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Paton R. L. 1976 A CATALOGUE OF FOSSIL VERTEBRATES IN THE ROYAL SCOTTISH MUSEUM, EDINBURGH PART FIVE/ ACANTHODII royal 4to, wps with signature, light wear contents vg, 40 pp.           

                                                                                                          Price: $15.00                                 (stock#VPF111)


Schaeffer B. 1947 CRETACEOUS AND TERTIARY ACTINOPTERYGIAN FISHES FROM BRAZIL AMNH Bull. 89(1) wraps light wear, contents vg, 40 pp., 7 plates, 6 figs.                              Price: $20.00                           (stock#AMNHB89-1)

                                      FOSSIL FISHES    (Alphabetical by author)
Baird D. 1957 A PHYSONEMUS SPINE FROM THE PENNSYLVANIAN OF WEST VIRGINIA title wps, presentation from author, some wear, good, 8 pp., 2 figs.                                                            Price: $10.00                   (stock#VPF01)

Baird D. 1962 A HAPLOLEPID FISH FAUNA IN THE EARLY PENNSYLVANIAN OF NOVA SCOTIA offprint Palaeontology 5(1) wraps light+ wear, vg, 7 pp., 3 figs. Scarce.                        Price: $10.00                  (stock#VPF02)

Bannikov A. and Tyler J. C. 1995 PHYLOGENETIC REVISION OF THE FISH FAMILIES LUVARIDAE AND KUSHLUKIIDAE (ACANTHUROIDEI) WITH A NEW GENUS AND TWO NEW SPECIES OF EOCENE LUVARIDS Smith. Cont. Paleobiol. #81 4to, wps, ex-lib, vg, 45 pp., 20 figs.                                                                    Price: $15.00                  (stock#VPF04)

Bardack D. 1965 THE ANATOMY AND EVOLUTION OF CHIROCENTRID FISHES Unv. Kansas Paleont. Cont. Vertebrata Art. #10 4to, fine copy, 88 pp., 2 plts, 27 figs.                                   Price: $20.00                (stock#VPF92)

Baum K. A. and Lund R. 1974 VERTEBRAL CENTRA IN HAPLOLEPIS (HAPLOLEPIDAE, PALAEONISCIFORMES) FROM THE ALLEGHENY GROUP, PENNSYLVANIAN) offprint, stamp, vg, 2 pp., 1 fig.     Price: $7.00                  (stock#VPF05)

Berman D. S. 1967 ORIENTATION OF BRADYODONT DENTITION offprint, wps, vg, 4 pp., 2 figs.

                                                                                                                                  Price: $6.00                 (stock#VPF06)

Bilelo M. A. M. 1969 THE FOSSIL SHARK GENUS SQUALICORAX IN NORTH-CENTRAL TEXAS offprint, name stamp else vg, 9 pp., 3 figs.                                                                                                  Price: $8.00                (stock#VPF09)

Branson C. C. 1933 FISH FAUNA OF THE MIDDLE PHOSPHORIA FORMATION offprint, 10 pp., 1 plt. vg.                                                                                                                                                           Price: $10.00               (stock#VPF10)

Branson C. C. 1934 PERMIAN SHARKS OF WYOMING AND OF EAST GREENLAND offprint, some wear, name stamp, 3 pp.                                                                                                                              Price: $7.00                (stock#VPF11)

Breeder C. M. Jr. 1926 THE LOCOMOTION OF FISHES Zoologica 4(5) wraps with signature, edge chips, some external wear, contents good, 134 pp., 44 figs. Scarce.                                              Price: $15.00                 (stock#VPF06)


Cater A. L. 1945 A CHECKLIST OF EARLY AND UPPER MIDDLE DEVONIAN FISH OF WESTERN NEW YORK pp. 1-9, in Paleontological Contributions, BUffalo Soc. Nat. Sci 19(2), whole issue, light wear, ex-lib, contents vg with other reports on Devonian invertebrates.                                                                               Price: $15.00             (stock#VPF96)


Cavender T. and Miller R. R. 1982 SALMO AUSTRALIS, A NEW SPECIES OF FOSSIL SALMONID FROM SOUTH-WESTERN MEXICO Unv. Mi, Cont. Paleo 26(1), light wear, vg, 17 pp., 11 figs.          Price: $10.00          (stock#VPF15)
Darton N. H. 1906 FISH REMAINS IN ORDOVICIAN ROCKS IN BIGHORN MOUNTAINS WYOMING WITH A RESUME OF ORDOVICIAN GEOLOGY OF THE NORTHWEST offprint GSA Bull. iin wraps, signed by author, with later signatures, wraps loose or coming so else contents vg, 17 pp., 7 plts.                                        Price: $20.00        (stock#VPF106)

Dunkle D. H. and Olsen S. J. 1959 DESCRIPTION OF A BERYCIFORM FISH FROM THE OLIGOCENE OF FLORIDA FL. State. Mus. Spec. Pub. #2 8vo, wps, light wear, 20 pp., 4 figs.                                 Price: $10.00             (stock#VPF19)
Dunkle D. H. and Schaeffer B. 1973 TEGEOLEPIS CLARKI (NEWBERRY) A PALAEONISCIFORM FROM THE UPPER DEVONIAN OHIO SHALE from Palaeontographica 143(A) royal 4to, wps, some external wear, contents vg, 8 pp., 4 figs.                                                                                                                         Price: $10.00              (stock#VPF20)
Eastman C. R. 1897 CTENACANTHUS SPINES FROM THE KEOKUK LIMESTONE OF IOWA Amer. Jour. Science Vol. 4 (#19) whole issue, 8vo, rear wp loose else good, contents clean, Eastman’s report includes 4 pp., 2 figs.
                                                                                                                                Price: $15.00           (stock#VPF21)
Fitch J. E. 1969 FOSSIL LANTERNFISH OTOLITHS OF CALIFORNIA WITH NOTES ON FOSSIL MYCTOPHIDAE OF NORTH AMERICA Los Angeles Museum Cont. Science #173 wps, Glenn Jepsen’s copy with stamps, small signature of another owner, 20 pp., 3 figs.                                                                                 Price: $10.00              (stock#VPF130)

Gardiner B. 1963 CERTAIN PALAEONISCOID FISHES AND THE EVOLUTION OF THE SNOUT IN ACTINOPTERYGIANS British Museum of Natural History Bulletin 8(6) wraps light wear very good copy with 68 pp., 2 plates, 28 figs.
                                                                                                                         Price: $20.00               (stockVPF105)

THREE PAPERS ON FOSSIL FISHES BY BRIAN G. GARDINER. They are: (1) ON THE OCCURRENCES OF THE PALAEONISCID FISH ELONICHTHYS SERRATUS IN THE VISEAN OF FERMANAGH, WITH A NOTE ON THE ENNISKILLEN AND EGERTON COLLECTIONS Proc. Royal Irish Acad. 1974, stamp to title wrap else light wear, vg, 5 pp., 1 plate, 1 fig.; (2) NAMAICHTHYS SCHRODERI, Gurich, AND OTHER PALEOZOIC FISHES FROM SOUTH AFRICA offprint Palaeontology 5(1) wps, light wear, vg, 12 pp., 1 plate, 4 figs; and (3) ACTINOPTERGYIAN FISH FROM THE DINANTIAN OF FOULDEN, BERWICKSHIRE, SCOTLAND offprint, Trans. Royal Soc. Edinburgh, 1985 in half wraps, light wear, 5 pp., 1 fig.                                                                                                 Price: $20.00             (stockVPF107)
Greenwood P. H. et al. 1966 PHYLETIC STUDIES OF TELEOSTEAN FISHES WITH A PROVISIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF LIVING FORMS AMNH Bulletin 131(4) 8vo, wraps with light stain else ex-lib, light wear, very good, 114 pp., 3 plts, 9 figs, 32 charts.                                                                                                               Price: $25.00          (stock#VPF26)


Gregory W. K. 1923 A JURASSIC FISH FAUNA FROM WESTERN CUBA WITH AN ARRANGEMENT OF THE FAMILIES OF HOLOSTEAN GANOID FISHES AMNH Bull. 48 (8) 8vo, no wps, pages unopened, untrimmed, vg, 20 pp. + figs.  
                                                                                                                                       Price: $15.00           (stock#VPF27)
Gregory W. K. 1924 A FOSSIL GANOID FISH (LEPIDOTES (?) LACOTANUS NEW SPECIES) FROM THE LOWER CRETACEOUS OF THE SOUTH DAKOTA American Museum Novitates #134 8vo, light tide mark to lower outer corner else good, 8 pp., 2 figs and on a rather nice fish from the Lakota Sandstone of the Black Hills region.  

                                                                                                                                        Price: $10.00          (stockVPF108)
Henrichsen I. G. C. 1972 A CATALOGUE OF FOSSIL VERTEBRATES IN THE ROYAL SCOTTISH MUSEUM EDINBURGH PART 5 - ACANTHODII 4to, wraps, light+ wear (corner bumps), vg, 26 pp.                 Price: $15.00           (stockVPF110)
TWO IMPORTANT REPORTS ON JURASSIC FOSSIL SEMIONOTIFORM FISHES BY S. L. JAIN. They are: (1) Jain S. L. 1983 A REVIEW OF  THE GENUS LEPIDOTES (ACTINOPTERYGII: SEMIONOTIFORMES) WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE SPECIES FROM KOTA FORMATION (LOWER JURASSIC, INDIA) offprint, Jour. Paleo. Soc. India 4to, some wear, signed by author, contents clean, overall good copy with 35 pp., 5 plates, 12  figs.; and (2) Jain S. L. 1985 SOME NEW OBSERVATIONS ON LEPIDOTES MAXIMUS (HOLOSTEI: SEMIONOTIFORMES) FROM THE GERMAN UPPER JURASSIC offprint, Jour. Paleo. Soc. India 4to, some wear, contents clean,  overall good copy with 8 pp., 2 plates, 6 figs.                                                                                                                              Price: $20.00            (stock#VPF114)
Jessen H. 1968 MOYTHOMASIA NITIDA Gross UND M. cf. STRIATA Gross, DEVONISCHE PALAEONISCIDEN AUS DEM OBEREN PLATTENKALK DER BERGISCH-GLADBACH-PAFFRATHER MULDE offprint Palaeontographica Vol. 128, Band A. royal 4to size, perforated along spine by 3 binder holes else light wear, vg, 27 pp., 7 plates, 2 figs. 

                                                                                                                                      Price: $15.00       (stock#VPF115)
Jubb R. A. and Gardiner B. G. 1975 A PRELIMINARY CATALOGUE OF IDENTIFIABLE FOSSIL FISH MATERIAL FROM SOUTHERN AFRICA Ann. S. AF. Mus. 8vo, wps with signature and title of volume written out else vg, 42 pp., 38 figs.
                                                                                                                                      Price: $15.00        (stock#VPF30)

Lehtola L. A. 1973 ORDOVICIAN VERTEBRATES FROM ONTARIO Unv. Michigan Cont. Paleont. 24(4) title wps light wear, vg, 8 pp., 2 plts, 1 figs.                                                                                        Price: $10.00     (stock#UMCP24(4)
McAllister D. E. 1968 EVOLUTION OF BRANCHIOSTEGALS AND CLASSIFICATION OF TELEOSTONE FISHES Nat. Mus. Canada Bull. #221 8vo, wps a bit soiled, contents clean and vg, 239 pp., 23 plts, 3 figs.    

                                                                                                                                       Price: $20.00          (stock#VPF33)
Maisey J. F. 1982 THE ANATOMY AND INTERRELATIONSHIPS OF MESOZOIC HYBODONT SHARKS AMNH Novitates #2724 title wps, light hightlighting to some of first page else vg, 48 pp., 17 figs.      Price: $15.00           (stock#VPF35)
Maisey J. G. 1983 CRANIAL ANATOMY OF HYBODUS BASANUS EGERTON FROM THE LOWER CRETACEOUS OF ENGLAND AMNH Novitates #2758 title wps, vg, 64 pp., 26 figs.                              Price: $15.00           (stock#VPF36)
Maisey J. G. 1987 CRANIAL ANATOMY OF THE LOWER JURASSIC SHARK HYBODUS RETICULATUS (CHONDRICHTHYES: ELASMOBRANCHII) WITH COMMENTS ON HYBODONTID SYSTEMATICS AMNH Novitates #2878 title wps, vg, 39 pp., 19 figs.                                                                             Price: $15.00            (stock#VPF37)
Mark E. L. 1890 STUDIES OF LEPIDOSTEUS Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. 19(1) wps a bit soiled, contents fine, 127 pp., 9 tinted plts.                                                                                                                     Price: $25.00          (stock#VPF38)

Martin H. T. 1913 NOTICE OF A NEW FISH FROM THE PERMIAN OF KANSAS WITH DESCRIPTION offprint, wps, name stamp, vg, 2 pp., 1 plt. On the shark Ctenophychius.                                                   Price: $6.00            (stock#VPF39)

Moodie R. L. 1911 THE TEMNOSPONDYLOUS AMPHIBIA AND A NEW SPECIES OF ERYOPS FROM THE PERMIAN OF OKLAHOMA Kansas Unv. Bull. 5(13) no wps, private ownership stamp, short tear to title page else vg, 39 pp., 6 plts. Bound with another paper by Moodie which is A CONTRIBUTION TO THE SOFT ANATOMY OF CRETACEOUS FISHES AND A NEW PRIMITIVE HERRING-LIKE FISH FROM THE TEXAS CRETACEOUS with 11 pp., 7 plts.           

                                                                                                                                      Price: $20.00          (stock#VPA73)
Moy-Thomas J. A. and Miles R. S. 1971 PALEOZOIC FISHES 8vo, publishers cloth, fine clean copy, 259 pp., scores of figs. A standard reference for fossil fishes.                                                                  Price:  $35.00         (stock#VPF40)

Moy-Thomas J. A. and Dyne M. B. 1939 THE ACTINOPTERYGIAN FISHES FROM THE LOWER CARBONIFEROUS OF GLENCARTHOLM, ESKDALE, DUMFRIESHIRE Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinbrugh royal 4to, no wps, small name stamp to Margin, lower, outer corner bumped else good to vg, 44 pp., 2 plts, 40 figs. Scarce.  Price: $30.00     (stock#VPF41)

Nelson G. J. 1969 GILL ARCHES AND THE PHYLOGENY OF FISHES WITH NOTES ON THE CLASSIFICATION OF VERTEBRATES American  Museum of Natural History Bulletin 141(4) light wear, small notation on wrap indicating ownership signature else very  good, 56 pp., 14 plates, 26 figs.                                  Price: $20.00        (stock#VPF117)
Nybelin O. 1966 ON CERTAIN TRIASSIC AND LIASSIC REPRESENTATIVES OF THE FAMILY PHOLIDOPHORIDAE British Musuem of Natural History Bulletin 11(8) wraps light wear, vg to fine copy, 79 pp., 15 plates, 15 figs. Scarce.
Price: $25.00       (stock#VPF121)


Paton R. L. 1976 A CATALOGUE OF FOSSIL VERTEBRATES IN THE ROYAL SCOTTISH MUSEUM, EDINBURGH PART FIVE/ ACANTHODII royal 4to, wps with signature, light wear contents vg, 40 pp.   Price: $15.00            (stock#VPF111)


Poplin C. 1982 DISCOVERY OF INTRACRANIAL OSSICLES IN A CARBONIFEROUS NORTH AMERICAN PALAEONSCID (PISCES: ACTINOPTERGYII) Mus. Nat. Hist., Unv. KS Occasional Papers #99 title wps, signed by author, vg, 17 pp., 4 figs.                                                                                                                             Price: $10.00            (stock#VPF45)
Rayner D. H. 1951 ON THE CRANIAL STRUCTURE OF AN EARLY PALAEONISCID, KENTUCKIA, GEN. NOV. Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh 62(3) royal 4to, some wear, contents clean, 31 pp., 12 figs.  Presentation copy to T. S. Westoll. A scarce and classic work on lower Actinoptergyians.                                                 Price: $20.00           (stock#VPF46)

Romer A. S. 1946 THE EARLY EVOLUTION OF FISHES offprint, name stamps, light+ wear, good, 37 pp., 31 figs.                                                                                                                                              Price: $10.00            (stock#VPF47)

Romer A. S. 1955 FISH ORIGINS – FRESH OR SALT WATER 8vo, offprint, name stamp, good, 20 pp., 3 figs.                                                                                                                                               Price: $8.00             (stock#VPF48)

Romer A. S. and Fryxell F. M. 1928 PARAMIATUS GURLEYI A DEEP-BODIED AMIID FISH FROM THE EOCENE OF WYOMING offprint, wps with chip, contents vg, J. W. Stovall’s copy, 9 pp., 3 figs.      Price: $10.00       (stock#VPF49)

Romer A. S. and Smith H. J. 1934 AMERICAN CARBONIFEROUS DIPNOANS offprint 8vo, title wrap and spine taped, contents vg,  20 pp., 7 figs. Scarce.                                                                               Price: $15.00        (stock#VPF50)

Russell L. S. 1929 THE VALIDITY OF THE GENUS STYLOMYLEODON offprint, name stamp, vg, 3 pp.

                                                                                                                                        Price: $6.00            (stock#VPF51)

Schaeffer B. 1947 CRETACEOUS AND TERTIARY ACTINOPTERYGIAN FISHES FROM BRAZIL AMNH Bull. #89(1) 4to, wps, Krishtalka’s copy With his stamp and signature, vg, 39 pp., 6 plts, 7 figs.            Price: $20.00        (stock#VPF52)

Schaeffer B. 1952 RATES OF EVOLUTION IN THE COELACANTH AND DIPNOAN FISHES offprint, name stamp else vg, 11 pp., 3 figs.                                                                                                               Price: $10.00        (stock#VPF53)

Schaeffer B. 1981 THE XENACANTH SHARK NEUROCRANIUM WITH COMMENTS ON ELASMOBRACH MONOPHYLY AMNH Bull. 169 8vo, wps, fine copy, 66 pp., 25 figs.                                                    Price: $20.00        (stock#VPF55)
Schultze H.-P. 1973 LARGE UPPER DEVONIAN ARTHRODIRES FROM IRAN Fieldiana 23(5) 8vo, ex-lib, light wear, vg, 26 pp., 1 plt, 4 figs.                                                                                                           Price: $10.00        (stock#VPF56)

Schultze H.-P. and Zidek J. 1982 EIN PRIMITIVER ACANTHODIER (PISCES) AUS DEM UNTERDEVON LETTLANDS offprint Palaont. Zeit. 8vo, fine, 11 pp., 5 figs.                                                                  Price: $8.00          (stock#VPF57)
Schwarz W. 1970 SCHWEIZERISCHE PALAONTOLOGISCHE ABHANDLUNGEN MEMOIRES SUISSES DE PALEONTOLOGIE BIRGERIA STENSIOI ALDINGER royal 4to, wps, light+ wear, vg, 93 pp., 75 figs, 2 folding plts., pp. unopened, untrimmed.                                                                                                     Price:  $25.00      (stock#VPF58)
Smith B. 1909 ON SOME DINICHTHYID ARMOR PLATES FROM THE  MARCELLUS SHALE Am. Nat. offprint wps, vg, 9 pp., 2 figs.                                                                                                                         Price: $8.00         (stock#VPF59)

Smith C. L. 1958 ADDITIONAL PLEISTOCENE FISHES FROM KANSAS AND OKLAHOMA offprint, light+ wear, name stamp, good, 5 pp., 3 figs.                                                                                                 Price: $6.00        (stock#VPF60)
Smith G. R. and Kimmel P. G. 1975 FISHES OF THE PLIOCENE GLENNS FERRY FORMATION SOUTHWEST IDAHO and FISHES OF THE MIOCENE-PLIOCENE DEER BUTTE FORMATION, SOUTHEAST OREGON 4to, wps, some external wear, contents clean, vg, 87 pp., 34 figs.                                                                          Price: $15.00      (stock#VPF61)

Smith H. M. 1960 EVOLUTION OF CHORDATE STRUCTURE 8vo, cloth, light wear, vg, 529 pp., many figs. A solid text on the subject, still very useful.                                                                                         Price: $20.00     (stock#VPF90)
Stovall J. W. and McAnulty W. N. 1939 CYPRINODONTIDAE  FROM THE PLIOCENE IN ROGER MILLS COUNTY OKLAHOMA offprint, stamp else vg, 4 pp., 3 figs.                                                             Price: $6.00     (stock#VPF63)

Taylor D. W. and Smith G. R. 1981 PLIOCENE MOLLUSCS AND FISHES FROM NORTHEASTERN CALIFORNIA AND NORTHWESTERN NEVADA Unv. MI Cont. Paleont. 25(18) wps, light wear, vg, 75 pp., 19 plts, 11 figs.  

                                                                                                                                             Price: $10.00    (stock#VPF64)

Thompson K. S. 1972 NEW EVIDENCE ON THE EVOLUTION OF THE PAIRED FINS OF RHIPIDISTIA AND THE ORIGIN OF THE TETRAPOD LIMB WITH DESCRIPTION OF A NEW GENUS OF OSTEOLEIPIDAE Postilla #157 wraps light wear, vg, 7 pp., 5 figs.                                                                                                              Price: $15.00         (stock#VPF132)
Thomson K. S. and Campbell K. S. W. 1971 THE STRUCTURE AND RELATIONSHIPS OF THE PRIMITIVE DEVONIAN LUNGFISH DIPNORHYNCHUS SUSSMILCHI (ETHERIDGE) YPM Bull. #38 8vo, wps, light wear, vg, 106 pp., 95 figs.
                                                                                                                                       Price: $20.00          (stock#VPF91)

Traquair R. H. 1894 LIST OF THE SCIENTIFIC WRITINGS OF RAMSAY HEATLEY TRAQUAIR 1862-1894 8vo, wps, near fine copy, privately printed and very scarce.                                                               Price: $25.00        (stock#VPF066)
Tyler J. C. and Bannikov A. F. 1992 A REMARKABLE NEW GENUS OF TETRAODONTIFORM FISH WITH FEATURES OF BOTH BALISTIDS AND OSTRACIIDS FROM THE EOCENE OF TURKMENISTAN Smith. Cont. Paleobiol. #72 4to, wps, ex-lib, vg, 14 pp., 4 figs.                                                                                                 Price: $10.00           (stock#VPF67)
Tyler J. C. and Gregorova R. 1991 A NEW GENUS AND SPECIES OF BOXFISH (TETRAODONTIFORMES: OSTRACIIDAE) FROM THE OLIGOCENE OF MORAVIA THE SECOND FOSSIL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE FAMILY Smith. Cont. Paleobiol. #71 4to, wps, ex-lib, vg, 20 pp., 8 figs.                              Price: $10.00               (stock#VPF68)
Tyler J. C. and Sorbini L. 1996 NEW SUPERFAMILY AND THREE NEW FAMILIES OF TETRAODONTIFORM FISHES FROM THE UPPER CRETACEOUS: THE EARLIEST AND MOST  MORPHOLOGICALLY PRIMITIVE PLECTOGNATHS Smith. Cont. Paleobiol. #82 4to, wps, ex-lib, vg, 59 pp., 25 figs.                              Price: $10.00          (stock#VPF69)
Tyler J. C. et al. 1993 TWO NEW GENERA AND SPECIES OF OLIGOCENE SPIKEFISHES (TETRAODONTIFORMES: TRIACANTHODIDAE) THE FIRST FOSSILS OF THE HOLLARDIINAE AND TRIACANTHODINAE Smith. Cont. Paleobiol. #75 4to, wps, ex-lib, vg, 27 pp., 20 figs.                                                                   Price: $10.00               (stock#VPF70)
Van Beneden P. J. and De Koninck L. NOTICE SUR LE PALAEDAPHUS INSIGNIS offprint or removed from Bull. Academ. Royale 2nd series some wear, old labels across spine, partly disbound, both plates are present. With 8 pp., 2 folding plates. Scarce.                                                                                            Price: $15.00             (stock#VPF133)
Vaughn P. P. 1967 EVIDENCE OF OSSIFIED VERTEBRAE IN ACTINOPTERYGIAN FISH OF EARLY PERMIAN AGE FROM SOUTHEASTERN UTAH offprint Jour. Paleont. 10 pp., 2 figs.                                  Price: $6.00                 (stock#VPF71)
Westoll T. S. 1944 THE HAPLOLEPIDAE A NEW FAMILY OF LATE CARBONIFEROUS BONY FISHES AMNH Bull. #83(1) wps light wear vg, 121 pp., 10 plts, figs.                                                                     Price: $30.00              (stock#VPF72)


Wheeler H. E. 1939 HELICOPRION IN THE ANTHRACOLITHIC (LATE PALEOZOIC) OF NEVADA AND CALIFORNIA, AND ITS STRATIGRAPHIC SIGNIFICANCE offprint Jour. Paleontology wps with ownership stamp else light wear, vg, 11 pp., 4 figs of the unique fossil coiled whorl of shark teeth.                                       Price: $10.00            (stock#VPF128)

Weinberg S. 2000 A FISH CAUGHT IN TIME THE SEARCH FOR THE COELACANTH 8vo, cloth, dust jacket with light wear, overall vg copy, 220 pp., figs. Highest bidder pays shipping, Paypal preferred. If interested in other geology mineralogy paleontology and related natural history books bulletins maps and serial publications, please browse my other auctions.                                                                                                             Price: $15.00            (stock#VPF138


Whitfield R. P. 1890 OBSERVATIONS ON A FOSSIL FISH FROM THE EOCENE BEDS OF WYOMING from AMNH Bull. #3, pp. 117-120, folding plate, bound with another article on inarticulate brachiopods. In wraps which are chipped with tears, contents vg.                                                                                                        Price: $15.00            (stock#VPF72)

Wilson J. A. 1953 PERMIAN VERTEBRATES FROM TAYLOR COUNTY TEXAS offprint, name stamp, vg, on Lawnia Taylorensis. With 15 pp., 15 figs.                                                                                   Price: $10.00           (stock#VPF74)

Wilson V. H. et al. 1992 CRETACEOUS ESOCOIDEI (TELEOSTEI): EARLY RADIATION OF THE PIKES IN NORTH AMERICAN FRESH WATERS offprint, Jour. Paleo, signed by one author, light wear, vg, 7 pp., 8 figs.  

                                                                                                                                        Price: $6.00           (stock#VPF75)
Woodward A. S. 1908 THE FOSSIL FISHES OF THE HAWKESBURY SERIES AT ST. PETER'S Memoirs Geol. Surv. New South Wales, Royal 4to, wraps loose, chipped, title page with rough edge, creased corner, rest of contents vg, 39 pp., 4 plts. Scarce.                                                                                                                 Price: $40.00       (stock#VPF73)
Woodward A. S. 1941 THE HEAD SHIELD OF A NEW MACROPETALICHTHYID FISH (NOTOPETALICHTHYS HILLSI GEN. ET. SP. NOV.) FROM THE MIDDLE DEVONIAN OF AUSTRALIA offprint, stamp to plain wps, vg, 5 pp., 1 plt, 1 fig.                                                                                                                                      Price: $6.00              (stock#VPF80)
Zidek J. 1972 OKLAHOMA PALEOICHTHYOLOGY PART 1. 8vo, no wps, vg, 17 pp., 1 fig.   Price: $5.00    (stock#VPF82)

Zidek J. 1973 OKLAHOMA PALEOICHTHYOLOGY PART III. DESCRIPTION OF AN ARTHRODIRAN PLATE wps, name stamp, vg, 5 pp., 1 fig.                                                                                                        Price: $5.00        (stock#VPF83)

Zidek J. 1977 AN ACANTHODID SHOULDER GIRDLE FROM LOWER MISSISSIPPIAN OF NOVA SCOTIA offprint, vg, 3 pp., 1 fig.                                                                                                                             Price: $5.00       (stock#VPF85)

Zidek J. 1980 ACANTHODES LUNDI NEW SPECIES (ACANTHODID) AND ASSOCIATED COPROLITES FROM UPPERMOST MISSISSIPPIAN HEATH FORMATION OF CENTRAL MONTANA Ann. Carnegie Mus. 49(3) fine copy, 29 pp., 7 figs.                                                                                                                            Price: $10.00     (stock#VPF86)

Zidek J. 1981 MACHAERACANTHUS NEWBERRY (ACANTHODII: ISCHNACANTHIFORMES)- MORPHOLOGY AND SYSTEMATIC POSITION offprint N. Jb. Geol. Palaeont. 8vo, fine, 7 pp., 2 figs.                Price: $6.00      (stock#VPF87)

Zidek J. 1988 HAMILTON QUARRY (KANSAS, LATE  PENNSYLVANIAN) CHONDRICHTHYES offprint, vg, 6 pp., 4 figs.                                                                                                                                        Price: $6.00           (stock#VPF88)

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