Alstine R. E. Van 1969 GEOLOGY AND MINERAL DEPOSITS OF THE PONCHA SPRINGS NE QUADRANGLE CHAFFEE COUNTY COLORADO USGS Prof. Paper #626 wps light wear, vg, 52 pp., 6 plts, 10 figs.   

                                                                                                                                   Price: $20.00                            (stock#PP626)


Atwood W. W. 1909 GLACIATION IN THE UINTA AND WASATCH MOUNTAINS U. S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY PROFESSIONAL PAPER 61 4to wraps with ownership signature, stamp else some external wear, short tear, contents vg with 96 pp., 15 plts., 24 figs including colored map.                                        Price: $30.00                         (stock#PP61)


Baker A. A. 1936 GEOLOGY OF THE MONUMENT VALLEY-NAVAJO MOUNTAIN REGION SAN JUAN COUNTY UTAH USGS Bull. #865 waps with some wear, old tape repair visible on front wrap, archival tape along spine, contents with light wear and vg, containing 106 pp., 17 plts (including large folding geologic and topographic pocket maps), 3 figs.  
                                                                                                                       Price: $30.00                              (stock#USGSB865)


Bass N. W. and Northrop S. A. 1963 GEOLOGY OF GLENWOOD SPRINGS QUADRANGLE AND VICINITY NORTHWESTERN COLORADO USGS Bull. #1142-J wraps, some external wear, contents vg, 74 pp., 2 plts (pocket maps), 1 fig.                                                                                                                Price: $20.00                                  (stock#USGSB1142J)


Bastin E. S. 1924 OBSERVATIONS ON THE RICH SILVER  ORES AT ASPEN COLORADO USGS Bull. #750-C title wraps as issued, with some small stamps, light+ external wear, contents vg, 21 pp., 1 plt, 10 figs.  

                                                                                                                               Price: $20.00                     (stock#USGSB750C)


Capps S. R. 1909 THE PLEISTOCENE GEOLOGY OF THE LEADVILLE QUADRANGLE COLORADO USGS Bulletin #386 wraps, light wear, vg to fine clean copy with 99 pp., 8 plts, 16 figs.,complete with the scarce map for which the volume is sought.                                                                                                                Price: $35.00                            (stock#USGSB386)


Cater F. W. 1970 GEOLOGY OF THE SALT ANTICLINE REGION IN SOUTHWESTERN COLORADO USGS Prof. Paper #637 wps, some wear,  ex-lib, vg, 80 pp., 2 plts, 19 figs.                                                       Price: $20.00                    (stock#PP637)


Crawford A. L. 1963 OIL AND GAS POSSIBILITIES OF UTAH, RE-EVALUATED UT Geol. Surv. Bull. #54 pictorial cloth, light wear, ex-lib else vg, 564 pp., 157 figs.                                              Price: $35.00                                (stock#UTGSB54)


Eckel E. B. 1961 MINERALS OF COLORADO A 100-YEAR RECORD USGS Bull. #1114 printed wraps light wear, vg, 399 pp., complete with pocket map.                                                                          Price: $30.00                              (stock#USGSB1114)


Eldridge G. H. 1901 THE UINTAITE (GILSONITE) DEPOSITS OF UTAH from 21st USGS Ann Rpt, spine with archival tape, disbound or coming so, some wear to page margins or corners, occasional soiling, overall good with 41 pp., 1 plt, 8 fgs.
                                                                                                                                      Price: 20.00                             (stock#UT43P)


Emmons S. F. 1882 ABSTRACT OF REPORT ON GEOLOGY AND MINING INDUSTRY OF LEADVILLE, LAKE COUNTY COLORADO from Second Annual Report of the U. S. Geological Survey, and is the short version of Emmon’s Leadville Colorado USGS monograph. 4to, archival tape along spine, light wear, vg, 90 pp., 2 plates.             

                                                                                                                                   Price: $40.00                          (stock#CO61)


Emmons S. F. 1896 THE MINES OF CUSTER COUNTY COLORADO from 17th USGS Annual Report, 4to, spine covered with archival tape, very good, clean copy with 67 pp., 1 plate of the Silver Cliff Quarry and 6 figures. Scarce.
                                                                                                                                 Price: $25.00                                   (stock#CO35)


Fellows A. L. 1902 WATER RESOURCES OF THE STATE OF COLORADO USGS Water Supply Paper #74 wraps with some wear, ex-lib, contents vg, wps, 151 pp., 14 plts. Scarce.                                      Price: $30.00                              (stock#WSP40)


Follansbee R. 1929 UPPER COLORADO RIVER AND ITS UTILIZATION USGS Water Supply Paper #617 wraps, light wear, small stamp on wrap, some mm-scale corner damage to page tips but mm-scale doesn’t affect text or illustrations, else very good with 394 pp., 13 plates, 5 figures. Scarce.                                                     Price:  $35.00                (stock#WSP617)


Four Corners Geological Society 1955 GEOLOGY OF PARTS OF THE PARADOX, BLACK MESA AND SAN JUAN BASINS 4to, pebbled cloth, ownership stamp else light wear, vg, 217 pp., scores of figs, pocket maps.  

                                                                                                                               Price: $30.00                                 (stock#CO18)


Gable D. J. 1980 THE BOULDER CREEK BATHOLITH FRONT RANGE COLORADO USGS Prof. Paper #1101 wps light wear vg 88 pp., 2 plts (maps in pocket), 37 figs.                                                   Price: $20.00                                (stock#PP1101co)


Gale H. S. 1910 COAL FIELDS OF NORTHWESTERN COLORADO AND NORTHEASTERN UTAH USGS Bull. #415 wraps with stamps else some exterior wear, contents vg with 265 pp., 22 plts, 8 figs. including the large folding map at rear.                                                                                                             Price: $25.00                                      (stock#USGSB415)


GSA-AAPG 1960 GUIDE TO THE GEOLOGY OF COLORADO Guidebook for joint meeting, Denver, 1961, 4to, cloth, light wear, signature on title page else contents vg, 410 pp. with scores of figures on various aspects of Colorado Geology.                                                                                                                             Price: $40.00                     (stock#CO38)


Hansen G. H. and Bell M. M. 1949 THE OIL AND GAS POSSIBILITIES OF UTAH UT Geol. Surv. 8vo light bump to corner of text else light wear, ex-lib, 341 pp., 31 figs, and 9 folding maps in the accompanying slip case. Scarce to find with the map case.                                                                                                                         Price: $40.00                       (stock#UT22)


Hillebrand W. F. and Allen E. T. 1905 COMPARISON OF WET AND CRUCIBLE-FIRE METHODS FOR THE ASSAY OF GOLD IN TELLURIDE ORES USGS Bull. #253 wps, ex-lib, vg, 31 pp.      Price: $20.00                  (stock#USGSB253)


Hunt C. B. 1956 CENOZOIC GEOLOGY OF THE COLORADO PLATEAU USGS Prof. Paper #279 wps with small stamp, pencil line else light wear, vg, 99 pp., figs.                                                          Price: $20.00                             (stock#PP279)


Hunter J. F. 1923 PRE-CAMBRIAN ROCKS OF GUNNISON RIVER COLORADO USGS Bull. #777 wraps, vg copy, 94 pp., 15 plts, 5 figs.                                                                                                             Price: $25.00                           (stock#USGSB777)


Intermountain Assoc. Petroleum Geologists 1958 GUIDEBOOK TO THE GEOLOGY OF THE PARADOX BASIN 4to, cloth, light wear, vg, 308 pp., scores of figs, pocket maps at rear.                                Price: $30.00                           (stock#UT05)


Koschman A. H. 1949 STRUCTURAL CONTROL OF THE GOLD DEPOSITS OF THE CRIPPLE CREEK DISTRICT TELLER COUNTY COLORADO USGS Bull. #955-B wps, ex-lib, a worn copy but contents vg with 41 pp. and 2 plates which are the folding geologic maps in the rear pocket. Scarce.                                                Price: $30.00                  (stock#USGSB955B)


Larsen E. S. Jr. 1942 ALKALIC ROCKS OF IRON HILL, GUNNISON COUNTY, COLORADO USGS Prof. Paper #197-A wps light wear, ex-lib, vg, 64 pp. 3 plts, 9 figs.                                                         Price: $20.00                                 (stock#PP197A)


Pearson R. C. et al. 1980 MINERAL RESOURCES OF THE INDIAN PEAKS STUDY AREA COLORADO USGS Bull. #1463 wps light wear vg, 109 pp., 2 plts (pocket maps), 12 figs. Located in north-central Colorado in Boulder and Grand Counties, with account of all known historic and potential gold silver and other economic mines and mineral deposits.                                                                                                      Price: $20.00                        (stock#USGSB1463r)


Powell W. J. 1958 GROUND WATER OF THE SAN LUIS VALLEY COLORADO wraps, light wear, very good copy with 284 pp., 16 pls. & 23 figs. Pocket maps include location of wells and springs and a number of hydrogeologic maps.
                                                                                                                       Price: $20.00                                  (stock#WSP1379)


Ransome F. L. 1902 THE ORE DEPOSITS OF THE RICO MOUNTAINS COLORADO from 22nd USGS ANNUAL REPORT 4to, spine with archival tape else very good, light wear and complete with large fold out pocket map. With 171 pp., 16 plates including colored fold out bedrock map and 32 figures. One of harder to find of the southern Colorado gold mining district reports. Scarce.                                                                                 Price: $40.00                          (stock#CO32)


Richmond G. M. 1962 QUATERNARY STRATIGRAPHY OF THE LA SAL MOUNTAINS UTAH USGS Prof. Paper #324 wps with crease else light wear, vg, 135 pp., 6 plts, 62 figs.                              Price: $20.00                                 (stock#PP324)


Scott G. R. and Cobban W. A. 1964 STRATIGRAPHY OF THE NIOBRARA FORMATION AT PUEBLO COLORADO USGS Prof. Paper #454-L wps some wear, contents good, 30 pp., 11 plts of fossils, mostly ammonites, 8 figs.
                                                                                                                                  Price: $20.00                            (stock#PP454L)


Sims P. K. and Gable D. J. 1964  GEOLOGY OF PRECAMBRIAN ROCKS CENTRAL CITY DISTRICT COLORADO USGS Prof. Paper #474-C wps, ex-lib else light wear, contents vg, 52 pp., 3 plts 7 figs.       Price: $25.00            (stock#PP474C)



                                                                                                                                    Price: $25.00                 (stock#PP554E)


Singewald Q. D. 1942 STRATIGRAPHY STRUCTURE AND MINERALIZATION IN TRHE BEAVER-TARRYALL AREA PARK COUNTY COLORADO USGS Bull. #928-A wps light+ wear, vg, 44 pp., 5 plts (including the 3 folding pocket maps), 2 figs.                                                                                                     Price: $20.00                  (stock#USGSB928Ar)


Singewald Q. D. 1950 GOLD PLACERS AND THEIR GEOLOGIC ENVIRONMENT IN NORTHWESTERN PARK COUNTY, COLORADO wps ex-lib, vg, 69 pp., 2 plts, figs.                                              Price: $30.00                          (stock#USGSB955D)


Singewald Q. D. 1955 SUGAR LOAF AND ST. KEVIN MINING DISTRICTS, LAKE COUNTY, COLORADO USGS Bull. #1027-E wraps with some wear, contents vg with 50 pp., plts, figs.           Price: $20.00                 (stock#USGSB1027Er)


Singewald Q. D. and Butler B. S. 1941 ORE DEPOSITS IN THE VICINITY OF THE LONDON FAULT OF COLORADO USGS Bull. #911 wraps with some wear, short tears, contents with light+ wear, overall vg, 74 pp., 21 plts including the 5 folding pocket maps, 11 figs. Scarce.                                                           Price: $25.00                    (stock#USGSB911r)


Staatz M. H. and Trites A. F. 1955 GEOLOGY OF THE QUARTZ CREEK PEGMATITE DISTRICT GUNNISON COUNTY COLORADO USGS Prof. Paper #265 wps loose, some external wear contents vg, 111 pp., 8 plts (including folding pocket maps), 36 figs. Scarce.                                                                                                 Price: $25.00                             (stock#PP265)


Tower G. W. & Smith G. O. 1899 GEOLOGY AND MINING INDUSTRY OF THE TINTIC DISTRICT UTAH from 19th Annual Report Of The United States Geological 4to no wraps, tape on spine else very good, clean and complete with large fold out pocket map. With 167 pp., 26 plates, 12 figs including the large fold out colored geologic map.                                                                                                                        Price: $35.00                         (stock#UT36)


Tower G. W. and Smith G. O. 1900 TINTIC SPECIAL UTAH USGS Atlas Folio #65 bottom of wp margin andtext pp. chipped/rubbed, maps are unaffected and clean, fine.With 8 pp. Descriptive Text; Topographic Map; Historical[bedrock] Geologic Map; Economic Geology Map; Structural  Geology Map.                   Price: $50.00                            (stock#AF065)


U. S. Geological Survey 1964 MINERAL AND WATER RESOURCES OF UTAH wraps with light wear, contents, vg, 275 pp., 56 figs.                                                                                                                   Price: $30.00                            (stock#UT13)


Winchester D. E. 1923 OIL SHALE OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION USGS Bulletin #729 wraps and some plates with small private ownership stamp, some exterior wear, contents good to very good with 204 pp., 18 plts, 4 figs. The classic report on the Green River Formation by Dean Winchester. Scarce.                    Price: $25.00                  (stock#USGSB729)


Woolley R. R. and Grover N. C. 1924 WATER POWERS OF THE GREAT SALT LAKE BASIN wps with small stamp, short tears, contents vg, 270 pp., 13 plts, figs.                                                     Price: $30.00                                  (stock#WSP517)


Woolley R. R. 1930 THE GREEN RIVER AND ITS UTILIZATION USGS Water Supply Paper #618 wps with light wear, small stamp, rear wrap loose but present with folding pocket maps else very good with 456 pp., 35 plts, 29   figs.
                                                                                                                              Price: $35.00                                 (stock#WSP618)



Epenshade G. H. 1963 GEOLOGY OF SOME COPPER DEPOSITS IN NORTH CAROLINA, VIRGINIA AND ALABAMA USGS Bull. #1142-I wps, light wear vg, 50 pp., 7 plts (folding maps in rear pocket), 2 figs.  

                                                                                                                         Price: $20.00                            (stock#USGSB1142I)


Epenshade G. H. and Potter D. B. 1960 KYANITE SILLIMANITE AND ANDALUSITE DEPOSITS OF THE SOUTHEASTERN STATES USGS Prof. Paper #336 wps, light+ wear, contents clean and vg, 121 pp., 11 plts, 58 figs. With much on the Virginia and North Carolina Piedmont region including the Kings Mountain district.       

                                                                                                                  Price: $30.00                                        (stock#PP336)


Fries C. Jr. 1942 TOPAZ DEPOSITS NEAR THE BREWER MINE, CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA USGS Bulletin #936-C wps, ex-lib, vg, 20 pp., figs.                                          Price: $15.00                              (stock#USGSB936C)


Graton L. C. and Lindgren W. 1906 RECONNAISSANCE OF SOME GOLD AND TIN DEPOSITS OF THE SOUTHERN APPALACHIANS WITH NOTES ON THE DAHLONEGA MINES wraps with some wear, marginal chips, archival tape along spine, contents vg with 134 pp., 9 plts, 16 figs. Scarce.                             Price: $30.00                             (stock#USGSB293)


Hall B. M. and Hall M. R. 1908 SECOND REPORT ON THE WATER POWERS OF GEORGIA GA Geol. Surv. Bull. #16 cloth with gilt spine title, covers and spine with some wear, small nicks, scratches, contents vg, clean with 424 pp., 29 plts, map.                                                                                                     Price:  $30.00                    (stock#GAGSB16)


Haseltine R. H. 1924 IRON ORE DEPOSITS OF GEORGIA GA Geol. Surv. Bull. #41 wps,  ex-lib, light wear, 222 pp., 10 plts, 7 figs.                                           Price: $30.00                              (stock#GAGSB41)


Hayes C. W. 1902 ROME FOLIO GEORGIA U. S. Geological Survey Atlas Folio #78 wraps with chips, light marginal stain to contents but overall good with 5 pp. Descriptive Text; Topographic Map; Areal (Bedrock) Geologic Map, Economic Geology Map, Structural Geology Map, 2 Columnar Section Sheets.      Price: $35.00              (stock#AF78)


Hull J. P. D. et al. 1919 REPORT ON THE MANGANESE DEPOSITS OF GEORGIA GA Geol. Surv. Bulletin #35 8vo, gilt titles, some wear contents with light wrinkles to preliminaries but no stains, inner hinge split but boards firm, else contents good with 295 pp., 11 plates, 26 figs, 2 maps. A good to good+ copy.                                                                                                                        Price: $25.00                           (stock#GAGSB35)


Jahns R. H. and Lancaster F. W. 1950 PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF COMMERCIAL SHEET MUSCOVITE IN THE SOUTHERN UNITED STATES 4to, wps, ex-lib else vg copy, 110 pp., 9 plts, 16 figs.  Price: $20.00              (stock#PP225)


Keith A. 1905 GREENVILLE TENNESSEE - NORTH CAROLINA USGS Atlas Folio #118 wraps with chips, small stain, contents very good. With 8 pp. Descriptive Text, Areal Geology Map, Structural Geology Map, Columnar Section Sheet.                                                         Price: $30.00                                    (stock#AF118)


Kesler T. L 1942 THE TIN-SPODUMENE BELT OF THE CAROLINAS, A PRELIMINARY REPORT USGS Bull. #936-J wps light wear vg 25 pp., 5 plts (3 of which are folding pocket maps), 4 figs.                 Price: $20.00                   (USGSB936J)


Kesler T. L. 1950 GEOLOGY AND MINERAL DEPOSITS OF THE CARTERSVILLE DISTRICT GEORGIA  USGS Prof. Paper #224 4to, wps, light wear, vg, 95 pp., 19 plts, 14 figs.                                Price: $25.00                   (stock#PP224r)


Kinkel A. R. Jur. 1967 THE ORE KNOB COPPER DEPOSIT NORTH CAROLINA, AND OTHER MASSIVE SULFIDE DEPOSITS OF THE APPALACHIANS USGS Prof. Paper #558 bound in buckrum with gilt spine title, vg copy, 58 pp., 3 plts, 24 figs.                                                                                                              Price: $20.00                       (stock#PP558)


McCallie S. W. 1908 A PRELIMINARY REPORT ON THE UNDERGROUND WATERS OF GEORGIA GA Geol. Surv. Bulletin #15 cloth with gilt spine title, some external wear, mores to spine cloth, hinges partly cracked but boards holding firm, contents vg, clean with 370 pp., 29 plts, map.                 Price:  $30.00                     (stock#GAGSB15)


Parker J. M. 1963 GEOLOGIC SETTING OF THE HAMME TUNGSTEN DISTRICT NORTH CAROLINA AND VIRGINIA USGS Bull. #1122-G, wps, ex-lib, vg, 69 pp., 2 plts, 9 figs.                                               Price: $20.00                  (stock#USGSB1122G)


Resser C. E. 1938 CAMBRIAN SYSTEM (RESTRICTED) OF THE SOUTHERN APPALACHIANS GSA Spec. Paper #15 wraps with notation, light wear contents vg except part of the bottom portion of two plates of fossils have been clipped out. With 130 pp., 16 plts (including those damaged). Good reading/research copy.      Price: $25.00              (stock#GSASP15)


Stuckey J. L. 1928 PYROPHYLLITE DEPOSITS OF NORTH CAROLINA NC Geol. Surv. Bull. 37 wps light wear, vg, 62 pp., folding map.                                                                                 Price: $30.00                       (stock#NCGSB37)


Synder F. G. (ed.) 1950 SYMPOSIUM ON MINERAL RESOURCES OF THE SOUTHEASTERN UNITED STATES Unv. Tenn Press 8vo, cloth, light wear, vg to fine, clean copy, 236 pp., numerous plates and figures, folding map in rear pocket.

                                                                                                                                   Price: $35.00                                (stock#TN03)



Christy D. 1848 LETTERS ON GEOLOGY: BEING A SERIES OF COMMUNICATIONS ORIGINALLY ADDRESSED TO DR. JOHN LOCKE, OF CINCINNATI, GIVING AN OUTLINE OF THE GEOLOGY OF THE WEST AND SOUTH WEST, TOGETHER WITH AN ESSAY ON THE ERRATIC ROCKS OF NORTH AMERICA, ADDRESSED TO M. DE VERNEUIL large 8vo in original wraps which unfortunately have suffered from old tape repairs and have a small label. The good news is that the contents are very good, the plates all present and vg, including the large foldout, and most pages are unopened, untrimmed. This is C. D. Walcott’s copy with his personal library stamp. Contains 68 + 11 pages, 5 plates of fossils and the large folding plate which is usually absent. Extremely rare with the large plate. This work is the author’s most important contribution to the geology of the western Appalachians, the Ohio Valley and other parts of the Midwest, providing details on topography, geological formations, stratigraphy, economic minerals, ores and mining, and paleontology. Importantly, Christy was the first to delineate the southern limit of glaciation from Pennsylvania to the Mississippi River.                                                                                      Price: $300.00                             (stock#RAR101P)


Condit D. D. 1923 ECONOMIC GEOLOGY OF THE SUMMERFIELD AND WOODSFIELD QUADRANGLES, OHIO WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF COAL AND OTHER MINERAL RESOURCES, EXCEPT OIL AND GAS USGS Bull. #720 wraps with stamp else light wear, vg, 155 pp., 12 plts, 5 figs. Scarce.                       Price: $20.00                          (stock#USGSB720)


Cox E. T. 1870 SECOND REPORT OF THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIANA 1870 8vo, cloth with wear/rubbing to extremities, overall some wear but contents very good with presentation slip from author on paste down, 303 pp., two large folding maps bound in at rear. The maps have some wear, and closed tears but no loss to paper exept at very edge where it became torn from binding.                                                              Price: $90.00                     (stock#INAR02)


Cox E. T. 1895 SIXTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE INDIANA GEOLOGICAL SURVEY MADE DURING THE YEAR 1874 in pebbled cloth as issued, spine with tear at top and along hinge with gutter affecting spine title, gilt spine title near entirely faded, rear hinge partly cracked but board is firm, contents vg with 287 pp., frontis plate of Indian implements, several other plates in text, and four (4) folding maps in rear pocket. Scarce to find with the pocket maps present.           

                                                                                                                                       Price: $80.00                       (stock#INAR06)


Crook A. R. 1920 GUIDE TO THE MINERAL COLLECTIONS IN THE ILLINOIS STATE MUSEUM 8vo, cloth as issued, light external wear, gilt spine title faded, contents with small notation else light wear, vg, 294 pp., 21 plates, 236 figs. of minerals in the State collections. Scarce.                                                                  Price: $40.00                        (stock#IL23)


Cumings E. R. and Galloway J. J. 1913 THE STRATIGRAPHY AND PALEONTOLOGY OF THE TANNER’S CREEK SECTION OF THE CINCINNATI SERIES OF INDIANA offprint from IN Geol. Surv. 37th Ann Rpt, wraps with period stamp, small tear to paper spine cover else light wear, vg, 88 pp., 20 plates of fossils, additional plates of outcrops, folding map and folding chart. Scarce.                                                               Price: $25.00                              (stock#IN41)


Flint N. K. 1951 GEOLOGY OF PERRY COUNTY OH Geol. Surv. Bull. #48 wps light wear, vg, 234 pp., 15 plts, 8 figs. 

                                                                                                                                      Price: $30.00                       (stock#OHB48)


Fuller M. L. et al. 1912 THE UNDERGROUND WATERS OF SOUTHWESTERN OHIO, WITH A DISCUSSION OF THE CHEMICAL CHARACTER OF THE WATERS USGS Water Supply Paper #259 no wps, cloth tape on spine, contents vg, 228 pp., plts, maps.                                                                                                    Price: $25.00                        (stock#WS259)


Leverett, F. 1896 THE WATER RESOURCES OF ILLINOIS from the 17th USGS Annual Report, 4to, archival tape along spine, clean copy and overall very good, with 156 pp., 6 plates and 9 figures. A scarce Illinois geology and hydrology reference.                                                                                                                         Price: $20.00                    (stock#IL23)


Mickleborough J. and Wetherby A. G. 1878 A CLASSIFIED LIST OF LOWER SILURIAN FOSSILS, CINCINNATI GROUP offprint Cincinnati Soc. Nat. History, wraps with some wear, E. O. Ulrich and the USNM period stamps, contents vg with 26 pp. Scarce.                                                                                                        Price: $30.00                            (stock#OH104P)


Miller S. A. 1881 NEW SPECIES OF FOSSILS AND REMARKS UPON OTHERS FROM THE NIAGARA GROUP OF ILLINOIS offprint Cincinnati Soc. Nat. History, wraps with some wear, period label, blind stamp and Charles Walcott signature or name stamp (I can’t tell which), contents vg with 11 pp., 1 plt.                                  Price: $20.00                      (stock#IL104P)


Miller S. A. and Dyer C. B. 1878 CONTRIBUTIONS TO PALAEONTOLOGY NO. 1 Jour. Cincinnati Soc. Nat. Hist., front wrap present with tears, wear, light crease affects volume else overall vg, 16 pp., 2 plates, mostly on Echinodermata including starfish. Scarce.                                                                                      Price: $20.00                          (stock#IPE109P)


Miller S. A. and Dyer C. B. 1878 CONTRIBUTIONS TO PALAEONTOLOGY NO. 2 Jour. Cincinnati Soc. Nat. Hist., front wrap present with large "L" inked on, rear wrap lacking, last page coming loose else overall vg, 11 pp., 3 plates, mostly on Echinodermata including starfish, with some other groups represented.      Price: $20.00                     (stock#IPE106P)


Miller S. A. and Gurley W. F. E. 1896 NEW SPECIES OF ECHINODERMATA AND A NEW CRUSTACEAN FROM THE PALAEOZOIC ROCKS IL State Museum of Nat. History Bulletin No. 10 wraps with some wear, contents good with 91 pp., 5 plates, and the crustacean described being a eurypterid.                            Price: $30.00                          (stock#ILSMBull10P)


Miller S. A. and Gurley W. F. E. 1896 NEW SPECIES OF PALAEOZOIC INVERTEBRATES FROM ILLINOIS AND OTHER STATES Illinois State Museum of Natural History Bull. #11 wraps with stamps, chips, some edge wear to text but overall contents good; however some of the plates have been clipped out so just a reading copy with partial plates. Contains 49 pp., 5 plates.                                                                                     Price: $15.00                            (stock#IL101P)


Savage T. E. 1913 STRATIGRAPHY AND PALEONTOLOGY OF THE ALEXANDRIAN SERIES IN ILLINOIS AND MISSOURI PART 1 wps with light pencil notations else light wear, vg, 124 pp., 7 plts of fossils.      Price: $20.00         (stock#IL107P)


Shaw E. W. and Trowbridge A. C. 1916 GALENA-ELIZABETH FOLIO ILLINOIS-IOWA USGS Atlas Folio #200 wraps with some wear, short tears, contents good with 13 pp. Descriptive Text, two (2) Topographic Map Sheets, two (2) Areal Geology Map Sheets, One folio sized page of outcrop and  specimen photos. One of the harder to find references and map compilations on the Upper Mississippi Zinc-Lead Mining District.                  Price: $40.00                 (stock#AF200)


Stauffer C. P. et al. 1911 GEOLOGY OF THE COLUMBUS QUADRANGLE OH Geol. Surv. Bull. 14 cloth, light wear, ex-lib else vg, 135 pp., 28 plts, 16 figs, maps in pocket.       Price: $30.00                    (stock#OHGSB14)


Stout W. et al. 1943 GEOLOGY OF WATER IN OHIO OH Geol. Surv. Bull. #44 gilt-titled cloth, inner hinge cracked but board firm, else light wear, good, 694 pp., maps.           Price: $25.00            (stock#OHGSB44)


Ulrich E. O. 1880 CATALOGUE OF FOSSILS OCCURRING IN THE CINCINNATI GROUP OF OHIO, INDIANA & KENTUCKY small booklet, old tape to spine with faded USNM stamp on front, some external wear, contents vg, 31 pp. Rare.
                                                                                                                          Price: $45.00                                  (stock#OH101P)


Weller S. 1900 THE PALEONTOLOGY OF THE NIAGARAN LIMESTONE IN THE CHICAGO AREA THE CRINOIDEA Chicago Acad. Sciences Bull. 4(1) wraps loose with some wear, small presentation stamp from Weller with that of E. M. Kindle, content with light+ wear, but overall vg with 153 pp., 15 plates, 57 figs..     Price: $30.00                (stock#IPE129P)


Whitfield R. P. 1882 DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW SPECIES OF FOSSILS FROM OHIO WITH REMARKS ON SOME OF THE GEOLOGICAL FORMATIONS IN WHICH THEY OCCUR offprint Annals NY Acad. Sciences wraps with blind stamp, period signature and owner’s stamp, contents vg, 51 pp.                            Price: $20.00                           (stock#OH103P)


Worthen A. H. 1882 ILLINOIS STATE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, Bulletin #1 8vo, wraps with stamp else some external wear, contents vg and contain three reports mostly on fossil crinoids. With 43 pp. Scarce.   

                                                                                                                               Price: $35.00                              (stock#IL103P)