Foerste A. F. 1928 AMERICAN ARCTIC AND RELATED CEPHALOPODS offprint Dennison  Unv. Bulletin wps with signature, some wear, short tears, contents vg with 109 pp., 28 plates, mostly on Paleozoic ammonoids and nautiloids. Scarce.                                                                                                Price: $25.00                    (stock#IPM109)

Gunning H. C. et al. 1966 TECTONIC HISTORY AND MINERAL DEPOSITS OF THE WESTERN CORDILLERA IN BRITISH COLUMBIA AND NEIGHBORING PARTS OF THE UNITED STATES Can. Inst. Mining Mettl. 4to cloth light wear vg, 353 pp., score of figs, folding maps in rear pocket and covers mostly British Columbia mining districts and mineral deposits with some reports on Washington State.        

                                                                                                          Price: $30.00                               (stock#BC20)

Keppie J. D. et al. (eds.) TURBIDITE-HOSTED GOLD DEPOSITS Geol. Assoc. Canada Spec. Paper 32 cloth with worn dust jacket, contents vg 186 pp., scores of figs covering mined deposits in Wyoming, Alaska, Australia, Canada and elsewere.                                                       Price: $30.00                        (stock#MC132)

Raasch G. O. (ed.) 1961 ARCTIC GEOLOGY Unv. Toronto Press, two vols and map slip case complete. 8vo, some external wear, ex-lib, map case a bit beat up but maps are vg to fine, 1196 pp., plts, figs. maps. Scarce to find with map case.                                                                                                           Price: $90.00                           (stock#ARCT24)

Robinson A. H. A. 1932 GOLD IN CANADA Canada Dept Mines wps with small stamp, some wear, contents clean but corners bumped with 92 pp., 8 figs. Scarce.                                                     Price: $30.00                             (stock#CAN32)



#1  Young G. A. 1926 GEOLOGY AND ECONOMIC MINERALS OF CANADA Geol. Surv. Canada Economic Geol. Series #1 wps with signature else light wear, vg, 187 pp. + 57 pp. appendix, 38 plts, 2 folding maps.   

                                                                                                                                Price: $35.00                         (stock#GSCEG01)

#5  Hume G. S. 1933 OIL AND GAS IN WESTERN CANADA Geol. Surv. Canada Economic Geology Series #5 8vo, wraps with stamp, some external wear, contents vg, 359 pp., 26 figs. Scarce.                    Price: $35.00          (stock#GSCEG05)

#7  Lang A. H. 1956 PROSPECTING IN CANADA Geol. Surv. Canada, Economic Geology Series #7 wps with light+ wear, contents vg, 401 pp., 74 pltsd, 23 figs.                                                            Price: $35.00                           (stock#GSCEG07)

#25  Rase E. R. 1969 GEOLOGY OF TITANIUM AND TITANIFEROUS DEPOSITS OF CANADA Geol. Surv. Canada Economic Geol. Series #25 wps, ex-lib else vg, 177 pp., 8 plts, 19 figs, pocket map.    Price: $30.00          (stock#GSCEG25)

                                                OTHER CANADA REGIONAL GEOLOGY TITLES

McLearn F. H. 1953 CORRELATION OF THE TRIASSIC FORMATIONS OF CANADA offprint GSA Bull. wraps with faded stamp else light wear, vg, 23 pp., 1 plt, 1 fig.                                                                 Price: $10.00                   (stock#CAN21)