: $10.00                            (stock#VPR112)

Williston S. W. 1918 THE EVOLUTION OF VERTEBRAE and THE OSTEOLOGY OF SOME AMERICAN PERMIAN VERTEBRATES III Cont. Walker Museum 8vo, wps tape along spine else light+ wear, vg, 38 pp., 2 plts, scores of figs. Both reports deal with Reptilia and Amphibia.                                  Price: $20.00                           (stock#VPR113)

Wiman C. 1912 UBER DAS HINTERHAUPT DER LABYRINTHODONTEN offprint, wps with tears at margins, wear to contents, 8 pp. contents good.                                                                   Price: $7.00                               (stock#VPA66)

Zittel K. A. von 1911 GRUNDZUGE DER PALAONTOLOGIE II. ABTEILUNG: VERTEBRATA 8vo, publishers cloth, cloth to spine gutter with front board with tear, name stamp on title, B. F. Howell’s ownership inscription on fep, contents else clean, 598 749 figs.                                                             Price: $55.00                             (stock#VPR114)

Colbert E. H. 1995 THE LITTLE DINOSAUR OF GHOST RANCH cloth with dust jacket, vg copy with 250 pp., figs. Colbert’s last book before his death, on his musings about Coelophysis, its history of discovery, paleontology and somewhat whimsical paleobiology, from the Ghost Ranch of north-central New Mexico.

                                                                                                                            Price: $20.00                     (stock#VPR144)

Colbert E. H. 1965 THE AGE OF REPTILES cloth, dust jacket with some wear, contents clean and vg. A good copy the 1st edition of this classic popular text.                                                       Price: $20.00                 (stock#VPR143)

Colbert E. H. 1961 DINOSAURS THEIR DISCOVERY AND THEIR WORLD cloth, dust jacket with tears, wear, contents clean and vg. A good copy the 1st edition of this classic popular text.   Price: $20.00        (stock#VPR142)