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                                                                                                                 Price: $15.00                          (stock#IPB71P)


Grunewaldt M. v. 1860 BEITRAGE ZUR KENNTNISS DER SEDIMENTAREN GEBIRGSFORMATIONEN Mem. L’Academie Imperial Sciences St. Petersburg 4to, in period boards which are loose with old tape repair on spine, contents with notation else clean and vg, with 144 pp., 7 fine engraved plates of fossils, mostly I think from the Urals. Henry Shaler Williams copy with his stamp. Rare.                                                          Price: $150.00                                    (stock#EUR84)


Williams J. S. 1943 STRATIGRAPHY AND FAUNA OF THE LOUISIANA LIMESTONE OF MISSOURI USGS Prof. Paper #203 wraps with stamp, light wear, contents vg, 133 pp. 9 plts, 9 figs. on the Devonian-Mississippian age fossils of this unit.                                                                 Price: $25.00                                      (stock#PP203)


Hall James 1894 HANDBOOK OF THE BRACHIOPODA PART 2 (p. 749-943, with plates), and other content
including much other material on fossil Brachiopoda extracted from Hall’s Palaeontology of New York
Volume 8. With 32 plates, numerous figures in text, and much on systematics. Volume is original
green cloth, ex-lib. else light wear. Scarce, and a nice copy. This is the REPORT OF THE STATE
GEOLOGIST OF NEW YORK, 1893, PART 2 – PALEONTOLOGY.    Price: $45.00         (stock#NYAR93-2)


Kayser E. 1871 – 1901 COLLECTION OF BOUND OFFPRINTS. This volume is a Collection of bound
offprints by Kayser, the noted German paleontologist and includes some 21 reports, Most are
in  original wraps with H. S. Williams private library stamp and hand written notations. The
volume is ex-Cornell Unv. lib. Contents are diverse and include a score of good paleontology
reports, some with fine engraved plates of fossil trilobites orthocone nautiloids, ammonoids,
corals, brachiopods and more. Unique.                Price: $55.00                (stock#Kayservol).


Kindle E. M. 1909 THE DEVONIAN FAUNA OF OURAY LIMESTONE USGS Bull. #391 wps with stamp, light wear, vg, 60 pp. and 10 plts of fossils from Colorado                Price: $20.00                  (stock#USGSB391)


Moore R. C. (ed.) 1965 TREATISE ON INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY, PART H: BRACHIOPODA (volumes 1 and 2), both vols in cloth as issued, gilt spine titles a bit faded, light external wear from use/shelving, contents vg, Vol. 1 with 521 pp., 32 pp. preface; Vol. 2 with 404 pp., both vols with scores of figs. Still the standard reference for fossil brachiopod taxonomy.                                                        Price for set: $70.00                     (stock#IPTreatiseBrachs)


Williams A. 1953 NORTH AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN STROPHEDONTIDS [BRACHIOPODA]: THEIR MORPHOLOGY AND SYSTEMATICS GSA Memoir #56 8vo, gilt cloth, ex-library else fine copy with 67 pp., 13 plates, 5 figs. A classic treatise on this group of Paleozoic brachiopods.                     Price: $20.00                                (stock#GSAM53N)


Amsden T. W. and Ventress W. T. S. 1963 EARLY DEVONIAN BRACHIOPODS OF OKLAHOMA OKGS Bull. 94 wps, vg, contents clean, 238 pp., 21 plts + figs.                               Price: $15.00                         (stock#OKGSB94)

Beecher C. E. and Clarke J. M. 1889 DEVELOPMENT OF SOME SILURIAN BRACHIOPODA NYSM Memoir #1 4to, cloth as issued, spine a bit mottled/spotted else vg, contents clean, 95 pp., 8 plts.        

                                                                                                                Price: $40.00                           (stock#NYSMM1)

Belanksi C. H. 1928 PENTAMERACEA OF THE DEVONIAN OF NORTHERN IOWA Unv. Iowa Studies 12(7) in stiff archival wps, 34 pp., 4 plts, 15 figs. On fossil brachiopods.  Price: $15.00               (stock#IPB42)


Bergstrom 1968 SOME ORDOVICIAN AND SILURIAN BRACHIOPOD ASSEMBLAGES offprint from Lethaia 1(3), 8 pp., 9 figs. Marks to wraps else very good.                                   Price:  $5.00                               (stock#IPB017)

Boucot A. J. and Ehlers G. M. 1963 TWO NEW GENERA OF STRICKLANDID BRACHIOPODS Unv Michigan Cont. Paleont. 18(4) title wps light wear, vg, 20 pp., 5 plts.             Price: $8.00                          (stock#UMCP18(4)

Boucot A. J. and Smith R. E. 1978 FIRST UPPER SILURIAN FOSSILS FROM  NORTHERN NEWFOUNDLAND offprint from Jour. Paleont. light wear, vg, 8 pp., 2 plts, 1 fig.          Price: $5.00                              (stock#IPB200)

Boucot A. J. and Thompson J. B. Jr. 1963 METAMORPHOSED SILURIAN BRACHIOPODS FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE offprint Geo. Soc. America Bull. vol. 74 wps with small signature else some wear, contents vg, 22 pp., 10 plts, 2 figs. One of the more important papers which helped to unravel the age and relationships of Taconic and Acadian rocks of New England.                                      Price: $15.00                           (stock#NH39)
Branson E. B. 1948 BIBLIOGRAPHIC INDEX OF PERMIAN INVERTEBRATES GSA Memoir #26 8vo, light stain to page corner and foredge but minor, vg. A classic andmassive essential reference for anyone interested in Permian fossils. With 1049 pp.                                                              Price: $30.00                        (stock#GSA#021)

Buckman S. S. (1916) TERMINOLOGY FOR FORAMINAL DEVELOPMENT IN TEREBRATULOIDS (BRACHIOPODA) with 3 pp., and TERMINOLOGY FOR BEAK AND FORAMINAL DEVELOPMENT IN BRACHIOPODA (1919) with 4 pp., both offprints from Trans. New Zealand Inst., some wear, contents good to vg.                                                                                                              Price: $10.00                          (stock#IPB58P)


Chatterton B. D. E. 1973 BRACHIOPODS OF THE MURRUMBRIDGE GROUP TAEMAS NEW SOUTH WALES Aust. Bur. Min. Res., Geol., Geophysics Bull. #137 cloth, light wear, ex-lib, contents vg, 146 pp., 35 plts.                                                                                                                                 Price: $15.00                           (stock#IPB030)

Campbell K. S. W. 1965 AUSTRALIAN PERMIAN TEREBRATULOIDS Aust. Bur. Min. Res., Geol., Geophysics Bull. #68 wps, light wear, ex-lib, contents vg, 114 pp., 17 plts + figs.       Price: $15.00                    (stock#IPB029)

Clarke J. M. 1900 THE ORISKANY FAUNA OF BECRAFT MOUNTAIN COLUMBIA COUNTY NEW YORK NYSM Memoir #3 royal 4to, orig. boards loose or coming so, contents vg, clean. With 128 pp., 9 plts.     

                                                                                                                     Price: $40.00                     (stock#NYSMM3)

Clarke J. M.1904 NAPLES FAUNA IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK NYSM Memoir #6 4to, top of spine frayed, corners rubbed, ex-lib copy else vg, 258 pp., 20 plts, map.               Price: $60.00                    (stock#NYSMM6)

Clarke J. M. 1908 EARLY DEVONIC HISTORY OF NEW YORK AND EASTERN NORTH AMERICA Parts 1 and 2 (complete). NYSM Memoir #9 4to, cloth, Part 1 with small split along gutter, spine ends rubbed Part 2 vg. Set from Institutional library with usual markings.                                       Price: $150.00                   (stock#NYSMM9)

Clarke J. M. and Ruedemann R. 1903 GUELPH FAUNA IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK NYSM  Memoir #5 4to, minor scuffs to boards, top of spine lightly rubbed, vg copy, 195 pp., 21 plts.    

                                                                                                                     Price: $60.00                     (stock#NYSMM5)

Clarke J. M. 1885 ON THE HIGHER DEVONIAN FAUNAS OF ONTARIO COUNTY NEW YORK USGS Bull. #16 no wps, removed from bound vol. of USGS bulletins, contents clean and vg with 80 pp. and 3 plts of fossils incl. crustaceans and fishes. Scarce.                                                      Price: $20.00                  (stock#USGSB016)

Clarke J. M. et al. 1904 REPORT OF THE STATE PALEONTOLOGIST 1903  NYSM Bull. #80 8vo, spine neatly rebound else very good with 396 pp.,13 plts of fossils + many figs. Includes a number of important papers such as UPPER SILURIC AND DEVONIC FAUNAS OF TRILOBITE MOUNTAIN By Shimer;  CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE FAUNA OF CHAZY LIMESTONE ON VALCOUR ISLAND, LAKE CHAMPLAIN By Hudson; PERCE (QUEBEC) By Clarke; TYPE SPECIMENS OF PALEOZOIC FOSSILS, SUPPLEMENT 1; NEW ENTRIES OF FOSSIL LOCALITIES.                                                                                               Price: $40.00                   (stock#NYSMB80)

Cleland H. F. 1903 A STUDY OF THE FAUNA OF THE HAMILTON FORMATION OF THE CAYUGA LAKE SECTION IN CENTRAL NEW YORK USGS Bull. #206 archival wraps else vg copy with 112 pp., 5 plts, 3 figs. A scarce reference on the Devonian of central New York State.         
Price: $20.00                 (stock#USGSB206)

Cloud P. E. Jr. 1942 TEREBRATULOID BRACHIOPODA OF THE SILURIAN AND DEVONIAN Geological Society of America Special Paper 38 8vo in wraps, very good and clean copy with 182 pp., 26 plts and 17 figs. 

                                                                                                                     Price: $25.00                  (stock#GSASP038)

Coleman P. J. 1957 PERMIAN PRODUCTACEA OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Aust. Bur. Min. Res., Geol., Geophysics Bull. #40 wps, some wear, ex-lib, contents vg, 148 pp., 21 plts.     Price: $15.00        (stock#IPB028)

Cooper G. A. 1956 CHAZYAN AND RELATED BRACHIOPODS PARTS 1-2, complete Smith. Misc. Coll. #127 8vo, text vol is massive, with 1024 pp.; plate vol. with 221 pp. text, 269 plts. A vg set, priv. ownership stamp else clean.                                                                                                    Price: $40.00                       (stock#IPB350)

Cooper G. A. 1957 PERMIAN BRACHIOPODS FROM CENTRAL OREGON Smith. Misc. Coll. #134(12) 8vo, wps with Teichert’s stamp and # else vg pages unopened, 79 pp., 12 plts, figs.     Price: $10.00         (stock#IPB038)

Cooper G. A. 1972 HOMEOMORPHY IN RECENT DEEP-SEA BRACHIOPODS Smithsonian Cont. Paleobiology 4to, wps light wear, vg, 25 pp., 4 plts.                                                       Price: $10.00                       (stock#IPB105)

Cooper G. A. 1973 NEW BRACHIOPODA FROM THE INDIAN OCEAN Smithsonian Cont. Paleobiology #16 4to, wps, light wear, vg, 43 pp., 8 plts.                                                              Price: $10.00                       (stock#IPB103)

Cooper G. A. 1973 VEMA’S BRACHIOPODA Smithsonian Cont. Paleobiology #17 4to Wps light wear, ex-lib, vg, 51 pp., 9 plts.                                                                                                 Price: $10.00                       (stock#IPB104)

Cooper G. A.  1978 TERTIARY AND QUATERNARY BRACHIOPODS FROM THE SOUTHWEST PACIFIC Smithsonian Cont. Paleobiology #38 4to, wps light wear, ex-lib, vg, 23 pp., 2 plts.  

                                                                                                                         Price: $8.00                      (stock#IPB0101)

Davidson T. 1851 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #17] A MONOGRAPH OF BRITISH OOLITIC AND LIASIC BRACHIOPODA 4to, ex-lib with institutional and Curt Teichert’s stamps, title wps, overall good, last pp with a slight crease and chip to margin. With 64 pp., 13 plates covering various taxa including Orbicula, numerous Terabratulids.     Price: $40.00           (stock#PGS17)

Davidson T. 1857 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #41] A MONOGRAPH OF BRITISH PERMIAN BRACHIOPODA PART 4, pp. 1-51, plates #1-4, 4to, a few, removed from annual issue for that year, contents clean and vg, covering Spirifera, Athyris, and other taxa.                               

                                                                                                                        Price: $35.00                       (stock#PGS41)

Davidson T. 1857 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #42] A MONOGRAPH OF BRITISH CARBONIFEROUS BRACHIOPODA PART 5, pp. 1-48, plates #1-8, (being the first part of Volume 2 of the six volume work). 4to, a few, removed from annual issue for that year, contents clean and vg, covering Terebratula and Spirifera. Scarce.                               Price: $40.00                      (stock#PGS42)

Davidson T. 1860 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #54] A MONOGRAPH OF BRITISH CARBONIFEROUS BRACHIOPODA PART 5, pp. 81-120, plates #17-26, (being the third part of Volume 2 of the six volume work). 4to, removed from annual issue for that year, contents clean and vg, covering Athyris, Rhynchonella, Camarophoria, Strophomena.      Price: $40.00              (stock#PGS54)

Davidson T. 1861 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #55] A MONOGRAPH OF BRITISH CARBONIFEROUS BRACHIOPODA PART 4, pp. 121-210, plates #27-47, (being the fourth part of Volume 2 of the six volume work). 4to, removed from annual issue for that year, small tear to outer margin of fep and title pages, small institutional stamp else contents clean and vg, pages unopened, covering Strophomena, Productus, Crania, Lingula and other taxa.     Price: $60.00                     (stock#PGS54)

Davidson T. 1862 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #59] A MONOGRAPH OF BRITISH CARBONIFEROUS BRACHIOPODA PART 5, pp. 211-280, plates #48-55, (being the last part of Volume 2 of the six volume work). 4to, a few, removed from annual issue for that year, contents clean and vg, covering Terabratulids, Spiriferids and Rhynchonellids, and with locality and stratigraphic data and appendix.                                                                                                Price: $40.00                     (stock#PGS59)

Davidson T. 1862 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph] PERMIAN AND CARBONIFEROUS SPECIES - title page for Volume 2 of the complete work only. 4to, light wear, short marginal tear but closed, vg.                                                                       Price: $10.00            (stock#PGSbrachv2)

Davidson T. 1874 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #122] SUPPLEMENT TO THE RECENT, TERTIARY AND CRETACEOUS SPECIES 4to, ex-lib with institutional and Curt Teichert’s stamps, title wps, overall  good, some light soiling to half title front wrap. With 72 pp., 8 plates.                                                                                                             Price: $35.00                    (stock#PGS122)

Davidson T. 1878 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #146] SUPPLEMENT TO THE JURASSIC AND TRIASSIC SPECIES pp. 145-241, plates #17-29, 4to, removed from annual issue for that year, contents clean and vg.                                  Price: $40.00                      (stock#PGS59)

Davidson T. 1880 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA  (Vol. 4, part 3) SUPPLEMENT TO THE PERMIAN AND CARBONIFEROUS SPECIES [Palaeontographical  Society Monograph #159] 4to, stiff wps and PRESENTATION from author to H. S. Williams on title page, along with William’s stamps, else contents good, front hinge cracked, prelim. pages holding but want to loosen otherwise contents clean with pp. 243-316, supplemental plates #30-37. Scarce.                                                                                 Price: $40.00                    (stock#PGS163)

Davidson T. 1881 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA  (Vol. 4, part 4) ON DEVONIAN AND SILURIAN  BRACHIOPODA THAT OCCUR IN THE TRIASSIC PEBBLE-BED OF BUDLEIGH-SALTERON, NEAR EXMOUTH, IN DEVONSHIRE [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #163] 4to, stiff wps and PRESENTATION from author to H. S. Williams on title page, along with William’s stamps, else contents vg with pp. 317-368, supplemental plates #38-42, one with small annotations in William’s hand.   Price: $40.00        (stock#PGS163)

Davidson T. 1883 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #177] SILURIAN SUPPLEMENT, pp. 135-242 with text figures (being Volume 5, part 2) 4to, in period stiff wps, from H. S. Williams library With his stamps else contents clean and vg. Scarce.    Price: $40.00                    (stock#PGS59)

Davidson T. 1884 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #183] 4to, removed from annual issue for that year, contents clean and vg, pp. 243-476, plates #18-21 being a summary of his extended treatise with stratigraphic and phylogentic evaluations.     Price: $65.00           (stock#PGS183)

Davidson T. 1886 BRITISH FOSSIL BRACHIOPODA [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #187] BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE BRACHIOPODA (Volume 6 of the six volume work, complete). 4to, in boards that have some wear, from H. S. William’s library with his, and institutional stamp, contents, vg. With pp. 1-163.                                                                                                                   Price: $45.00                  (stock#PGS87)

Dunbar C. O. 1955 PERMIAN BRACHIOPOD FAUNAS OFCENTRAL EAST GREENLAND Medd. Gronland 110(3) wps, pp. vg, 161 pp., 31 plts.                                                                             Price: $20.00                  (stock#IPB310)

Dunbar C. O. 1962 FAUNAS AND CORRELATION OF THE LATE PALEOZOIC ROCKS OF NORTHEAST GREENLAND PART III BRACHIOPODA Medd. Gronland 167(6) 8vo, wps, pages unopened, vg, 15 pp., 2 plts.                                                                                                                                   Price: $10.00                 (stock#IPB032)

Dutro J. T. and Boardman R. S. 1981 LOPHOPHORATES – NOTES FOR A SHORT COURSE Unv. Tenn, Dept. Geology Studies in Geology #5 4to, wps with signature else light wear, vg, 251 pp., figs.   

                                                                                                                             Price: $20.00         (stock#IPM111)

Ehlers 1963 CYRTINA HAMILTONENSIS (HALL) AND A NEW SPECIES OF THIS BRACHIOPOD GENUS FROM NEW YORK Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 18(12) 8vo, wraps, like new, 8 pp., 1 pl.   

                                                                                                                             Price:  $8.00          (stock#UMCP18-12)

Ehlers and Wright 1975 NEW SPECIES OF THE BRACHIOPOD CYRTINA FROM THE MIDDLE DEVONIAN HAMILTON STRATA OF SOUTH- WESTERN ONTARIO Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 24(14) 8vo, wraps, vg, 14 pp., 4 pls.                                                                                                 Price: $8.00   (stock#UMCP24-14)


                                                                                                                             Price: $15.00          (stock#NYSMB359)

Gaetani 1967 SOME DEVONIAN BRACHIOPODS FROM CHITRAL (NW PAKISTAN) offprint from ISTITUTO DI PALEONTOLOGIA D. UNIV. MILANO #160, 8vo, wraps, small stamp else vg, 22 pp., 2 pls, 5 figs. [on Athyris, Douvillinia, Spinatrypina]                                                                                  Price:  $5.00                  (stock#IPB018)

Gardiner J. A 1925 NEW MIDWAY BRACHIOPOD, BUTLER SALT DOME, TEXAS from Amer. Jour. Sci. 8vo, spine with cloth tape, 6 pp., 1 plt.                                                                     Price: $3.00                   (stock#IPB031)

Girty G. H. 1903 THE CARBONIFEROUS FORMATIONS AND FAUNAS OF COLORADO USGS Prof. Paper #16 thick massive 4to, in original wraps which have been retaped across spine, light wear, stamps to wraps, contents clean with 546 pp., 10 plates. Scarce.                                             Price: $50.00                   (stock#PP16)

Girty G. H. 1908 THE GAUDALUPIAN FAUNA USGS Prof. Paper #58 wps, ex-lib, some wear, chips to wraps, contents vg and a massive treatise focused on the classic Permian reef fauna of West Texas & southern New Mexico . With 651 pp., 31 plts of fossils.                                                          Price: $50.00                 (stock#PP058)

Gordon M. Jr. et al. 1993 LATE MISSISSIPPIAN PRODUCTOID BRACHIOPODS INFLATIA, KEOKUKIA AND ADAIRIA OZARK REGION OF OKLAHOMA AND ARKANSAS Paleont. Soc. Memoir #30 4to, wps, light wear, vg, 29 pp., 9 figs.                                                                                               Price: $10.00                 (stock#IPB045)

Grabau A. W. 1931-32 THE BRACHIOPODA PARTS I-IV offprint from Science Quarterly National Unv. Peking, all in title wraps with USNM stamp, some external wear, contents of all vg, 125 pp. total, numerous figures, in English and quite scarce.                                                                                 Price: $30.00                    (stock#IPB61)

Grant R. E. 1993 PERMIAN BRACHIOPODA FROM KHIOS ISLAND GREECE Paleont. Soc. Memoir #33 4to, title wps, light wear, vg, 21 pp., 14 figs.                                                                  Price: $10.00                  (stock#IPB044)

Greeiner H. 1957 SPIRIFER DISJUNCTUS ITS EVOLUTION AND PALEOECOLOGY IN THE CATSKILL DELTA Peabody Museum Nat. Hist. Bulletin 11 8vo, cloth, signature on paste down else light wear, fine copy, 70 pp., 10 plts, 5 figs. Scarce.                                                                                      Price: $20.00                  (stock#IPB021)

Harrington and Leanza 1952 SPIRIFER STRIATUS, S. CRASSUS AND S. DUPLICICOSTUS DEL CARBONICO DE GRAN BRETANA offprint from Revista de la Assoc. Geologia Argentina, 7(4), 10 pp., 4 figs, pages unopened, light wear.                                                                                      Price: $5.00                      (stock#IPB04)

Hedstrom H. 1923 CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE FOSSIL FAUNA OF GOTLAND I wraps light wear, vg, 15 pp., 5 plates of spiriferid brachiopods and trilobites.                                             Price: $15.00                (stock#EUR97P)


Hoare R. D. DESMOINESIAN BRACHIOPODA AND MOLLSUCA FROM SOUTHWEST MISSOURI 8vo, cloth, ex-dept. lib. copy, contents clean and vg, 262 pp., 23 plts of fossils, 1 fig.       Price: $30.00              (stock#IPB201)

Hoare and Steller 1969 INARTICULATE BRACHIOPODS FROM THE SILICA FORMATION (DEVONIAN), OHIO AND MICHIGAN Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 22(20) 8vo, like new, 10 pp., 2 pls.    

                                                                                                                     Price: $8.00                  (stock#UMCP22-20)

Hoover P. R. 1979 EARLY TRIASSIC TEREBRATULID BRACHIOPODS FROM THE WESTERN INTERIOR OF THE UNITED STATES USGS PP #1057 4to, wps, light wear, vg, 21 pp., 4 plts, 8 figs.   Price: $10.00    (stock#PP1057)

Howell B. F. 1945 UPPER CAMBRIAN FAUNAS OF NEW JERSEY GSA Memoir #12 gilt-titled cloth fine copy with 46 pp., 8 plts.  A classic with emphasis on northern NJ.             Price: $30.00                 (stock#GSAMem12)

Hyde 1908 CAMAROPHORELLA, A MISSISSIPPIAN MERISTELLOID BRACHIOPOD  Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. 3 (3) 8vo, wraps, light-moderate wear, clean 35 pp., 5 pls of fossils. Scarce.    Price:  $10.00                       (stock#IPB005)

Johnson J. G. 1975 LATE EARLY DEVONIAN BRACHIOPODS FROM THE DISAPPOINTMENT BAY FORMATION LOWTHER ISLAND, ARCTIC CANADA offprint Jour. Paleont. light wear, very good, 31 pp., 10 plates, figs.                                                                                                   Price: $8.00                           (stock#IPB46)


                                                                                                                       Price: $15.00                       (stock#UC100)

Kindle E. M. 1906 NOTES ON THE RANGE AND DISTRIBUTION OF RETICULARIA LAEVIS Jour. Geol. offprint, wps with minor chips, loose, contents vg, 6 pp.                                     Price: $5.00                        (stock#IPB033)

Kirk 1923 HARPIDIUM A NEW PENTAMEROID BRACHIOPOD GENUS FROM SOUTHERN ALASKA USNM Proc. 66, 7 pp., 2 pls, 8vo, wraps, light wear, very good.                                Price:  $5.00                        (stock#IPB006)

Kirk 1926 CYMBIDIUM, A NEW GENUS OF SILURIAN PENTAMEROID BRACHIOPODS FROM ALASKA USNM Proc. 69, 5 pp., 1 pl., wraps, vg.                                                                 Price: $5.00                         (stock#IPB007)

Koninck L. G. De 1847 MONOGRAPHIE DES GENRES PRODUCTUS ET CHONETES Imprimerie de H. Dessain, Liège. royal 4to, newer cloth, ex-library copy and very good, contents clean aside from small oval stamp and blind stamp on title and light+ foxing to plates. A nice copy with xvii, 246 pp., 20 fine engraved, tinted plates. Scarce.                                                                                                          Price: $125.00                       (stock#IPB24)

Krause F. F. and Rowell A. J. 1975 DISTRIBUTION AND SYSTEMATICS OF THE INARTICULATE BRACHIOPODS OF THE ORDOVOCIAN CARBONATE MUD MOUND OF MEIKLEJOHN PEAK NEVADA Unv, Kansas 4to, wps, ex-lib else vg, 74 pp., 12 plts, figs.                              Price: $15.00                       (stock#IPB594)

Lamont A. 1934 THE DRUMMUCK GROUP, GIRVAN: A STRATIGRAPHICAL REVISION, WITH DESCRIPTION OF NEW FOSSILS FROM THE LOWER PART OF THE GROUP offprint from Trans. Geol. Soc. Glasgow, removed from bound vol. of offprints, orig. wps retained, ex-lib else vg, 47 pp., 3 plts, 4 figs. 

                                                                                                                       Price: $10.00                         (stock#IPAR11)

Lee W. T. and Girty G. H. 1909 THE MANZANO GROUP OF THE RIO GRANDE VALLEY NEW MEXICO USGS Bull. #389 8vo, wraps with faded stamp else  light wear, vg copy with 141 pp., 12 pls (half are of fossils) and 9 figs. A scarce classic on the Mississippian, Pennsylvanian and lower Permian strata and fossils of north-central New Mexico.                                                                                    Price: $20.00         (stock#USGSB389)

Logan A. 1967 MIDDLE AND UPPER TRIASSIC SPIRIFERINID BRACHIOPODS FROM THE CANADIAN ARCTIC ARCHIPELAGO GSC Bull. #155 8vo, wps, light wear, vg, 37 pp., 5 plts, 9 figs.                              

                                                                                                                        Price: $10.00                         (stock#IPB34)

Muir-Wood and Cooper 1960 MORPHOLOGY CLASSIFICATION AND LIFE HABITS OF THE PRODUCTOIDEA (BRACHIOPODA) GSA Memoir #81 8vo, gilt cloth, light wear, fine, 447 pp., 135 plts.           

                                                                                                                        Price:  $35.00                   (stock#GSAM81)

Neuman R. B. 1967 SOME SILICIFIED MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN BRACHIOPODS FROM KENTUCKY 4to, wps light wear, vg, 14 pp., 2 plts, 4 figs. Curt Teichert's copy with his stamp on front wrap.                     

                                                                                                                         Price: $10.00                    (stock#PP583A)

Newell et al. 1953 THE UPPER PALEOZOIC OF PERU GSA Mem. #58 8vo gilt cloth, private ownership markings else vg, 276 pp., 44 plts, 43 figs                                                 Price: $20.00              (stock#GSAM058)

NYSM ANNUAL REPORT #57 PARTS 3 AND 4 (bound together as issued), 4to, green cloth, light exterior wear, private ownership stamp on title else vg. Contains NYSM Memoirs #5 (GUELPH FAUNA) and #6 (NAPLES FAUNA). With 454 pp., 41 plts of fossils, map.            Price: $90.00                  (stock#NYSMAR57pt3-4)


Opik A. 1933 UBER PLECTAMBONITEN wraps with USNM stamp else light wear, vg, 78 pp., 11 plates on fossil brachiopods.                                                                                           Price: $15.00                             (stock#IPB73P)

Owen E. F. 1976 SOME LOWER CRETACEOUS BRACHIOPODS FROM EAST GREENLAND Medd. Om Gronland 171(2) 8vo, ex-lib with light wear, contents fine, pp. unopened. With 18 pp., 3 plates + figures.       

                                                                                                                          Price: $8.00                      (stock#IPB022)

Perry D. G. and Chatterton B. D. F. 1979 LATE EARLY TRIASSIC BRACHIOPOD AND CONODONT FAUNA, THAYNES FORMATION SOUTHEASTERN IDAHO offprint from JP, fine copy with 13 pp., 2  plts, 6 figs.             

                                                                                                                          Price: $5.00                      (stock#IPB035)

Reed F. R. C. 1932 REPORT ON THE BRACHIOPODS FROM THE TRONDHEIM AREA wrps with signature else light wear, vg, 42 pp., 5 plates.                                                                     Price: $15.00                    (stock#IPB59P)


Richards and Bambach 1975 POPULATION DYNAMICS OF SOME PALEOZOIC BRACHIOPODS AND THEIR PALEOECOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE offprint from Jour. Paleontology 49(5), 24 pp., 19 figs. A classic case study of Indiana – Ohio Richmond Group Ordovician Brachiopod paleoecology.                                                    

                                                                                                                           Price:  $5.00                    (stock#IPB008)

Rowell A. J. and Brady M. J. 1976 BRACHIOPODS AND BIOMERES offprint from Brigham Young Unv. Geol. Studies 23(2) 8vo, ex-lib, vg, 16 pp., 9 figs.                                                 Price: $5.00                       (stockIPM027)

Ruedemann et al. 1901 PALEONTOLOGIC PAPERS 2 NYSM Bull. #49 8vo, wraps dirty, repaired, contents are clean and very good, with 280 pp., 11 plts of fossils + figs. Papers cover Ordovician, Middle and Upper Devonian fossils. Scarce.                                                                               Price: $25.00                   (stock#NY098)

Salmon E. S. 1942 MOHAWKIAN RAFINSEQUINAE offprint from Jour. Paleont. in wps, light wear, vg copy, 40 pp., 3 plts + figs. Includes revision of New York species of this brachiopod group.     

                                                                                                                            Price: $8.00                   (stock#IPB020)

Schuchert C. 1890 LIST OF SPECIES OF THE AMERICAN PALAEOZOIC ORTHIS, SPIRIFERA, SPIRIFERINA, AND SYRINGOTHYRIS reprint, NYSM, Rpt State Geologist, in wraps with notation, stamps of E. O. Ulrich and Smithsonian, small corner and marginal chip, contents vg, 20 pp.          Price: $15.00                   (stock#IPB57P)



                                                                                                                             Price:  $8.00                   (stock#IPB010)

Schuchert C. and Cooper G. A. 1932 BRACHIOPOD GENERA OF THE SUBORDERS ORTHOIDEA AND PENTAMEROIDEA YPM Memoirs 4(1) royal 4to, orig. cloth, ownership name on bottom page edges and on front fep else contents fine, 270 pp., 29 plts, 36 figs.                                  Price: $40.00                (stock#IPB110)

Schuchert and Levine 1929 NEW NAMES FOR BRACHIOPOD HOMONYMS offprint from Amer. Jour. Sci Vol. 17, 4 pp.                                                                                                                Price:  $3.00          (stock#IPB011)
Smith J. P. 1927 UPPER TRIASSIC MARINE INVERTEBRATE FAUNAS OF NORTH AMERICA USGS PP#141 4to, some chips to paper spine cover, rear wp loose else vg copy, 135 pp., 121 fossil plates of Triassic ammonites bivalves and other organisms.                                                                         Price: $60.00                   (stock#PP141)

Spjeldnaes N. 1957 THE MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN OF THE OSLO REGION, NORWAY PART 9. BRACHIOPODS OF THE FAMILY PORAMBONITIDAE wraps with stamp else light wear, vg, 14 pp., 1 plate, 3 figs. 

                                                                                                                              Price: $10.00                (stock#IPB62P)


Stainbrook M. A. 1945 BRACHIOPODA OF THE INDEPENDENCE SHALE OF IOWA GSA Memoir #14 8vo, gilt cloth, light wear, fine copy with 74 pp., 6 plts, 2 figs.                                   Price:  $20.00             (stock#GSAM14)

Semenow P. von and Moller V. V. 1863 UBER DIE OBEREN DEVONISCHEN SCHICHTEN DES MITTLEREN RUSSLANDS  L'Academie Imperiale des Sciences de Saint-Petersbourg. royal 4to, extracted and bound in period boards, boards worn, chipped, rubbed, from H. S. William's library with the usual markings. Contents good, light wrinkling but no stains, light foxing, 37 pp., 4 plates of fossil Devonian Brachiopoda Scarce.                                                                                                                 Price: $45.00         (stock#IPB025)

Sheehan 1975 UPPER ORDOVICIAN AND SILURIAN BRACHIOPODS FROM THE SOLIS LIMESTONE CHIHUAHUA MEXICO offprint from Jour. Paleont. 49(1), 8vo, wraps, very good, 12 pp., 2 plts.    

                                                                                                                              Price: $5.00                  (stock#IPB012)

Thomas G. A. 1958 THE PERMIAN ORTHOTETACEA OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Austral. Bur. Min Res. Bull. #80 8vo, wps, ex-lib, vg, 154 pp., 20 plts, figs.                                              Price: $15.00                 (stock#IPB039)

Titus R. and Cameron B. 1976 FOSSIL COMMUNITIES OF THE LOWER TRENTON GROUP (MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN) OF CENTRAL AND NORTHWESTERN NEW YORK STATE offprint Jour. Paleo. A classic paper, with 16 pp., 7 figs.                                                                                               Price: $6.00                   (stock#IPB106)

Tshernyschew T. 1884 MATERIALEN ZUR KENNTNESS DER DEVONISCHEN ABLAGERUNGEN IN RUSSLAND  MEMOIRES DU COMITE GEOLOGIQUE DE SAINT-PETERSBOURG royal 4to, in period boards retaining original wraps, boards loose, partly disbound, presentation from author to Koninck and then stamped by H. S. Williams, from his library and subsequently that of an Institution. contents are generally clean and vg with 82 pp., 3 plates.                                                                                                       Price: $40.00                  (Stock#IPB22)

Ulrich E. O. and Cooper A. 1938 OZARKIAN AND CANADIAN BRACHIOPODA GSA Special Paper #13 wps with signature, light wear, vg, 323 pp., 58 plts of fossils, 14 figs.             Price: $40.00                       (stock#GSASP13)

Veevers J. J. 1959 DEVONIAN BRACHIOPODS FROM THE FITZROY BASIN WESTERN AUSTRALIA Austral. Bur. Min Res. Bull. #45 8vo, stiff wps ex-lib, vg, 220 pp., 18 plts.                Price: $20.00               (stock#IPB040)

Veevers J. J. 1959 DEVONIAN AND CARBONIFEROUS BRACHIOPODS FROM NORTHWESTERN AUSTRALIA Austral. Bur. Min Res. Bull. #55 8vo, wps, ex-lib, vg, 42 pp., 4 plts, figs.    Price: $10.00                (stock#IPB041)

Walcott C. D. 1912 CAMBRIAN BRACHIOPODA USGS Monograph 51 2 vols, txt, plts complete. Both original brown cloth as issued, cloth with some wear rubbing, hinges partly cracked on Vol. 1, but boards firm, contents clean and vg, 872 pp., 106 plts, 76 figs.                               Price: 90.00                       (stock#USGSM51)

Walcott C. D. 1899 CAMBRIAN BRACHIOPODA: OBELLA, SUBGENUS GLYPTIAS BICIA OBOLUS SUBGENUS WESTONIA WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW SPECIES Walcott C. D. USNM Proc. 23, 27 pp., pages unopened, light wear.                                                                                                               Price: $10.00              (stock#IPB013)

Walcott C. D. 1902 CAMBRIAN BRACHIOPODA: ACROTERA LINNARSSONELLA OBOLUS WITH DESCRIPTION OF NEW SPECIES USNM Proc. 25, 37 pp., pages unopened, light wear.                      Price:  $10.00            (stock#IPB014)

Wang Y. 1949 MAQUOKETA BRACHIOPODA OF IOWA GSA Memoir#42 8vo, cloth, fine clean copy, 55 pp., 12 plts.                                                                                                            Price: $20.00                       (stock#GSAM42)

Weller S. 1900 THE SUCCESSION OF FOSSIL FAUNAS IN THE KINDERHOOK BEDS AT BURLINGTON IOWA short edge tear to wps and contents else good+, 17 pp.                                   Price: $7.00               (stock#IA024)

Whitfield, R. P.  1896 DESCRIPTION OF A NEW GENUS OF FOSSIL BRACHIOPOD FROM THE LOWER HELDERBERG LIMESTONES AMNH Bulletin Vol. 8, pp. 2 pp, 1 fig., repaired, good copy with spine protected by acid free archival cloth tape.                                                                                                      Price:  $4.00                    (stock#IPB019)

Williams, H. S. 1887 ON THE FOSSIL FAUNAS OF THE UPPER DEVONIAN THE GENESEE SECTION NEW YORK USGS Bull. #41 archival wps, ex-lib, some wear, contents vg with 123 pp., 4 plts of fossils.  

                                                                                                                  Price: $20.00                        (stock#USGSB41)

Williams H. S. 1891 CORRELATION PAPERS DEVONIAN AND CARBONIFEROUS USGS Bull. #80 marbled boards, some wear, contents vg with 279 pp. Scarce.                     Price: $25.00                    (stock#USGSB080)

Williams H. S. 1908 THE DALMANELLAS OF THE CHEMUNG FORMATION  AND A CLOSELY RELATED NEW BRACHIOPOD GENUS THIEMELLA USNM Proc. 34, pp. 35-64, 4 plts, 3 figs. fossils from New York.                                                                                                                                                          Price: $10.00          (stock#IPB015)

Williams H. S. 1913 RECURRENT TROPIDOLEPTUS OF THE UPPER DEVONIAN IN NEW YORK USGS Prof. Paper #79 light wear, minor tear to wp, E. O. Hovey’s copy, 103 pp., 6 plts, 18 figs. A classic Catskill Delta study.                                                                                                                           Price: $25.00         (stock#PP079)

Williams H. S. and Kindle E. M. 1905 CONTRIBUTIONS TO DEVONIAN PALEONTOLOGY 1903 USGS Bull. #244 wraps with short tears along spine paper else small label, faded stamp, contents vg. With 144 pp., 4 plts, 3 figs.                                                                                                       Price: $20.00                     (stock#USGSB244)

Williams H. S. and Gregory H. E. 1900 CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GEOLOGY OF MAINE USGS Bull. #165  wps, spine neatly bound with archival tape, small chip to wrap corner, very good copy with 212 pp., 14 plates and 11 figures and mostly on the fossiliferous sedimentary rocks of Maine spanning the Ordovician - Devonian.     

                                                                                                                  Price: $20.00                     (stock#USGSB165)

Wright 1965 THE OCCURRENCE OF STREPTIS (BRACHIOPODA) IN THE ORODOVICIAN OF THE INNER OSLO FJORD offprint from Paleont. Cont. Unv. Oslo #166 8vo, no wraps, stamp, vg, 7 pp., 1 plt.  Price: $5.00            (stock#IPB016)

Xu G. and Grant R. E. 1994 BRACHIOPODS NEAR THE PERMIAN-TRIASSIC BOUNDARY IN SOUTH CHINA 4to, wps, ex-lib else vg, 68 pp., 52 figs                                                        Price: $10.00                           (stock#IPB036)


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