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Frost S. H. and Langenheim R. L. 1974 CENOZOIC REEF BIOFACIES: TERTIARY LARGER FORAMINIFERA AND SCLERACTINIAN CORALS FROM CHIAPAS, MEXICO N. IL Unv. Press, folio, 388 pp., plts, figs. A classic volume like new, still in original publishers shipping box.                   Price: $35.00                                            (stock#IPA101)


Leroy L. W. 1953 BIOSTRATIGRAPHY OF THE MAFQI SECTION EGYPT GSA Memoir #54 8vo, gilt cloth, light wear, fine copy with 73 pp., 14 plts of fossils 4 figs.   Price: $20.00        (stock#GSAM54/S)


Magginetti R. T. et al. 1988 EARLY PERMIAN FUSULINIDS FROM THE OWENS VALLEY GROUP EAST-CENTRAL CALIFORNIA GSA Spec. Paper #217 wps light wear vg 61 pp., score of figs.        Price: $20.00          (stock#GSASP217)


Moore R. C. (ed) 1964  TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY-PART C, PROTISTA 2(1) (1st ed.) 8vo, gilt cloth, light wear, 510 pp., 399 figs., vg copy; TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY-PART C, PROTISTA 2(2) (1st ed.) 8vo, gilt cloth, light wear, 389 pp., 254 figs., vg copy; Moore R. C. (ed) 1954   TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEON-TOLOGY-PART D, PROTISTA 3 (1st ed.) 8vo, gilt cloth, light wear, vg, 195 pp., 92 figs. Also included is Part 3, 2nd edition (updated and revised, 1964). A nice set in good shape.                          Price: $60.00                              (stock#IPF03)

                                                  OTHER  TITLES

Andersen H. V. 1971 KEY TO CENOZOIC FORAMINIFERAL FAMILIES AND GENERA OF THE GULF COASTAL PLAIN PROVINCE 4to, ex-lib, vg, 34 pp.                                                       Price: $8.00                      (stock#IPF015)
Bandy O. L. 1960 EOCENE AND OLIGOCENE FORAMINIFERA FROM LITTLE STAVE CREEK CLARKE COUNTY ALABAMA Bull. Amer. Paleont. #131 wps, light wear, vg, 210 pp., 27 plts.

                                                                                                           Price: $15.00                   (stock#IPF025)
Bebout D. G. 1963 DESMOINESIAN FUSILINIDS OF MISSOURI MOGS Rpt Invest. #28 wps, ex-lib, vg, 79 pp., 8 plts, 8 figs.                                                                                                   Price: $10.00                            (stock#IPF025)
Beede J. W. and Kniker H. T. 1924  SPECIES OF THE GENUS SCHWAGERINA AND THEIR STRATIGRAPHIC SIGNIFICANCE UT Pub. #2433 wps with some surface removal from old tape strip, some wear, contents vg, 96 p., 1 map, 9 plts. A classic.                                                                         Price: $15.00                         (stock#UT2433)
Bolli H. M. and Cita M. B. 1960 UPPER CRETACEOUS AND LOWER TERTIARY PLANKTONIC FORAMINIFERA FORM THE PADERNO D’ADDA SECTION NORTHERN ITALY Inst. Geol. Milan (Italy), wps, ex-lib, 13 pp., folding chart.                                                                                                                               Price: $5.00                      (stock#IPF017)

Campbell A. S. and Clark B. L. 1944 MIOCENE RADIOLARIAN FAUNAS FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GSA Sp. Paper #51 wps, ex-lib else light wear, vg, 76 pp., 7 plts.                             Price: $20.00               (stock#GSASP51)

Campbell A. S. and Clark B. L. 1944 RADIOLARIA FROM UPPER CRETACEOUS OF MIDDLE CALIFORNIA Geol. Soc. America Spec. Paper #57 8vo, wraps with short tear at margin else light wear, vg, 61 pp., 8 plates, 2 figs.                                                                                                                       Price: $15.00                         (stock#GSASP57)

Carsey D. O. 1926 FORAMINIFERA OF THE CRETACEOUS OF CENTRAL TEXAS UT Pub. #2612 wps with signature, some wear, contents vg, 56 p., 8 pls.                                           Price: $15.00                              (stock#UT2612)

GUIDE PRATIQUE POUR LA DETERMINATION DE KYSTES DE DINOFLAGELLES FOSSILES – LE COMPLEXE GONYAULACYSTA Bull. Center Research Explor. Production Elf-Aquitaine 4to, cloth as issued, light wear, vg copy of a very scarce and stand dinoflagellete reference with 479 pp., scores of plates and figs.                                                                                                                                                 Price: $75.00                          (stock#IPF037)

Cita M. B. and Silva I. P. 1960 PELAGIC FORAMINIFERA FROM THE TYPE LANGHIAN Inst. Geol. Milan (Italy), wps, ex-lib, 15 pp., 3 figs.                                                                           Price: $5.00                             (stock#IPF018)
Clark B. L. and Campbell A. S. 1942 EOCENE RADIOLARIAN FAUNAS FROM THE MT. DIABLO AREA, CALIFORNIA GSA Sp. Paper #39 wps, ex-lib, light wear else vg, 111 pp., 9 plts.

                                                                                                           Price: $20.00              (stock#GSASP39)

Clark B. L. and Campbell A. S. 1945 RADIOLARIA OF THE KREYENHAGEN FORMATION GSA Memoir #10 8vo, gilt cloth with some wear, internally fine copy with 66 pp., 7 plts.

                                                                                                           Price: $15.00                (stock#GSAM07)
Cooke C. W. 1922 THE BYRAM CALCAREOUS MARL OF MISSISSIPPI USGS Prof. Paper #129-E 4to, no wps, vg, 36 pp., figs.                                                                                              Price: $8.00                        (stock#PP129E)
Cooke C. W. and Cushman J. A. 1922 THE BYRAM CALCAREOUS MARL OF MISSISSIPPI By Cooke, bound with THE FORAMINIFERA OF THE BYRAM CALCAREOUS MARL AT BYRAM MISSISSIPPI By Cushman no wraps, spine rebound with archival tape, very good and clean copy, nice foram plates. A classic Cushman paper. With 30 pp., and 15 plates of forams.     
                                                                   Price: $10.00                      (stock#PP122e)
Cooke C. W. and Cushman J. A. 1923 THE CORRELATION OF THE VICKSBURG GROUP AND THE FORAMINIFERA OF THE VICKSBURG GROUP USGS Prof. Paper #133 4to, wps with spine taped, ex-lib else vg, 71 pp., 8 fossil plts.                                                                                                              Price: $15.00                      (stock#PP133)
Crespin I. 1963 LOWER CRETACEOUS ARENACEOUS FORAMINIFERA OF AUSTRALIA Aust. Bur. Min. Res., Geol., Geophysics Bull. #66 boards, light wear, ex-lib, contents vg, 110 pp., 18 plts.

                                                                                                          Price: $15.00                     (stock#IPF019)
Cushman J. A. 1921 AMERICAN SPECIES OF OPERCULINA AND HETEROSTEGINA AND THEIR FAUNAL RELATIONS USGS Prof. Paper #128-E no wps, some wear, contents vg, 17 pp., figs.                                                                                                                                                                      Price: $5.00                     (stock#PP128E)
Cushman J. A. 1922 THE FORAMINFERA OF THE MINT SPRING CALCAREOUS MARL MEMBER OF THE MARIANNA LIMESTONE USGS PP-122-F no wraps, spine rebound with archival tape, very good with 30 pp. and 8 plates of fossil forams.                                                                                     Price:  $10.00                   (stock#PP122f)
Cushman J. A. 1935 UPPER EOCENE FORAMINIFERA OF THE SOUTHEASTERN UNITED STATES USGS Prof. Paper #181 wps with stamp, crease else vg copy, contents clean with 88 pp., 23 plts.

                                                                                                              Price: $15.00                               (stock#PP181)
Cushman J. A. 1976 FORAMINIFERA THEIR CLASSIFICATION AND ECONOMIC USE (4th ed.) 8vo, cloth, fine copy, 605 pp., 81 plts, 9 figs. A classic.                                                    Price: $30.00                    (stock#IPF020)
Cushman J. A. and Cahill E. D. 1933 MIOCENE FORAMINIFERA OF THE COASTAL PLAIN OF THE EASTERN UNITED STATES USGS Prof. Paper #175-A no wps as issued, some wear but generally light, 50 pp., 13 plts.                                                                                                                      Price: $10.00                            (stock#PP175A)
Cushman J. A. and McGlamery W. 1938 OLIGOCENE FORAMINIFERA FROM CHOCTAW BLUFF ALABAMA USGS Prof. Paper #189-D wps with signature else light wear, vg copy, 16 pp., 5 plts.

                                                                                                          Price: $8.00                             (stock#PP189D)

Cushman J. A. 1929-1936 Eight (8) publications on Foraminifera (fossil and recent) mostly by J. A. Cushman, dating between 1929-1936. They are as follows: (1) NEW ARCTIC FORAMINIFERA COLLECTED BY R. A. BARTLETT FROM FOX BASIN AND OFF THE NORTHEAST COAST OF GREENLAND, Smith. Misc. Coll. #3221 8 pp., 2 plts; (2) THE FORAMINIFERA OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN (Parts 6-8) USNM Bull. #104, 129 pp., 179 pp., 26 plts; 176 pp., 22 plts per part; (3) A MONOGRAPH OF THE FORAMINIFERAL FAMILY POLYMORPHINIDAE - RECENT AND FOSSIL Proc. USNM #2829, 195 pp., 40 plts; (4) TERTIARY LARGER FORAMINIFERA OF VENEZUELA Smith. Misc. Coll. #3223, 44 pp., 6 plts; (5) NEW TERTIARY FORAMINIFERA OF THE GENERA OPERCULINA AND OPERCULINOIDES FROM NORTH AMERICA AND THE WEST INDIES Proc. USNM #2996; (6) FOURTEEN NEW SPECIES OF FORAMINIFERA Smith. Misc. Coll. #3327. All but one in wraps, vg, ex-private or institutional library.          

                                                                                                           Price: $25.00                            (stock#IPF122)

Douglass R. C. 1970 MORPHOLOGIC STUDIES OF FUSULINIDS FROM THE LOWER PERMIAN OF WEST PAKISTAN USGS Prof. Paper #643-G 4to, wps soiled, contents good 11 pp., 3 plts, 7 figs.                                                                                                                                                                        Price: $5.00                            (stock#PP643G)

Douglas R. C. 1987 FUSULINID BIOSTRATIGRAPHY AND CORRELATIONS BETWEEN THE APPALACHIAN AND EASTERN INTERIOR BASINS USGS Prof. Paper #1451 4to, wps, light wear, 95 pp., 20 figs.                                                                                                                                                   Price: $10.00                             (stock#IPF029)
Dunbar C. O. and Skinner J. W. 1937 THE PERMIAN FUSULINIDAE OF TEXAS Geol. Texas, Vol. 3, pt 2 separate issue from UT Bull. #3701 8vo, wps with some wear, short tears, contents vg, 298 pp., 39 plts, 9 figs.                                                                                                                                   Price: $20.00                            (stock#IPF030)
Echols J. 1968 RELATION OF MICROFAUNAL DISTRIBUTION TO THE STRAWN CANYON BOUNDARY, NORTH-CENTRAL TEXAS 8vo, title wps, inscribed by author with priv. library notation on wp, 9 pp., 1 fig.                                                                                                                                        Price: $5.00                               (stock#IPF301)
Feyling-Hanssen R. W. 1954 LATE PLEISTOCENE FORAMINIFERA FROM THE OSLO FJORD AREA SOUTHEAST NORWAY Norsk Geol. Tidss. 33(1-2) wps with stamp else light wear, vg, 43 pp., 2 plts.

                                                                                                  Price: $10.00                            (stock#IPF043)

Forchheimer S. 1970 SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE STUDIES OF SOME CENOMANIAN COCCOSPHERES AND COCCOLITHS Sver. Geol. Und. 64(4) wps ex-lib, vg, 43 pp., 44 figs.

                                                                                                            Price: $5.00                             (stock#IPF023)
Galloway and Ryniker 1930 FORAMINIFERA FROM THE ATOKA FORMATION OF OKLAHOMA OKLA. GEOL. SURV. CIRC. #21 8vo, wraps light wear, 37 pp., 5 plts.                                 Price: $10.00                  (stock#IPF011)
Graham J. J. 1962 A REVIEW OF THE PLANKTONIC FORAMINIFERA FROM THE UPPER CRETACEOUS OF CALIFORNIA offprints, wps, ex-lib., 10 pp., 1 plt, 1 tab.                         Price: $5.00                             (stock#IPF021)
Gutschick R. C. 1962 ARENACEOUS FORAMINIFERA FROM ONCOLITES IN THE MISSISSIPPIAN SAPPINGTON FORMATION OF MONTANA offprint from JOUR. PALEONT. 36 (6) 15 pp., 2 pls, 3 fig.                                                                                                                                                   Price: $5.00                            (stock#IPF010)
Hanazawa S. 1957 CENOZOIC FORAMINIFERA OF MICRONESIA GSA Memoir #66 8vo gilt cloth, private stamp else fine, 167 pp., 41 plts, 12 figs.                                               Price:  $15.00                    (stock#GSAM066)
Hanna G. D. 1932 PLIOCENE DIATOMS OF WALLACE COUNTY KANSAS Bull. Unv. KS wps, ex-lib, vg,  25 pp., 4 plts.                                                                                                 Price: $10.00                          (stock#IPF028)
Hart and Carter 1975 SOME OBSERVATIONS ON THE CRETACEOUS FORAMINFERIDA OF SOUTHEAST ENGLAND offprint JOUR. FORAM. RES. 5(2) light wear, 13 pp., 10 figs.                   Price: $5.00                            (stock#IPF003)
Howe H. V. and W. E. Wallace W. E. 1932 LAGS Bull. #2 FORAMINIFERA OF THE JACKSON EOCENE AT DANVILLE LANDING ON THE OUACHITA, CATAHOULA PARISH, LOUISIANA 118 pp. Describes and illustrates 125 species; proposes 2 new genera.                                                                   Price: 15.00                           (stock#LAGSB2)
Howe H. V. et al. 1939 LOUISIANA COOK MOUNTAIN EOCENE FORAMINIFERA LAGS Bull. #14 122 pp. Describes and illustrates 170 species and varieties of Claiborne foraminifera from 169 Louisiana samples, 167 of which are from Cook Mountain Formation and 2 thought to be from the Sparta Formation.  Price: 15.00     (stock#LAGSB14)
Johnson J. H. 1947 NUBECULARIA FROM THE PENNSYLVANIAN AND PERMIAN OF KANSAS offprint from JOUR. PALEONT. 21(1) 5 pp., 1 pl.                                                               Price: $4.00                            (stock#IPF009)
Johnson J. H. 1950 A PERMIAN ALGAL - FORAMINIFERAL CONSORTIUM FROM WEST TEXAS offprint from JOUR. PALEONT. 24(1) 2 pp., 1 pl.                                                             Price: $3.00                            (stock#IPF008)
Kadar D. 1975 PLANKTONIC FORAMINIFERA FROM  LOWER PART OF SENTOLO FORMATION CENTRAL JAVA INDONESIA offprint from JOUR. FORAM RES. 5(1) 20 pp., 8 plts.        Price: $5.00                            (stock#IPF004)
Kettenbrink and Toomey 1975 DISTRIBUTION AND PALEOECOLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS OF CALCAREOUS FORAMINIFERA IN THE DEVONIAN CEDAR VALLEY FORMATION OF IOWA offprint from JOUR. FORAMINIFERAL RESEARCH 5(3) 11 pp., 2 plts.                                                                  Price: $8.00               (stock#IPF007)
Lohman K. E. 1942 PART 3- DIATOMACEAE GEOLOGY AND BIOLOGY OF NORTH ATLANTIC DEEP SEA CORES USGS PP 196-B wps with  signature, vg, 32 pp. + 15 pp. 6 plts.             Price: $8.00                          (stock#PP196b)
Marple M. F. 1955 SMALL FORAMINIFERA OF THE POTTSVILLE FORMATION IN OHIO reprint of OHIO JOUR. SCI. 1955 bound in archival wraps, stamps crossed out on wrap else very good, 9 pp., 1 pl. and several other papers on OH geology as well.                                                                          Price: $5.00                          (stock#IPF006)
Moore R. C. (ed) 1964  TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY-PART C, PROTISTA 2(1) (1st ed.) 8vo, gilt cloth, light wear, 510 pp., 399 figs., vg copy.                                   Price: $35.00                    (stock#IPP001)
Moore R. C. (ed) 1964  TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY-PART C, PROTISTA 2(2) (1st ed.) 8vo, gilt cloth, light wear, 389 pp., 254 figs., vg copy.                                   Price:  $35.00                  (stock#IPP002)
Moore R. C. (ed) 1954  TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY-PART D, PROTISTA 3 (1st ed.) 8vo, gilt cloth, light wear, vg, 195 pp., 92 figs.                                               Price: $35.00                   (stock#IPP003)
Myers D. A. 1960 STRATIGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION OF SOME PENNSYLVANIAN FUSULINIDAE FROM BROWN AND COLEMAN COUNTIES TEXAS USGS PP 315-C wps, light wear, vg copy, 17 pp., 10 plts of fossils.                                                                                                                                            Price: $10.00                         (stock#PP315c)
Norling E. 1966 ON THE GENUS ICHTYOLARIA WEDEKIND 1937 Sver. Geol. Und. 60(8) wps ex-lib, vg, 24 pp., 4 figs. on Liassic forams.                                                                       Price: $5.00                          (stock#IPF024)
Plummer H. J. 1926 FORAMINIFERA OF THE MIDWAY FORMATION IN TEXAS UT Pub. #2644 front wp with signature, rear wp replaced, spine with archival tissue, some exterior wear, contents clean and vg, 206 pp., 1 map, 15 plts.                                                                                                Price: $15.00                      (stock#UT2644)
Plummer et al. 1930  CALCAREOUS FORAMINIFERA IN THE BROWNWOOD SHALE NEAR BRIDGE-PORT TEXAS AND FORAMINIFERA OF THE CISCO GROUP IN TEXAS UT Pub. #3019 wps, some wear, spine with old tape, contents are vg, 90 p., 12 plts.                                                           Price: $10.00                       (stock#UT3019)

Rigby J. K. and Potter A. W. 1986 ORDOVICIAN SPHINCTOZOAN SPONGES FROM THE EASTERN KLAMATH MOUNTAINS NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Paleont. Soc. Memoir #20 8vo, wps, light wear, vg, 47 pp., 11 figs.                                                                                                                              Price: $10.00                       (stock#IPA059)
Ross C. A. and Dunbar C. O. 1962 FAUNAS AND CORRELATION OF THE LATE PALEOZOIC ROCKS OF NORTHEAST GREENLAND PART II FUSULINIDAE Medd. Gronland 167(5) 8vo, wps, pages unopened, vg, 55 pp., 7 plts.                                                                                                       Price: $10.00                       (stock#IPF014)
Schuchert C. 1924  THE VALUE OF MICROFOSSILS IN PETROLEUM EXPLORATION offprint from AAPG Bulletin 8(5) 8vo, wps, spine covered with acid-free archival cloth tape else vg, 16 pp. with much critique on Cushman’s work with Forams.                                                                                 Price: $5.00                         (stock#IPF013)

Sherborn C. D. 1955 AN INDEX TO THE GENERA AND SPECIES OF THE FORAMINIFERA Smith. Misc. Coll. #132 8vo, cloth, priv. ownership stamp inside front cover else fine, 485 pp.

                                                                                                               Price: $25.00                     (stock#IPF026)

Sherlocke R. L. 1903 THE FORAMINIFERA AND OTHER ORGANISMS IN THE RAISED REEFS OF FIJI Bull Mus. Comp. Zoology 5(8) wps and first few pages with crease, short tear, discrete stamp to wrap else overall light+ wear, contents vg, 18 pp. 8 figs.                                                             Price: $8.00                       (stock#IPF038)

Skinner J. W. and Wilde G. L. 1966 PERMIAN FUSULINID FROM PACIFIC NORTHWEST AND ALASKA Unv. Kansas Paleont. Cont. #4 8vo, wps, ex-lib, vg, 64 pp., 49 plts of fossils, 10 figs.  Price: $10.00                      (stock#IPF031)

Skinner J. W. and Wilde G. L. 1965 PERMIAN BIOSTRATIGRAPHY AND FUSULINID FAUNAS OF THE SHASTA LAKE AREA NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Unv. Kansas Paleont. Cont. #6 4to, wps, fine clean copy, 98 pp., 65 plts, 3 figs.                                                                                                      Price: $15.00                            (stock#IPF300)


Smith B. Y. 1957 LOWER TERTIARY FORAMINIFERA FROM CONTRA COSTA COUNTY CALIFORNIA Unv. Calf. Publ. Geology #32(3) wps with notation else light wear vg 116 pp., 16 plts, 5 figs.                 

                                                                                                                 Price: $15.00                         (stock#UC32-3)
Steineck P. L. and Fleisher R. L. 1978 TOWARDS THE CLASSICAL EVOLUTIONARY RECLASSIFI-CATION OF CENOZOIC GLOBIGERNINACEA (FORAMINIFERIDA) offprint Jour. Paleont. light wear, vg, 18 pp., 2 plts, 3 figs.                                                                                                                       Price: $5.00                             (stock#IPF037)


                                                                                                              Price: $8.00                 (stock#USGSPP236a)
Tasch P. and Stude J. R. 1966 PERMIAN SCOLECODONTS FROM THE FORT RILEY LIMESTONE OF SOUTHEASTERN KANSAS Wichita State Unv. Studies #68 8vo, wps, ex-lib, vg, 35 pp., 3 plts.

                                                                                                              Price: $8.00                             (stock#IPF022)

Thompson M. L. 1948 STUDIES OF NORTH AMERICAN FUSULINIDS Unv Kansas 4to, wps, ex-lib else vg, 184 pp., 28 plts, figs.                                                                                          Price: $15.00                            (stock#IPF301)

Thompson M. L. 1954 AMERICAN WOLFCAMPIAN FUSULINIDS Unv. Kansas 4to, wps, light wear, ex-lib else vg copy, 225 pp., 52 plts, figs,  folding table.                                          Price: $20.00                          (stock#IPF302)
Vaughn T. W. 1924 AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN TERTIARY LARGER FORAMINIFERA offprint in Paleo. Soc. wps, from GSA Bulletin, Vol. 35 8vo, wraps with stamps else vg,clean, 38 pp., 7 plts.

                                                                                                         Price:  $8.00                            (stock#IPF005)
Vaughn T. W. and Cole W. S. 1941 PRELIMINARY REPORT ON THE CRETACEOUS AND TERTIARY LARGER FORAMINIFERA OF TRINIDAD BRITISH WEST INDIES GSA Spec. Paper #30 wps, ex-lib else vg, 137 pp., 46 plts.                                                                                                              Price: $20.00                      (stock#GSASP30)
Weaver D. W. 1962 EOCENE FORAMINIFERA FROM REFUGIO PASS CALIFORNIA Unv. Calf. pub. 37(5) wps with signature else vg, 68 pp., 9 plts, 4 figs                                           Price: $10.00                           (stock#UC37-5)

Weller J. M. et al. 1942 PENNSYLVANIAN FUSULINIDAE OF ILLINOIS WITH A SECTION ON STRATIGRAPHY ILGS Bull. #67 wps, light wear, vg, 219 pp., 23 plts, 13 figs.                         Price: $20.00                        (stock#ILGSB67)
Weaver W. R. and Weaver D. W. 1964 UPPER EOCENE FORAMINIFERA FROM THE SOUTHWESTERN SANTA YNEZ MOUNTAINS CALIFORNIA Unv. Calf. pub. #41(1) wps vg, 95 pp., plts, figs.  Price: $10.00               (stock#UC41-1)

Weiss L. 1954 FORAMINIFERA AND ORIGIN OF THE GARDINERS CLAY (PLEISTOCENE) EASTERN LONG ISLAND NEW YORK USGS PP254-G ex-lib, some wear, contents clean and vg with 21 pp., 2 plts, 4 figs.                                                                                                                                               Price: $8.00                             (stock#PP254g)

White M. P. 1950 A FUSULINID SLIDE RULE offprint from JOUR. PALEONT. 24(2) 8vo, signed and fine with 7 pp., 2 pls, 20 figs.                                                                                           Price:  $5.00                              (stock#IPF012)

Vaughn T. W. 1929 DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW SPECIES OF FORAMINIFERA OF THE GENUS DISCOCYCLINA FROM THE EOCENE OF MEXICO USNM Proc #2800 wps with stamp else vg, 18 pp., 7 plts.                                                                                                                                                                Price: $$8.00                           (stock#IPF035)

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