Fontaine W. M.  1889 THE POTOMAC OR YOUNGER MESOZOIC FLORA USGS Monograph #15 two vols, in brown cloth as issued, each with some rubbing to extremities/fraying to spine ends, some exterior wear, ex-lib but contents vg with 377 pp. (text vol). 180 plts of fossil plants (plate vol.)                               Price: $100.00                               (stock#USGSM15)



                                                                                                                             Price: $15.00                                      (stock#PP98S)


Santapau H. (ed.) 1969 J. SEN MEMORIAL VOLUME published by Botanical Soc. of Bengal 8vo, dust jacket with some wear, overall light wear to contents, vg, 498 pp., scattered plates and figs. Contains diverse paleobotany reports, ranging from pollen and spores to macroscopic taxa, groups, and floras. Scarce.     Price: $50.00                (stock#PB71)


Stanley E. A. 1965 UPPER CRETACEOUS AND PALEOCENE PLANT MICROFOSSILS AND PALEOCENE DINOFLAGELLATES AND HYSTRICHOPHAERIDS FROM NORTHWESTERN SOUTH DAKOTA Bull. American Paleontol #222 wps with stamp and signature else light wear vg 384 pp., 31 plts, 3 figs.      Price: $20.00                   (stock#PB88)


Ward L. F. 1885 SKETCH OF PALEOBOTANY from USGS 5th Ann Rpt, 4to partly disbound else very good with 94 pp., 3 plates. Perhaps one of the most useful summaries of the history of Paleobotany and fossil plant studies (up until 1885) with synopsis of the then-current thought on evolution of the plants.               Price: $20.00                        (stock#PB030)


Ward L. F. 1889 THE GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION OF FOSSIL PLANTS from 8th USGS Annual Rpt, 4to, cloth tape on spine, vg. With 297 pp., 1 plt.                                                                           Price: $25.00                              (stock#PB35)



                                                                                                                                 Price: $15.00                           (stock#PP197C)




Bassett D. A. (ed.) THE MURCHISON SYMPOSIUM Palaeontological Assoc. Special Paper #44 4to, wraps with ownership name and light+ wear, contents vg with 397 pp., scores of figs. Focused on the Silurian System.   

                                                                                                                                           Price: $50.00                         (stock#SED66P)


Fossil Invertebrates (Bryozoa, Mollusca, Insecta). This is a bound volume of Proceedings of the United States National Museum that contains reports on diverse invertebrates by many authors. Amongst the more notable contributions in the volume are: Walcott C. D. CAMBRIAN FAUNAS OF CHINA USNM Proc. #1458, 33 pp.; Shimer H. W. and Powers S. A NEW SPONGE FROM THE NEW JERSEY CRETACEOUS USNM Proc. #2019, 2 pp., 1 plt; Stanton T. W. A NEW CRETACEOUS RUDISTID FROM THE SAN FELIPE FORMATION OF NEW MEXICO USNM Proc. #2379, 2 pp., 2 plts; Woodring W. P. TERTIARY MOLLUSKS OF THE GENUS ORTHAULAX FROM THE REPUBLIC OF HAITI, PORTO RICO AND CUBA USNM Proc. #2491, 12 pp., 2 plts; Henderson J. NEW SPECIES OF CRETACEOUS INVERTEBRATES FROM NORTHERN COLORADO USNM Proc. #1611, 6 pp., 1 plt; Arnold R. DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW CRETACEOUS AND TERTIARY FOSSILS FROM THE SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS, CALIFORNIA USNM Proc. #1617, 45pp., 6plts; Arnold A. NEW AND CHARACTERISTIC SPECIES OF FOSSIL MOLLUSKS FROM THE OIL-BEARING TERTIARY FORMATIONS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA USNM Proc. #1545, 22 pp., 14 plts; Dall W. H. A CONTRIBUTION TO THE INVERTEBRATE FAUNA OF THE OLIGOCENE BEDS OF FLINT RIVER GEORGIA USNM Proc. #2162, 38 pp., 6 plts; Mansfield W. C. MOLLUSKS FROM THE TYPE LOCALITY OF THE CHOCTAWHATCHEE MARL USNM Proc. #2169, 9 pp., 1 plt; Dall W. H. ON A BRACKISH WATER PLIOCENE FAUNA OF THE SOUTHERN COASTAL PLAIN USNM Proc. #2023, 13 pp., 3 plts; Bassler R. S. A STUDY OF THE JAMES TYPES OF ORDOVICIAN AND SILURIAN BRYOZOA USNM Proc. #1442, 66 pp., 7 plts; Bassler R. S. THE STRUCTURAL FEATURES OF THE BRYOZOAN GENUS HOMOTRYPA WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF SPECIES FROM THE CINCINNATIAN GROUP USNM Proc. #1323, 27 pp., 6 plts. Also, a number of reports on fossils insects are present, including several classic papers by Cockerell including EOCENE INSECTS FROM THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS, USNM Proc. #2313, 37 pp., 5 plts, 11 figs; SOME AMERICAN FOSSIL INSECTS USNM Proc. #2146, 17 pp., 1 plt, 9 figs; SOME FOSSIL INSECTS FROM FLORISSANT COLORADO USNM Proc. #1956, 5 pp., 1 plt, 3 figs; TWO FOSSIL INSECTS FROM FLORISSANT COLORADO WITH A DISCUSSION OF THE VENATION OF THE AESHNINE DRAGON-FLIES USNM Proc. #2000, 7 pp., 3 figs; BRITISH FOSSIL INSECTS USNM Proc. #2119, 31 pp., 6 plts, Wickham H. F. FOSSIL COLEOPTERA FROM FLORISSANT IN THE UNITED STATES NATIONAL MUSEUM USNM Proc. #1982 21 pp., 5 plts, and more.                                                                                                    Price: $75.00                          (stock#IP12)


Kobayashi T. 1934, THE CAMBRO-ORDOVICIAN FORMATIONS AND FAUNAS OF SOUTH CHOSEN Jour. Faculty Science Imperial Unv. Tokoyo, vol. III, Parts 8 and 9 (two volumes), both 4to, wraps with light crease, light edge wear or gentle bump else light wear, vg copies. Part 8 with 202 pp., 44 plates heavy on trilobites and nautiloids; Part 9 with 66 pp., 8 plates. Scarce.                                                                                               Price: $75.00                       (stock#SEA101P)



Bassler R. S. 1950 FAUNAL LISTS AND DESCRIPTIONS OF PALEOZOIC CORALS GSA Memoir #44 8vo, gilt cloth, light exterior wear, contents vg and clean with 315 pp. 20 plates of fossils.       Price:  $30.00           (stock#GSAM44)


Boucek B. 1928 REVISE CESKYCH PALEOZOICKYCH KONULARII Palaeontographica Bohemiae vol. 11 folio sized, some external wear, short tears to wraps and some page margins but contents overall vg with 102 pp., 7 plates, figs. One of the harder to find monographs on European conularids. Scarce.         Price: $30.00                      (stock#IPM101P)


Condra G. E. and Elias M. K. 1944 STUDY AND REVISION OF ARCHIMEDES (HALL) Geological Society of America Special Paper #53 8vo, wraps, light wear, vg copy, 243 pp. 41 plts and 6 figs.       Price: $30.00             (stock#GSASP53)


Durham J. W. 1947 CORALS FROM THE GULF OF CALIFORNIA AND NORTH PACIFIC COAST OF NORTH AMERICA Geol. Soc. America Memoir # 20 cloth light wear, ex-lib with markings and labels else contents vg, 68 pp., 14 plts, 2 figs.                                                                                                                  Price: $25.00                              (stock#GSAM20)


Hall J. 1865 GRAPTOLITES OF THE QUEBEC GROUP, FIGURES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF CANADIAN ORGANIC REMAINS, DECADE II 8vo wraps with wear, short tears, exterior wear, original string binding holding but a bit loose, lighty corner bump else contents vg, 151 pp., 23 plates of fossils, figs. George W. Sinclair’s copy. Scarce.   

                                                                                                                           Price: $60.00                           (stock#IPA126P)


Merriam C. W. 1972 SILURIAN RUGOSE CORALS OF THE KLAMATH MOUNTAIN REGION CALIFORNIA USGS Prof. Paper #738 wraps with stamp, signature else light wear, vg, 50 pp., 8 plates, figs.     Price: $15.00     (stock#PP738IPA)


Moore R. C. (ed.) 1953 TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY, PART G: BRYOZOA in cloth as issued, some external wear, contents vg, 253 pp., scores of figs, and still the standard reference for fossil bryozoans. 

                                                                                                                   Price: $30.00                             (stock#IPTreatiseBryz)


Moore R. C. (ed.) 1955 TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY, PART E: ARCHAEOCYATHIA AND PORIFERA in cloth as issued, light external wear, contents vg with 122 pp., scores of figs.            

                                                                                                                  Price: $30.00                     (stock#IPTreatiseArch)


Moore R. C. (ed.) 1956 TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY, PART F: COELENTERATA in cloth as issued, some external wear, contents vg, 498 pp., scores of figures. A classic and still the go-to volume for fossil corals.
                                                                                                   Price: $45.00                                       (stock#IPTreatisecorals)


Ruedemann R. 1904-1908 GRAPTOLITES OF NEW YORK NY State Museum Memoir #7/11 royal 4to, original cloth, Vol. 1 with some external wear, light soiling to boards, inner hinge with repair, mild ex-lib with small stamp, contents vg.; Vol. 2 with some external wear, ownership signatures on blank fly, hinges weak but holding, ex-lib, contents vg. Volume 1 with 351 pp., 17 plates, 105 figs; Volume 2 with 583 pp., 31 plates, 482 figs. One of the early, definitive monographs on fossil graptolites with beautiful plates.                                                            Price: $100.00                     (stock#NYgrapset)


Sutherland P. K. 1958 CARBONIFEROUS STRATIGRAPHY AND RUGOSE CORAL FAUNAS OF BRITISH COLUMBA Geol. Surv. Canada Memoir #295 wps, ex-lib else light wear vg 177 pp., 33 plts, 4 figs.    Price: $25.00        (stock#GSCM295)


Ulrich E. O. 1886 CONTRIBUTIONS TO AMERICAN PALAEONTOLOGY Vol. 1 8vo, wraps with torn corner else vg, 35 pp., 3 plates. Scarce. Ulrich created this publication series as an outlet for his own work, though I am not sure if more then this single vol. was published.                                                                       Price: $25.00                       (stock#IPA113P)


Vaughn T. W. 1900 THE EOCENE AND LOWER OLIGOCENE CORAL FAUNAS OF THE UNITED STATES WITH DESCRIPTION OF A FEW DOUBTFUL CRETACEOUS SPECIES USGS Monograph #39 in brown cloth as issued, spine ends/corners rubbed with small gutter tear to spine at base, bookplate on pastedown else contents clean and vg, 207 pp., 24 plts of fossils.                                                                                            Price: $50.00                       (stock#USGSM39)


Vaughn T. W. 1919 FOSSIL CORALS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA, CUBA AND PORTO RICO WITH AN ACCOUNT OF THE AMERICAN TERTIARY, PLEISTOCENE AND RECENT CORAL REEFS USNM Bull. #103 wraps with small stamps, some external wear, contents vg, most pages uncut, 335 pp., 84 plates. A classic treatise.   Price: $30.00        (stock#IPA112P)


Withers T. H. 1926 CATALOGUE OF THE MACHAERIDIA (TURRILIEPAS AND ITS ALLIES) IN THE DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY [British Museum of Natural History) in brown pebbled cloth as issued, light wear, vg, 99 pp., 6 plates. 

                                                                                                                             Price: $30.00                                      (stock#IPA177P)



Barrande J. 1879 BRACHIOPODES ETUDES LOCALES, EXTRAITS DU SYSTEME-SILURIEN DU CENTRE DE LA BOHEME (Volume 5) front wrap lacking, rear wrap taped with short tears, tear to upper, outer corner of title page affecting print, contents overall good. A few pages and plates have a tide mark and/or dust soiling, volume partly disbound. With 355 pp., 7 plates. Not the best, nor the worst copy. Very scarce.                               Price: $50.00                      (stock#IPB124P)


Cloud P. E. Jr. 1942 TEREBRATULOID BRACHIOPODA OF THE SILURIAN AND DEVONIAN GSA Special Paper #38 wps, some external wear, ex-lib, contents vg, 182 pp., 26 plts, 17 figs.            Price: $25.00                  (stock#GSASP38)


Cooper G. A. 1952 NEW AND UNUSUAL SPECIES OF BRACHIOPODS FROM THE ARBUCKLE GROUP IN OKLAHOMA Smithsonian Misc. Coll. #4093, 8vo, wraps with clipped corner at front else light wear, vg, 35 pp., 4 plates.  

                                                                                                                            Price: $15.00                               (stock#IPB114P)


Cowper-Reed F. R. 1917 THE ORDOVICIAN AND SILURIAN BRACHIOPODA OF THE GIRVAN DISTRICT royal 4to in quarter calf boards that have a few spots, some wear, leather spine with raised bands, some wear, crack to gutter but boards firm, contents vg, 199 pp., 24 plates.                                               Price: $50.00                              (stock#IPB109P)


Moore R. C. (ed.) 1965 TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY, PART H: BRACHIOPODA (volumes 1 and 2), both vols in cloth as issued, gilt spine titles a bit faded, light external wear from use/shelving, contents vg, Vol. 1 with 521 pp., 32 pp. preface; Vol. 2 with 404 pp., both vols with scores of figs. Still the standard reference for fossil brachiopod taxonomy.                                                                 Price for set: $70.00                       (stock#IPTreatiseBrachs)


Schuchert C. and Cooper G. A. 1932 BRACHIOPOD GENERA OF THE SUBORDERS ORTHOIDEA AND PENTAMEROIDEA folio, in wraps as issued, light wear, vg copy, contents vg to fine, clean with 270 pp., 29 plates of fossils, 36 figs. A nicer copy.                                                                                  Price: $50.00                         (stock#IPB110)


Thomas G. A. 1971 CARBONIFEROUS AND EARLY PERMIAN BRACHIOPODS FROM WESTERN AND NORTHERN AUSTRALIA in stiff wraps as issued, light wear, ex-lib, vg, 276 pp., 31 plates of fossils.  

                                                                                                                        Price: $25.00                                  (stock#IPB122P)



Haas O. 1949 ACANTHOCERATID AMMONOIDEA FROM NEAR GREYBULL, WYOMING AMNH Bull. 93(1) wraps light wear, contents vg, 40 pp., 15 plates, 17 figs.                                                 Price: $25.00                    (stock#AMNHB93-1)


Kobayashi T. 1931 STUDIES ON THE ORDOVICIAN STRATIGRAPHY AND PALEONTOLOGY OF NORTH KOREA WITH NOTES ON THE ORDOVICIAN FOSSILS OF SHANTUNG AND LIAUTUNG Bull Geol. Surv. of Chosen (Korea) wraps with stamp else light wear, vg, 60 pp., 9 plates. With much on nautiloids.        Price: $20.00                (stock#SEA106P)


Miller A. K. 1932 THE CEPHALOPODS OF THE BIGHORN FORMATION OF THE WIND RIVER MOUNTAINS OF WYOMING CT Acad. Arts Sciences Vol. 31 wraps and lower corner of pages with some wear else contents vg, 105 pp., 31 plates, pages largely unopened.                                                Price: $30.00                                  (stock#IPM138P)


Miller A. K. and Furnish W. M. 1940 PERMIAN AMMONOIDS OF THE GUADALUPE MOUNTAIN REGION AND ADJACENT AREAS GSA Special Paper #26  8vo, wraps with some signature and private ownership notations else light wear, contents vg with 242 pp., 44 plates                                     Price: $35.00                             (stock#GSASP26)


Taylor D. W. 1975 INDEX AND BIBLIOGRAPHY OF LATE CENOZOIC FRESHWATER MOLLUSCA OF WESTERN NORTH AMERICA Unv. Michigan, Claude Hibbard Memorial Vol. #1 large 8vo, wraps, light wear, vg, 384 pp.  

                                                                                                                                          Price: $25.00                 (stock#IPM23)


Troedsson G. T. 1926 THE MIDDLE AND UPPER ORDOVICIAN FAUNAS OF NORTHERN GREENLAND PART 1 – CEPHALOPODS two volumes complete, wraps with some edge wear else contents vg, 216 pp., 56 plates; Vol 2 with 64 plates including fold out at rear. Scarce.                                      Price: $60.00                  (stock#IPM110P2vols)


Troedsson G. T. 1931 STUDIES ON BALTIC CEPHALOPODS 1. ON THE NAUTILOID GENUS ORTHOCERAS Lund Unv. 8vo, wraps loose, some external wear, signed by author, contents vg, 36 pp., 4 plts.     

                                                                                                                                   Price: $20.00                        (stock#IPM100P)


Yochelson E. L. 1958  PERMIAN GASTROPODA OF THE SOUTHWESTERN UNITED STATES PART 2. PLEUROTO-MARIACEA, PORTLOCKIELLIDAE, PHYMATOPLEURIDAE, AND EOTOMARIIDAE AMNH Bulletin 114(2) wraps light wear, vg, 93 pp., 11 plates, 17 figs.                                                          Price: $20.00                          (stock#AMNHB114-2)



Ami H. M. 1883 NOTES ON TRIARTHUS SPINOSUS BILLINGS offprint from Ottawa Naturalists Club, plain wraps, taped along spine, some darkening to lower part of wraps and pages but overall g-vg with 2 pp., 1 plate. Note front wrap is signed by author, with Charles Walcott’s signature or name stamp, and various Smithsonian stamps. 

                                                                                                                               Price: $20.00                            (stock#IPAR113P)


Beecher C. E. 1902 THE VENTRAL INTEGUMENT OF TRILOBITES offprint from AJS, wraps with period institutional and Beecher’s presentation stamps, light wear, vg, 9 pp., 4 plates.                  Price: $25.00                         (stock#IPAR125P)




Beecher, Charles Emerson, collection of six (6) offprints authored by him, with one related from William Diller Matthew, from various journals, mostly on the trilobite Triarthus and related forms including soft part preservation from the Utica Shale fossil beds. They are: (1) THE ORIGIN AND SIGNIFICANCE OF SPINES: A STUDY IN EVOLUTION, from Amer. Jour. Science, 1898, in printed wraps with Joseph Barrell’s signature, some external wear, contents vg, 20 pp., 31 figs.; (2) ON THE VALIDITY OF THE FAMILY BOHEMILLIDAE BARRANDE offprint from American Geologist, 1896, wraps, light wear, vg, 3 pp., 3 figs; (3) Matthew W. D. 1893 ON ANTENNAE AND OTHER APPENDAGES OF TRIARTHUS BECKII from Trans. NY Acad. Sci, no wps as issued, signature, some wear, 4 pp., 1 plate, with bottom corner torn affecting image; (4) THE MORPHOLOGY OF TRIARTHUS from Geol. Magazine, wraps with signature and stamp of E. C. Case and another signature, some soiling to title wrap, contents vg, 5 pp., 1 plate; (5) FURTHER OBSERVATIONS ON THE VENTRAL STRUCTURE OF TRIARTHUS from American Geologist, wraps with marginal chips, loose, USNM library stamp else contents vg, 8 pp.; (6) ON THE MODE OF OCCURRENCE AND THE STRUCTURE AND DEVELOPMENT OF TRIARTHUS from American Geologist, wraps with marginal chips, contents vg, 6 pp., 1 plate. A rare collection on one of the famous Trilobite occurrences ever discovered.                                                              Price: $75.00                       (stock#IPAR106P)


Cockerell T. D. A. 1915 BRITISH FOSSIL INSECTS Proc. USNM #2119 wraps with signature, some wear, contents vg, 31 pp., 6 plates. Important for taxonomy of several genera, including Triassic-Jurassic Beetle elytra referred to the genus Holcoptera.Scarce.                                                                                              Price: $20.00                           (stock#IPAR007)


Cowper Reed F. R. 1903-1935 THE LOWER PALAEOZOIC TRILOBITES OF THE GIRVAN DISTRICT Parts I-III and Supplements I-III, complete, published by the Palaeontographical Society. 4to, in parts as issued all in original blue paper wraps with title labels affixed to wraps, contents with light wear, very good, clean text and clean plates. The last few plates of Supplement 2 with rear wrap detached but present and vg, and overall, a very good set. With 336 pp., 32 plates. Near impossible to find a complete.                                      Price: $175.00                  (stock#PSReed)


Henningsmoen G. 1957 THE TRILOBITE FAMILY OLENIDAE WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF NORWEGIAN MATERIAL AND REMARKS ON THE OLENID AND TREMADOCIAN SERIES published in Oslo, 8vo, front wrap loose, some wear and remnants of old tape repair, contents are vg with 303 pp., 31 plates of fossil trilobites, numerous figs. Scarce. 

                                                                                                                                  Price: $45.00                         (stock#IPAR112P)


Holm G. 1882 TRILOBITSLAGTET ILLAENUS (DALMAN) offprint Svenska Vet-Akad., 8vo, plain wraps with notation, contents vg with 148 pp., 6 plates. Scarce.                                                         Price: $45.00                       (stock#IPAR114P)


Hughes C. P. 1971 THE ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITE FAUNAS OF THE BUILITH-LLANDRINDOD INLIER, CENTRAL WALES PART II Brit. Mus. Nat. Hist. Bull. #20(4) wraps with light wear, signature else vg, contents with 66 pp., 16 plates of fossil trilobites.                                                                                                           Price: $30.00                   (stock#IPAR105P)


Kielan Z. 1954 LES TRILOBITES MESODEVONIENS DES MONTS DE SAINTE-CROIX Palaeontologia Polonica #6 4to, wraps darkened, with wear, edge chips, contents vg and clean with 50 pp., 7 plates and 35 figs. focused on fossil Trilobites from SW Poland, 100 km NW of Krakow.                                                  Price: $30.00                 (stock#IPAR108P)


Lake P. 1908-1946 A MONOGRAPH OF THE BRITISH CAMBRIAN TRILOBITES Parts I-XIV, complete, published by the Palaeontographical Society. 4to, in parts as issued all in original blue paper wraps, all but one with title labels affixed to wraps, contents with light wear, very good, clean text and clean plates, a very good set. With 350 pp., 57 plates. Rare, and the only complete set currently on the market.                      Price: $600.00                             (stock#PSLake)


Ludvigsen R. 1979 FOSSILS OF ONTARIO PART 1: THE TRILOBITES 8vo, cloth, light wear, fine copy, 96 pp., 58 figs, and a scarce, sought after volume.                                                            Price: $100.00                            (stock#IPAR134P)


Mikulic D. G. 1990 ARTHROPOD PALEOBIOLOGY Paleontological Society, Short Course #3 4to, printed wraps with small signature else light wear, vg, 315 pp., scores of figs.                                         Price: $25.00                         (stock#IPAR155P)


Petrunkevitch A. 1953 PALEOZOIC AND MESOZOIC ARACHNIDA OF EUROPE GSA Memoir #53 cloth, ex-lib with label remnant on board and spine else light wear, vg, 128 pp., 58 plates.             Price: $35.00                   (stock#GSAMem53)


Raymond P. E. 1914 NOTES ON THE ONTOGENY OF ISOTELUS GIGAS DEKAY Bull. MCZ wraps with edge wear, chips, signed “Compliments of the author”, contents vg with 17 pp., 3 plates, 7 figs.    

                                                                                                                           Price: $25.00                       (stock#IPAR133P)


Raymond P. E. 1920 THE APPENDAGES, ANATOMY, AND RELATIONSHIPS OF TRILOBITES CT Academy Arts Sciences, vol. 7, no wraps, some wear, partly disbound, contents are overall good to very good (no soiling, just some wear from use) with 169 pp., 11 plates and frontis portrait of C. E. Beecher. Scarce.     

                                                                                                                                          Price: $75.00               (stock#IPAR110P)


Richter R. 1913 BEITRAGE ZUR KENNTNIS DEVONISCHER TRILOBITEN folio, wraps with old stamps from E. O. Ulrich and the USNM  else light wear, overall vg with 78 pp., 2 plates. Scarce.          Price: $30.00                  (stock#IPAR107P)


Richter R. and Richter E. 1940-41 two (2) volumes on Cambrian fossils, with emphasis on trilobites from Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesell., both 4to, in wraps, some external wear, contents vg, the first is: (1) DAS KAMBRIUM AM TOTEN MEER UND DIE ALTESTE TETHYS with 50 pp., 2 plates; and (2) DIE SAUKIANDA-STUFE VON ANDALUSIEN with 88 pp., 5 plates. Scarce.                                                    Price: $40.00                          (stock#IPAR140P)


Stauble A. 1953 LE CRYPTOLITHIDES DE QUEBEC offprint, Canadian Nat. in wraps light wear, vg, 35 pp., 11 figs.
                                                                                                                                  Price: $20.00                   (stock#IPAR128P)  


Stormer L. 1930 SCANDINAVIAN TRINUCLEIDAE WITH SPECIAL REFERENCES TO NORWEGIAN SPECIES AND VARIETIES 8vo, wraps with tears, wear, signed presentation by author, contents vg, 111 pp., 14 plates on fossil trilobites. Scarce.                                                                                        Price: $40.00                                (stock#IPAR115P)


Stormer L. 1939-1942 STUDIES ON TRILOBITE MORPHOLOGY PART I. THE THORACIC APPENDAGES AND THEIR PHYLOGENETIC SIGNIFICANCE, 131 pp., 12 plates, 35 figs.; and PART II. THE LARVAL DEVELOPMENT, THE SEGMENTATION AND THE SUTURES, AND THEIR BEARING ON TRILOBITE CLASSIFICATION with 116 pp., 2 plates, 19 figs. Both 8vo, in wraps, light wear, inscribed by author to Rudolph Ruedemann of New York State Museum fame. A third and last part of this work was published in 1951, but is not present here.     Price: $50.00             (stock#IPAR122P)


Stormer L. 1945 REMARKS ON THE TRETASPIS (TRINUCLEUS) SHALES OF HADLAND offprint, inscribed to G. M. Ehlers, pencil notation on wrap, contents vg, 47 pp., 4 plates, 2 figs.      Price: $20.00                         (stock#IPAR121P)


Whittard W. F. 1955-1960 ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITES OF THE SHELVE INLIER, PARTS I-VI (only, parts 7-9 not present), all in blue wraps as issued, light wear, vg, contanining pp. 1-162, plates I-XXI.      Price: $150.00             (stock#PSWhitt)


Whittington H. B. 1950 A MONOGRAPH OF THE BRITISH TRILOBITES OF THE FAMILY HARPIDAE Palaeonto-graphical Society 4to, blue wraps with title label, light wear, contents vg with 55 pp., 7 plates. Note this is a stand alone publication with no other parts issued.                                                     Price: $45.00                    (stock#PSHarp)


Whittington H. B. 1956 SILICIFIED MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITES – THE ODONTOPLEURIDAE MCZ Bull. 114(5) wraps, light wear, vg, 136 pp., 24 plates of trilobite fossils. Scarce.                 Price: $40.00                    (stock#IPAR102P)


Whittington H. B. 1963 MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITES FROM LOWER HEAD WESTERN NEWFOUNDLAND MCZ Bull. 129(1) wraps light wear, vg, 118 pp., 35 plates of trilobite fossils. Scarce.       Price: $50.00            (stock#IPAR101P)


Richter R. and Richter E. 1954 DIE TRILOBITEN DES EBBE-SATTELS UND ZU VERGLEICHENDE ARTEN (ORDOVIZIUM, GOTLANDIUM/DEVON) 4to, wraps, overall some wear with corner bump/crease to upper outer corner, contents good with 74 pp., 6 plates. Scarce.                                           Price: $20.00                 (stock#IPAR89P)


Woodward H. and Salter J. W. 1865 A DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE TO ACCOMPANY THE CHART OF FOSSIL CRUSTACEA published by Lowry and Tennant, London. The text volume is overall very good, front wrap with small, mm-scale wear/chips and the ownership stamp of Henri H. Ami, noted geologist of the Geological Survey of Canada at the turn of the last century. Rear wrap with upper outer corner having a 1 inch tear, with a chip to wrap farther along the wrap margin. Text is vg, but p. 21-28 show small corner tear, crease to pages. The charts are in original wraps as issued by the publisher, but with wraps loose, old archival tape repair along spine, and remnants of A. F. Foote’s period bookseller label on wrap, wrap margins with wear, short tears and minor chips. All four of the large folding plates are present with some wear, light soiling and/or edge wear, but overall are good to vg, but coming disbound from the original paper wraps binding. This set should be professionally-restored by a qualified conservator. Extremely rare, no other copies found currently available or in past seller catalogues and auction records.                    Price: $600.00                    (stock#SW1865)


Four (4) reports on the Trilobite Genus Trinucleus, all in wraps, wraps loose on several, soiled on others, but contents of all good to vg. They are: (1) Begg J. L. 1929 TRINUCLEUS IN THE GIRVAN AREA, Geol. Soc. Glasgow, 3 pp., 1 fig; (2) Cowper-Reed 1912 NOTES ON THE GENUS TRINUCLEUS offprint Geol. Magazine, 17 pp., 2 plates (Parts I and II of the 4 part serial report); (3) Cowper-Reed 1914 NOTES ON THE GENUS TRINUCLEUS PART III wraps with tear, soiling, contents good, 11 pp., 2 plates; (4) THE GENUS TRINUCLEUS PART IV wraps loose, soiled, contents good, 13 pp. A scarce complete set of Cowper-Reeds study of this cryptolithid trilobite genus.    Price: $25.00         (stock#IPAR127P)


Tripp R. P. 1967 TRILOBITES FROM THE UPPER STINCHAR LIMESTONE (ORDOVICIAN) OF THE GIRVAN DISTRICT, AYRSHIRE Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh offprint, 4to, light wear, signed by author, 50 pp., 6 plates.   

                                                                                                                                            Price: $25.00             (stock#IPAR135P)


Tripp R. P. 1962 TRILOBITES FROM THE CONFINIS FLAGS (ORDOVICIAN) OF THE GIRVAN DISTRICT, AYRSHIRE Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh offprint, 4to, light wear, signed by author, 40 pp., 4 plates.     Price: $25.00            (stock#IPAR134P)


Kobayashi T. 1933 FAUNAL STUDY OF THE WANWANIAN (BASAL ORDOVICIAN) SERIES WITH SPECIAL NOTES ON THE RIBEIRIDAE AND THE ELLESMEREOCEROIDS Jour. Imperial Unv. Tokyo wraps, light corner bump else light wear, contents vg, 80 pp., 10 plates of fossils.                                                                 Price: $25.00                         (stock#SEA52P)