Clark W. B. and Twitchell M. W. 1915 THE MESOZOIC AND CENOZOIC ECHINODERMATA OF THE UNITED STATES USGS Monograph #54 orig. brown cloth, light wear, vg copy, contents fine, 341 pages, 108 plts.     

                                                                                               Price: $75.00                                   (stock#USGSM054)


Unv. Nebraska Prof. Paper #1 4to wps
light wear vg, 55 pp., 21 figs.                                         Price: $20.00                                                 (stock#NE06)


Bjork P. B. et al. 1968  MOUTH FRAME OF THE OPHIUROID ONYCHASTER Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 22(4) 8vo, wraps, 16 pp., 4 pls, 4 figs.          Price: $10.00                (stock#UMCP22-4)
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Kesling R. V. 1969  THREE PERMIAN STARFISH FROM WESTERN AUSTRALIA AND THEIR BEARING ON REVISION OF THE ASTEROIDEA Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 22 (25) 8vo, wraps, like new, 17 pp., 3 pls, 6 figs.                                                                                   Price: $10.00    (stock#UMCP22-25)
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Kesling R. V. 1971 PROCTOTHYLACOCRINUS BERRYORUM A NEW CRINOID FROM THE MIDDLE DEVONIAN ARKONA SHALE OF ONTARIO Unv. Michigan Cont. Paleont. 23(21) title wps light wear vg, 5 pp., 2 plts.                                                                                         Price: $8.00      (stock#UMCP23-21)

Kesling and Mintz 1963  SPECIES OF THE CRINOID DOLATOCRINUS FROM THE MIDDLE DEVONIAN DOCK STREET CLAY OF MICHIGAN Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 18(5) 8vo, wraps with crease else very good, 34 pp., 7 pls, 2 figs.                                    Price:  $10.00    (stock#UMCP18-5)
Kesling R. V. and Paul C. R. C. 1971 AGOSTOCRINUS AND ACOLOCRINUS, TWO NEW ORDOVICIAN CRINOIDS WITH PECULIAR RAY AND RESPIRATORY STRUCTURES Unv. Michigan Cont. Paleont. 23(14) title wps light wear, vg, 17 pp., 7 plts, 5 fig.                          Price: $10.00         (stock#UMCP23-14)
Kolata D. R. 1976  CRINOIDS FROM THE UPPER ORDOVICIAN BIGHORN FORMATION OF WYOMING  offprint from Jour.  Paleontology 50(3), 10 pp., 1 pl., 1 fig. 8vo, light wear, very good, nice specimens.

                                                                                                         Price:  $7.00    (stock#IPE024)
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Macruda and Roux 1981  THE SKELETAL MORPHOLOGY OF THE ISOCRINID CRINOIDS ANNACRINUS WYVILLETHOMSONI AND DIPLOCRINUS MACLEARANUS Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 25(9) 8vo, wraps, little to no wear, 51 pp., 17 pls, 5 figs.           Price: $10.00   (stock#UMCP25-9)
Moore R. C. (ed.) 1967  TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY-PART S, ECHINODERMATA 1 (2) 8vo, gilt cloth, light wear, ex-lib. else vg, 352 pp., 224 figs.      Price: $40.00                      (stock#IPE029)
Moore R. C. (ed.) 1966 TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY-PART U, ECHINODERMATA 3(1) 8vo, gilt cloth, rear inner hinge split else light wear, ex-lib. vg- copy with 366 pp., 271 figs.    

                                                                                                              Price: $40.00      (stock#IPE030)
Moore and Strimple 1941  TEGMINAL STRUCTURE OF THE PENNSYLVANIAN –PERMIAN CRINOID DELOCRINUS offprint from Dennison Unv. Bulletin, Jour. Sci. Lab. #36, 12 pp., 1 pl.      

                                                                                                            Price: $8.00       (stock#IPE022)
Roux M. 1974 OBSERVATIONS AU MICROSCOPE ELECTRONIQUE A BALAYAGE DE QUELQUES ARTICULATIONS ENTRE LES OSSICULES DU SQUELETTE DES CRINOIDES PEDONCULES ACTUELS (BATHYCRINIDAE ET ISOCRININA) Trav. Lab. Paleont., Unv. Paris 4to, wraps with stamp light wear, 10 pp., 4 plts, 1 fig.                                                                                      Price: $10.00          (stock#IPE44)
Thomas 1900  A NEW CRINOID FAUNA FROM MONTICELLO IOWA By Thomas bound with UNIQUE NIAGARIAN CEPHALOPODS [ORTHOCONES] By Thomas, offprint from Iowa Acad. Sci ca. 1900 but no date discernable. 8vo, no wraps, else very good, 12 pp., 3 plates of fossils.   Price: $10.00          (stock#IPE020)
Whitfield R. P. 1900 DESCRIPTION OF A NEW CRINOID FROM INDIANA AMNH Bulletin 13(3), 2 pp., 1 f/o plate of a species of Actinocrinus from Crawfordsville. Signed “Compliments of the Author” and from the library of H. S. Williams, spine rebound with acid-free archival cloth tape, vg copy.                                          

                                                                                                                           Price: $6.00    (stock#IPE026)
Whitfield R. P. 1904  NOTICE OF A REMARKABLE CASE OF REPRODUCTION OF LOST PARTS SHOWN ON A FOSSIL CRINOID along with NOTICE OF A NEW GENUS AND SPECIES OF LOWER CARBONIFEROUS BRYZOA and NOTE ON SOME WORM(?) BURROWS IN ROCKS OF CHEMUNG GROUP OF NEW YORK, authors edition of AMNH Bulletin, in orig. wps, 5 pp., 4 plts with crinoid paper on a specimen from Crawfordsville Indiana, spine rebound with acid-free archival cloth tape, vg.     

                                                                                                                             Price: $8.00     (stock#IPE025)

Foerste A. F. 1914 NOTES ON AGELACRINIDAE AND LEPADOCYSTINAE WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF THRESHERODISCUS AND BROCKOCYSTIS in Bull. Denison Unv., vol. 17, pp. 399-486, 6 plates of fossils. Also contains a variety of non-geological scientific reports. In original wraps, pages uncut and aside from some marginal creases/chips to outer most margin of covers, very light stain to some blank page margins else good and otherwise clean. Scarce.                                            Price: $20.00               (stock#IPE033)

Kesling R. V. 1962  AN INTERPRETATION OF RHOMBIFERA BOHEMICA BARRANDE 1867, AN UNUSUAL HYDROPHORIDEAN CYSTOID Unv Michigan Cont. Paleont. 17(13) title wps with former owners name crossed out else light+ wear, vg, 12 pp., 2 plts, 2 figs.            Price: $8.00   (stock#UMCP17-13)

Kesling R. V. 1962 MORPHOLOGY AND TAXONOMY OF THE CYSTOID CHEIROCRINUS ANATIFORMIS (HALL) Unv Michigan Cont. Paleont. 18(1) title wps light wear vg.      

                                                                                                    Price: $10.00              (stock#UMCP18-1)
Kesling R. V. 1963  MORPHOLOGY AND RELATIONSHIPS OF CYCLOCYSTOIDES Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 18(9) 8vo, wps, 20 pp., 5 figs.                              Price: $10.00    (stock#UMCP18-9)
Kirk E. 1911 THE STRUCTURE AND RELATIONSHIPS OF CERTAIN ELEUTHEROZOIC PELMATOZOA USNM Proceedings #1846 wps, old tape/repair to spine, contents vg, 137 pp., 11 plates.   

                                                                                                              Price: $15.00              (stock#IPE034)
Paul C. R. C. 1967 HALLICYSTIS ATTENUATA, A NEW CALLOCYSTITID CYSTOID FROM THE RACINE DOLOMITE OF WISCONSIN Unv. Michigan Cont. Paleont. 21(11) title wps light wear, vg, 22 pp., 4 plts. 

                                                                                                            Price: $10.00   (stock#UMCP21-11)

Spinkle J. 1975  THE ARMS OF CARYOCRINITES, A RHOMBIFERAN CYSTOID CONVERENT ON CRINOIDS offprint from Jour. Paleont. 49(6), 12 pp., 1 pl., 6 figs. on Rochester Shale (Silurian) cystoids from western New York State.                                                                                       
Price:  $7.00   (stock#IPE019)

Cooke C. W. 1959 CENOZOIC ECHINOIDS OF EASTERN UNITED STATES USGS Prof. Paper #321 wps light wear, vg clean copy, 106 pp., 43 plts of fossils. A classic treatise.    Price: $20.00              (stock#PP321)

Jackson R. T. STUDIES OF PALAECHINOIDEA, STUDIES OF MELONITES MUTLIPORUS offprint, Geol. Soc. America Bull., vol. 7 wps loose, with period signiture, contents vg with 120 pp., 8 plts.             

                                                                                                                     Price: $20.00          (stock#IPE033)

Kew W. S. TERTIARY ECHINOIDS FROM THE SAN PABLO GROUP OF MIDDLE CALIFORNIA Unv. Calf. pub. #8(20) wps light wear, ex-lib else vg, 12 pp., figs.                                Price: $10.00           (stock#UC8-20)

Schuchert C. 1912  JACKSON ON THE PHYLOGENY OF THE ECHNII offprint from Amer. Jour. Science [3rd Ser.] 34: 251-263, 8vo, wps with small tear, spine covered with acid-free archival tape else vg.  

                                                                                                                   Price: $5.00     (stock#IPE031)



Hudson G. H. 1911 STUDIES OF SOME EARLY SILURIC PELMATOZOA offprint from NY State Mus. Bull. #149 wps with some wear, corner tear, stamps, contents vg, 77 pp., 7 plts, figs.     Price: $15.00          (stock#IPE71)


Frizzell D. L. and Exline H. 1955 MONOGRAPH OF FOSSIL HOLOTHURIAN SCLERITES Unv. MO Bull. #89 wps light wear, ex-lib else vg, 204 pp., 11 plts, figs.                                               Price: $15.00                                     (stock#MO22)