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Kindle E. M. 1912 THE ONONDAGA FAUNA OF THE ALLEGHENY REGION wps, light wear, vg, Charles Mook's copy with his stamp on wrap and on the Dalamnites and Odontocephalus trilobite faunas of Pennsylvania.                                                                                      Price: $25.00               (stock#USGSB508)


Vogdes A. W. 1890 A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PALEOZOIC CRUSTACEA FROM 1698 TO 1889 USGS Bull. #63 no wps, some wear, partly disbound or coming so, contents vg, 177 pp. Scarce.        Price: $15.00               (stock#USGSB63)




Beecher C. E. 1902 THE VENTRAL INTEGUMENT OF TRILOBITES offprint from AJS, wraps with period institutional and Beecher’s presentation stamps, light wear, vg, 9 pp., 4 plates.                  Price: $20.00                         (stock#IPAR125P)


Beecher, Charles Emerson, collection of six (6) offprints authored by him, with one related from William Diller Matthew, from various journals, mostly on the trilobite Triarthus and related forms including soft part preservation from the Utica Shale fossil beds. They are: (1) THE ORIGIN AND SIGNIFICANCE OF SPINES: A STUDY IN EVOLUTION, from Amer. Jour. Science, 1898, in printed wraps with Joseph Barrell’s signature, some external wear, contents vg, 20 pp., 31 figs.; (2) ON THE VALIDITY OF THE FAMILY BOHEMILLIDAE BARRANDE offprint from American Geologist, 1896, wraps, light wear, vg, 3 pp., 3 figs; (3) Matthew W. D. 1893 ON ANTENNAE AND OTHER APPENDAGES OF TRIARTHUS BECKII from Trans. NY Acad. Sci, no wps as issued, signature, some wear, 4 pp., 1 plate, with bottom corner torn affecting image; (4) THE MORPHOLOGY OF TRIARTHUS from Geol. Magazine, wraps with signature and stamp of E. C. Case and another signature, some soiling to title wrap, contents vg, 5 pp., 1 plate; (5) FURTHER OBSERVATIONS ON THE VENTRAL STRUCTURE OF TRIARTHUS from American Geologist, wraps with marginal chips, loose, USNM library stamp else contents vg, 8 pp.; (6) ON THE MODE OF OCCURRENCE AND THE STRUCTURE AND DEVELOPMENT OF TRIARTHUS from American Geologist, wraps with marginal chips, contents vg, 6 pp., 1 plate. A rare collection on one of the famous Trilobite occurrences ever discovered.                                                        Price: $60.00                              (stock#IPAR106P)


Four (4) reports on the Trilobite Genus Trinucleus, all in wraps, wraps loose on several, soiled on others, but contents of all good to vg. They are: (1) Begg J. L. 1929 TRINUCLEUS IN THE GIRVAN AREA, Geol. Soc. Glasgow, 3 pp., 1 fig; (2) Cowper-Reed 1912 NOTES ON THE GENUS TRINUCLEUS offprint Geol. Magazine, 17 pp., 2 plates (Parts I and II of the 4 part serial report); (3) Reed F. R. C. 1914 NOTES ON THE GENUS TRINUCLEUS PART III wraps with tear, soiling, contents good, 11 pp., 2 plates; (4) THE GENUS TRINUCLEUS PART IV wraps loose, soiled, contents good, 13 pp. A scarce complete set of Reeds study of this cryptolithid trilobite genus.           Price: $30.00                   (stock#IPAR127P)


Henningsmoen G. 1957 THE TRILOBITE FAMILY OLENIDAE WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF NORWEGIAN MATERIAL AND REMARKS ON THE OLENID AND TREMADOCIAN SERIES published in Oslo, 8vo, front wrap loose, some wear and remnants of old tape repair, contents are vg with 303 pp., 31 plates of fossil trilobites, numerous figs. Scarce.

                                                                                                                                   Price: $40.00                         (stock#IPAR112P)


Holm G. 1882 TRILOBITSLAGTET ILLAENUS (DALMAN) offprint Svenska Vet-Akad., 8vo, plain wraps with notation, contents vg with 148 pp., 6 plates. Scarce.                                                         Price: $35.00                      (stock#IPAR114P)


Hughes C. P. 1971 THE ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITE FAUNAS OF THE BUILITH-LLANDRINDOD INLIER, CENTRAL WALES PART II Brit. Mus. Nat. Hist. Bull. #20(4) wraps with light wear, signature else vg, contents with 66 pp., 16 plates of fossil trilobites.                                                                                                              Price: $30.00                            (stock#IPAR105P)


Kielan Z. 1954 LES TRILOBITES MESODEVONIENS DES MONTS DE SAINTE-CROIX Palaeontologia Polonica #6 4to, wraps darkened, with wear, edge chips, contents vg and clean with 50 pp., 7 plates and 35 figs. focused on fossil Trilobites from SW Poland, 100 km NW of Krakow.                                 Price: $30.00                             (stock#IPAR108P)


Lake P. 1908-1946 A MONOGRAPH OF THE BRITISH CAMBRIAN TRILOBITES Parts I-XIV, complete, published by the Palaeontographical Society. 4to, in parts as issued all in original blue paper wraps, all but one with title labels affixed to wraps, contents with light wear, very good, clean text and clean plates, a very good set. With 350 pp., 57 plates. Rare, and the only complete set currently on the market.                                     Price: $500.00                             (stock#PSLake)


Palmer A. R. 1965 TRILOBITES OF THE LATE CAMBRIAN PTEROCEPHALIID BIOMERE IN THE GREAT BASIN, UNITED STATES USGS Prof. Paper #493 wps light wear vg, 105 pp., 23 plts, 15 figs.              Price: $20.00           (stock#PP493)


Raymond P. E. 1914 NOTES ON THE ONTOGENY OF ISOTELUS GIGAS DEKAY Bull. MCZ wraps with edge wear, chips, signed “Compliments of the author”, contents vg with 17 pp., 3 plates, 7 figs.      Price: $20.00                (stock#IPAR133P)


Raymond P. E. 1921 A CONTRIBUTION TO THE DESCRIPTION OF THE FAUNA OF THE TRENTON GROUP Canada Dept. Mines Museum Bull., Geological Series #38  8vo, wraps, light wear, vg, 64 pp., 11 plates of fossils. 

                                                                                                                     Price: $30.00                              (stock#CANMUSB38P)


Richter R. 1913 BEITRAGE ZUR KENNTNIS DEVONISCHER TRILOBITEN folio, wraps with old stamps from E. O. Ulrich and the USNM  else light wear, overall vg with 78 pp., 2 plates. Scarce.          Price: $30.00                  (stock#IPAR107P)


Richter R. and Richter E. 1940-41 two (2) volumes on Cambrian fossils, with emphasis on trilobites from Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesell., both 4to, in wraps, some external wear, contents vg, the first is: (1) DAS KAMBRIUM AM TOTEN MEER UND DIE ALTESTE TETHYS with 50 pp., 2 plates; and (2) DIE SAUKIANDA-STUFE VON ANDALUSIEN with 88 pp., 5 plates. Scarce.                                                    Price: $40.00                          (stock#IPAR140P)


Richter R. and Richter E. 1954 DIE TRILOBITEN DES EBBE-SATTELS UND ZU VERGLEICHENDE ARTEN (ORDOVIZIUM, GOTLANDIUM/DEVON) 4to, wraps, overall some wear with corner bump/crease to upper outer corner, contents good with 74 pp., 6 plates. Scarce.                                                                           Price: $20.00                              (stock#IPAR89P)


Ross R. J. Jr. 1972 FOSSILS FROM THE ORDOVICIAN BIOHERM AT MEIKLEJOHN PEAK, NEVADA USGS Prof. Paper #685 wps light wear, vg, 47 pp., 18 plts of fossils, 13 figs.                                  Price: $15.00                      (stock#PP685)


Stormer L. 1930 SCANDINAVIAN TRINUCLEIDAE WITH SPECIAL REFERENCES TO NORWEGIAN SPECIES AND VARIETIES 8vo, wraps with tears, wear, signed presentation by author, contents vg, 111 pp., 14 plates on fossil trilobites. Scarce.                                                                        Price: $30.00                                (stock#IPAR115P)


Stormer L. 1945 REMARKS ON THE TRETASPIS (TRINUCLEUS) SHALES OF HADLAND offprint, inscribed to G. M. Ehlers, pencil notation on wrap, contents vg, 47 pp., 4 plates, 2 figs.        Price: $20.00               (stock#IPAR121P)


Tripp R. P. 1962 TRILOBITES FROM THE CONFINIS FLAGS (ORDOVICIAN) OF THE GIRVAN DISTRICT, AYRSHIRE Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh offprint, 4to, light wear, signed by author, 40 pp., 4 plates.

                                                                                                                        Price: $25.00                      (stock#IPAR134P)


Tripp R. P. 1967 TRILOBITES FROM THE UPPER STINCHAR LIMESTONE (ORDOVICIAN) OF THE GIRVAN DISTRICT, AYRSHIRE Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh offprint, 4to, light wear, signed by author, 50 pp., 6 plates.  

                                                                                                        Price: $25.00                           (stock#IPAR135P)


Whittard W. F. 1955-1960 ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITES OF THE SHELVE INLIER, PARTS I-VI (only, parts 7-9 not present), all in blue wraps as issued, light wear, vg, contanining pp. 1-162, plates I-XXI.    Price: $150.00                   (stock#PSWhitt)


Whittington H. B. 1950 A MONOGRAPH OF THE BRITISH TRILOBITES OF THE FAMILY HARPIDAE Palaeontographical Society 4to, blue wraps with title label, light wear, contents vg with 55 pp., 7 plates. Note this is a stand alone publication with no other parts issued.                                        Price: $40.00                 (stock#PSHarp)


Whittington H. B. 1956 SILICIFIED MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITES – THE ODONTOPLEURIDAE MCZ Bull. 114(5) wraps, light wear, vg, 136 pp., 24 plates of trilobite fossils. Scarce.                Price: $30.00                    (stock#IPAR102P)


Chatterton B. D. E. and Perry D. G. 1977 LOCHKOVIAN TRILOBITES AND CONODONTS FROM NORTH-WESTERN CANADA offprint JP vg, 25 pp., 4 plts, 1 fig.                   Price: $5.00                               (stock#IPAR02)

Cooper B. N. 1953 TRILOBITES FROM LOWER CHAMPLAINIAN FORMATIONS OF THE APPALACHIAN VALLEY GSA Memoir #55 8vo, gilt cloth, ex-library else light wear, very good with 69 pp., 19 plates of fossils, 2 figures.                                                                                                 Price: $35.00                     (stock#GSAMem55)

Darby and Stumm 1965 A REVISION OF THE ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITE ASAPHUS PLATYCEPHALUS STOKES  Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 20(3) 8vo, wraps, like new, 11 pp., 2 pls.   Price:  $10.00                      (stock#UMCP20-3)

Dunbar C. O. 1925 ANTENNAE IN OLENELLUS GETZI N SP. 8vo, some wear, cloth tape on spine, from Amer. Jour. Sci., 5 pp., 2 figs.                                                                           Price: $5.00                              (stock#IPAR04)
Gatehouse C. G. 1968 EARLY MIDDLE CAMBRIAN TRILOBITES OF THE LITCHFIELD AREA NORTHERN TERRITORY and other Papers in Paleontological Papers, 1965 Austral. Bur. Min Res. Bull. #80 8vo, stiff wps, ex-lib, vg, 224 pp., 15 plts, figs (for entire vol.).                                   Price: $20.00                           (stock#IPAR05)

Harrington H. J. 1938 SOBRE LAS FAUNAS DEL ORDOVICIANO INFERIOR DEL NOTE ARGENTINO Unv. La Plata 8vo, wraps with minor edge chips else vg copy, 180 pp., 14 plts + figs., mostly on trilobites.  

                                                                                                                    Price: $40.00                          (stock#IPAR06)

Howell B. F. 1945 UPPER CAMBRIAN FAUNAS OF NEW JERSEY GSA Memoir #12 8vo gilt cloth fine copy with 46 pp., 8 plates.                                                                                       Price: $30.00                         (stock#GSAM12)

Lamont 1935 THE DRUMMUCK GROUP, GIRVAN: A STRATIGRAPHICAL REVISION WITH DESCRIPTION OF NEW FOSSILS FROM THE LOWER PART OF THE GROUP offprint from Trans. Geol. Soc. Glasgow, 19(2), 47 pp., 3 pls with fossils of trilobites and other critters, fold out map.         Price: $10.00                            (stock#IPAR08)

Lesperance P. J. and Desbiens A. 1995 SELECTED ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITES FROM THE LAKE ST. JOHN DISTRICT OF QUEBEC AND THEIR BEARING ON SYSTEMATICS Paleont. Soc. Memoir #42 4to, wps with soiling to corner else vg, light wear, vg, 19 pp., 5 figs.                       Price: $20.00                          (stock#IPAR57)

Neumann R. B. 1964 FOSSILS IN ORDOVICIAN TUFFS NORTHEASTERN MAINE USGS Bull. #1181-E  8vo, wps with notation else vg, 38 pp., 7 plts of trilobites and brachiopods, 4 figs.    Price: $15.00              (stock#IPAR09)

Palmer A. 1954 AN APPRAISAL OF THE GREAT BASIN MIDDLE CAMBRIAN TRILOBITES DESCRIBED BEFORE 1900 U. S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY PROFESSIONAL PAPER 264-D 4to wraps, light wear, very good copy with 32 pp., 5 plates and 1 figure.                                                                  Price: $20.00                         (stock#PP264D)

Palmer A. GLYPTAGNOSTUS AND ASSOCIATED TRILOBITES IN THE UNITED STATES U. S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY PROFESSIONAL PAPER 374-F 4to wraps light wear, very good to fine copy with 49 pp., 6 plates of fossil trilobites + additional figures.                                                       Price: $15.00                            (stock#IPAR10)

Palmer A. R. and Rowell A. J. 1995 EARLY CAMBRIAN TRILOBITES FROM THE SCHACKLETON LIMESTONE OF THE CENTRAL TRANSANTARCTIC MOUNTAINS Paleont. Soc. Memoir #45 4to, wps light wear, vg, 28 pp., 18 figs.                                                                                                        Price: $20.00                          (stock#IPAR55)

Poulsen C. 1958 CONTRIBUTION TO THE PALAEONTOLOGY OF THE LOWER CAMBRIAN WULFF RIVER FORMATION Medd. Gronland 162(2) wps light wear, vg, 24 pp., 7 plts mostly of trilobites.                

                                                                                                                    Price: $15.00                           (stock#IPAR62)

Rasetti F. 1945 FOSSILIFEROUS HORIZONS IN THE "SILLERY FORMATION" NEAR LEVIS, QUEBEC offprint Amer. Jour. Science, wraps with stamp else light wear, vg, 14 pp., 2 plates of fossil trilobites.

                                                                                                                     Price: $10.00                           (stock#QB10P)


Reed F. R. C. 1903 THE LOWER PALAEOZOIC TRILOBITES OF THE GIRVAN DISTRICT AYRSHIRE [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #270] 4to, blue wps with orig. label affixed,  light wear, vg, 48 pp., 6 plts. Covers Agnostus, Triarthus, Asaphus and other genera.          Price: $40.00                         (stock#PGS270)

Reimann I. G. 1940 A NEW RESTORATION OF TERATASPIS, pp. 39-45, frontis plate of volume, in SCIENTIFIC PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE FIRST SYMPOSIUM OF THE COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES OF WESTERN NEW YORK (entire volume is offered here) and other papers on diverse aspects of mostly geology, with a lot of paleontology reports focused on specimens from New York State, 64 pp., 10 plts, figs. Scarce.                    

                                                                                                                    Price: $25.00                              (stockNY18P)


Salter J. W. 1883 A MONOGRAPH OF THE BRITISH TRILOBITES FROM THE CAMBRIAN SILURIAN AND DEVONIAN FORMATIONS PART 5 WITH TITLE PAGE AND DIRECTIONS FOR BINDING [Palaeontographical Society Monograph #] 4to no wps, removed from bound annual volume of that years issue, vg, with pp. 215-224, title page for the complete volume.                                                                                             Price: $20.00                                (PGSsalter1)

Shaw F. C. 1968 EARLY MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN CHAZY TRILOBITES OF NEW YORK NYSM Mem. #17 4to, wps, light foxing to wp margin else light wear, vg copy, 163 pp., 24 plts,  16 figs.   Price: $25.00     (stock#NYSMM17)

Shaw F. C. 1995 ORDOVICIAN TRINUCLEID TRILOBITES OF THE PRAGUE BASIN CZECH REPUBLIC Paleont. Soc. Memoir #40 4to, wps, light wear, vg, 23 pp., 15 figs. On Cryptolithus and related genera.  

                                                                                                                    Price: $20.00                       (stock#IPAR056)
Stormer L. 1925 ON A LOWER CAMBRIAN FAUNA AT USTAOSET IN NORWAY offprint from Fennia, 45(1) 22 pp., 2 plates, presentation copy to J. M. Clarke of the NYSM. 8vo, wraps loose, some wear, clean.

                                                                                                                    Price:  $10.00                           (stock#IPAR12)
Stubblefield C. J. 1959 EVOLUTION IN TRILOBITES Address to Geological Soc. London in wraps, light+ external wear (mostly small corner bump), contents clean and vg, 17 pp., 2 figs and presentation slip loosely inserted from author.                                                                                                                     Price: $15.00                       (stock#IPAR140P)


Stumm, 1962 SILICIFIED TRILOBITES FROM THE DEVONIAN JEFFERSONVILLE LIMESTONE AT THE FALLS OF THE OHIO Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 19(1) 8vo, wps, like new, 14 pp., 3 pls.  

                                                                                                                     Price: $10.00                      (stock#UMCP19-1)
Stumm 1963 TWO NEW SPECIES OF TRILOBITES FROM THE MIDDLE DEVONIAN SILICA SHALE OF NORTHWESTERN OHIO Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 20(1) 8vo, in wps, light wear, 4 pp., 1 pls.           

                                                                                                                      Price: $8.00                     (stock#UMCP20-1)
Stumm 1965 TWO UNUSUALLY WELL-PRESERVED TRILOBITES FROM THE MIDDLE DEVONIAN OF MICHIGAN AND OHIO Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 22(2) 8vo, wraps, like new, 3 pp., 1 pls.               

                                                                                                                      Price: $8.00                    (stock#UMCP22-2)

Taylor M. E. 1976 INDIGENOUS AND REDEPOSITED TRILOBITES FROM LATE CAMBRIAN BASINAL ENVIRONMENTS OF CENTRAL NEVADA offprint, vg, 33 pp., 3 plts, 10 figs.   Price: $8.00             (stock#IPAR16)
Twenhofel W. H. 1938 GEOLOGY AND PALEONTOLOGY OF THE MINGAN ISLANDS QUEBEC GSA Spec. Paper #11 wps, light wear, vg, 132 pp., 24 plts.                                      Price: $25.00              (stock#GSASP11)


Whitfield R. P. 1889 OBSERVATIONS ON SOME IMPERFECTLY KNOWN FOSSILS FROM THE CALCIFEROUS SANDROCK OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN AND DESCRIPTIONS OF SEVERAL NEW FORMS AMNH Bulletin 2(2) in wps which are marked and notated indicating the report was a gift to Theodore White from H. W. Seeley before ending up in the library of Henry Shaler Williams in whose hand are some marginal annotations in the text. Spine rebound with acid-free cloth archival tape, else vg copy with nice plates of trilobites and other fossils.   

                                                                                                                      Price: $25.00                         (stock#IPAR17)

Whittington H. B. 1949 A NEW LOWER ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITE offprint, Journal of Palentology wraps, some external wear and stamp, contents with some wear, overall good+, 6 pp., 2 plates.                 

                                                                                                                      Price: $8.00                          (stock#IPAR66)

Whittington H. B. and Evitt 1953 SILICIFIED MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN TRILOBITES GSA Mem. #59 8vo, gilt title on spine, priv. ownership bookplate on paste down else vg, 137 pp., 33 plts. 27 figs. 

                                                                                                                      Price: 35.00                        (stock#GSAM59)

                                                                                                                      Price: $6.00                           (stock#IPAR18)

Woodward H. 1883-1884  A MONOGRAPH OF THE BRITISH CARBONIFEROUS TRILOBITES PARTS 1 AND 2 COMPLETE [Palaeontographical Society Monographs #176, 182] 4to, no wps, extracted from the annual volume of Palaeont. Soc. Monograph issues for the year, light wear, clean, vg, contains 86 pp., 10 plts.                                                                                                               Price: $75.00                (stock#PGS176,182)





Beecher C. E. 1901 DISCOVERY OF EURYPTERID REMAINS IN THE CAMBRIAN OF MISSOURI offprint Amer. Jour. Sci. faded stamp to wps else vg copy, 3 pp., 1 plt.                       Price: $10.00                         (stock#IPAR20)


Caster K. E. and Macke W. B. 1952 AN AGLASPID MEROSTOME FROM THE UPPER ORDOVICIAN OF OHIO Offprint Jour. Paleont. wps with stamps light wear vg 5 pp., 1 plt, 1 fig.        Price: $6.00                (stock#IPAR67)

Novojilov N. and Stormer L. 1963 A NEW SCORPION FROM THE UPPER CARBONIFEROUS OF SIBERIA wps, ex-lib, vg, 5 pp., 2 plts.                                                                               Price: $10.00                         (stock#IPAR21)

O’Connell M. 1916 THE HABITAT OF THE EURYPTERIDA Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci. 11 (3) 8vo wps, paper spine cover chipped, some external wear, ex-lib copy else vg. With 277 pp., figs and fold out table.  

                                                                                                                       Price: $30.00                       (stock#IPAR22)
Rogers A. F. 1902 SOME NEW AMERICAN SPECIES OF CYCLUS FROM THE COAL MEASURES Unv. Kansas Bull. #1(10) 8vo, no wps, whole issue, the Xiphosauria article is 7 pp. with 1 plt. Scarce.     Price: $10.00               (stock#IPAR24)
Ruedemann R. and Clarke J. W.  A RECURRENT PITTSFORD (SALINA) FAUNA (on eurypterids) By Ruedemann, contained in FIFTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR OF THE SCIENCE DIVISION NEW YORK STATE MUSUEM BULLETIN #219 & 220, 8vo no wraps, damp stained to margin, reading copy with great contents that also include NEW PALEOZOIC CRUSTACEANS By Clarke.                              Price: $30.00               (stock#NYSMB219-220)
Ruedemann R. CAMBRIAN AND ORDOVICIAN FOSSILS in PALEONTOLOGY AND GEOLOGY, NEW YORK STATE MUSEUM BULL. 327 8vo, stamps to wraps else very good, clean with a number of other paleontology papers on Cambrian through Devonian fossils from New York. The Eurypterid paper deals with taxa from Normanskill and Deepskill Shales with a review of Ordovician occurrences from New York State.     Price:  $30.00    (stock#NYSMB327)


Williams M. Y. 1915 AN EURYPTERID HORIZON IN THE NIAGARA FORMATION OF ONTARIO Canada Dept. Mines Museum Bulletin #20 8vo, wps, ex-lib with stamps, corner clipped else contents vg, 12 pp., 6 plts.

                                                                                                                      Price: $20.00                         (stock#IPAR61)


WOODWARD, H. 1878. A MONOGRAPH OF THE BRITISH FOSSIL CRUSTACEA BELONGING TO THE ORDER MEROSTOMATA PART 5 SUB-ORDER XIPHOSURA [Palaeontographical Society Monographs #145] 4to, no wps, extracted from the annual volume of Palaeont. Soc. Monograph issues for the year, light wear, a few pp. loose else clean, vg, contains 83 pp., 6 plts on horseshoe crab-like crustaceans.      Price: $40.00                          (stock#PGS145)




Bate R. and Robinson E. (eds.) A STRATIGRAPHICAL INDEX OF BRITISH OSTRACODA Geol. Journal Special Issue #8 8vo, dust jacket worn ex-lib else contents vg with 538 pp., scores of specimen plates and range charts. A classic ostracod work and scarce.                                                                             Price: $40.00                     (stock#IPAR27)


Zalanyi B. 1929 MORPHO-SYSTEMATISCHE STUDIEN UBER FOSSILE MUSCHELKREBSE Geological Hungarica Series Palaeontologica Fasc. 5 royal 4to sized, some wear, wraps badly chipped, loose, ex-lib, contents overall good with 152 pp., 4 plts, figs. On fossil Ostracoda. Scarce.                                               Price: $25.00                         (stock#IPAR61)


Alexander C. I. 1929 OSTRACODA OF THE CRETACEOUS OF NORTH TEXAS Unv. Texas  Publication #2907 137 p., 10 pls. wps with corner repairs, light wear.                                 Price: $15.00                       (stock#UT2907)

Bate R. and Robinson E. (eds.) A STRATIGRAPHICAL INDEX OF BRITISH OSTRACODA Geol. Journal Special Issue #8 8vo, dust jacket worn ex-lib else contents vg with 538 pp., scores of specimen plates and range charts. A classic ostracod work and scarce.                                           Price: $40.00                        (stock#IPAR27)


Benson R. H. 1977 EVOLUTION OF OBLITACYTHEREIS FROM PALEOCOSTA (OSTRACODA: TRACHYLEBERIDIDAE) DURING THE CENOZOIC IN THE MEDITERRANEAN AND ATLANTIC Smithsonian Cont. Paleobiology #33 4to, wps light wear, vg, 47 pp., 4 plts, figs.         Price: $10.00                   (stock#IPAR35)


Berry E. W. 1925 UPPER CRETACEOUS OSTRACODA FROM MARYLAND from Amer. Jour. Sci. 8v0, no wps, spine with cloth tape, contents good, 15 figs on one plate.                 Price: $5.00                          (stock#IPAR28)

Brouwers E. M. and Hazel J. E. 1978 OSTRACODA AND CORRELATION OF THE SEVERN FORMATION (NAVARROAN; MAESTRICHTIAN) OF MARYLAND SEPM Paleont. Mono. #1 8vo, wps, vg, 52 pp., 11 plts + figs.  

                                                                                                                       Price: $10.00                        (stock#IPAR29)

Cooper C. L. 1941 CHESTER OSTRACODES OF ILLINOIS IL Geol. Surv.  Rpt. Inv. #77 wps, light wear, ex-lib, 101 pp. + figs.                                                                                                      Price: $10.00                          (stock#ILRI77)
Crane M. J. and Kelly W. A. 1956 A NEW OCCURRENCE OF MISSISSIPPIAN OSTRACODA IN MICHIGAN offprint from Jour. Paleont. 8vo, ex-lib, vg, 7 pp., 1 plt.                          Price: $5.00                               (stock#MI14)

Dons J. A. and Henningsmoen G. 1949 TWO NEW MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN OSTRACODS FROM OSLO wps, ex-lib, vg, 4 pp., 1 plt.                                                                                        Price: $6.00                         (stock#IPAR30)

Henningsmoen G. 1953 CLASSIFICATION OF PALEOZOIC STRAIGHT-HINGED OSTRACODS 8vo, wps, vg, 100 pp., 2 plts, 12 figs.                                                                                        Price: $15.00                         (stock#IPAR31)

Henningsmoen G. 1954 LOWER ORDOVICIAN OSTRACODS FROM THE OSLO REGION NORWAY 8vo, vg, 28 pp.,  2 plts, 1 fig.                                                                                            Price: $10.00                       (stock#IPAR32)

Henningsmoen G. 1954 UPPER ORDOVICIAN OSTRACODS FROM THE OSLO REGION NORWAY 8vo, vg, 40 pp., 6 plts.                                                                                                      Price: $10.00                      (stock#IPAR33)

Henningsmoen G. 1954 SILURIAN OSTRACODS FROM THE OSLO REGION NORWAY 1. BEYRICHIACEA. WITH A REVISION OF THE BEYRICHIIDAE 8vo, vg, 71 pp.,  8 plts, 5 fig.        Price: $10.00                       (stock#IPAR34)

Howe H. V. and Garrett J. B. Jr. 1934 LOUISIANA SABINE EOCENE OSTRACODA LA Geol. Surv.  Bull. #4 wps light wear, ex-lib else vg, 64 pp. Describes and illustrates 31 species, 25 of which are new, from 4 Sabine (Wilcox) localities.     
                                                                                   Price: $10.00                     (stock#LAGSB4)
Howe H. V. and Chambers J. 1935 LOUISIANA JACKSON EOCENE OSTRACODA LA Geol. Surv.  Bull. #5 wps light wear, ex-lib else vg, 65 pp. Describes and illustrates 43 species and varieties from 17 localities; proposes 1 new genus.                                                                                                
Price: $10.00                      (stock#LAGSB5)
Howe H. V. and  Law J. 1936 LOUISIANA VICKSBURG OLIGOCENE OSTRACODA LA Geol. Surv.  Bull. #7 wps light wear, ex-lib vg, 96 pp. Describes and illustrates 75 species from 30 localities; proposes 3 new genera.   

                                                                                                                        Price: 10.00                        (stock#LAGSB7)

Jones C. R. 1986 ORDOVICIAN (LLANDEILO AND CARADOC) BEYRICHIOCOPE OSTRACODA FROM ENGLAND AND WALES PART 1 Palaeont. Soc. [publ.] 4to, wps, light wear, vg, 76 pp., 22 plts.               

                                                                                                                        Price: $20.00                      (stock#IPAR65)

Jones T. R. 1885 ON THE OSTRACODA OF THE PURBECK FORMATION WITH NOTES ON THE WEALDEN SPECIES extracted from Quarter. Jour. Geol. Soc. London 8vo, partly disbound else vg, light wear, 45 pp., 2 plts.                                                                                                                Price: $15.00                        (stock#IPAR35)

Kraft J. C. 1962 MORPHOLOGIC AND SYSTEMATIC RELATIONSHIPS OF SOME MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN OSTRACODA GSA Memoir #86 8vo, gilt cloth light wear, fine copy with 104 pp., 19 pls, 15 figs.                        

                                                                                                                        Price: $15.00                    (stock#GSAM86)

Schmidt F. 1873 RUSSISCHEN SILURISCHEN LEPERDITIEN Memoires L’Acadamie Imperiale de Sciences de St. Petersbourg VII Serie, Tome XXI(2) 4to in marbled boards with original wraps retained, old binders notation on margin of wrap and stamp of H. S. Williams from whose library the volume originated. With 26 pp., 1 plate of fossils. Rare.                                                                                 Price: $45.00                    (stock#IPAR037)
Swartz F. and Oriel S. S. 1948 OSTRACODA FROM MIDDLE DEVON WINDOM BEDS IN WESTERN NEW YORK Penn. State. Coll. Tech. Paper #142 wps with signature, vg, 27 pp., 2 plts, 2 figs. Price: $10.00   (stock#IPAR38)

Tressler W. L. 1942 Part 4- OSTRACODA GEOLOGY AND BIOLOGY OF NORTH ATLANTIC DEEP SEA CORES USGS PP 196-C wps, light wear, vg, 10 pp., 15 prelim text, 1 pl.             Price: $8.00                        (stock#PP196C)

Ulrich E. O. 1890-1906 bound collection of 3 offprints including NEW AND LITTLE KNOWN PALEOZOIC OSTRACODA (1890, Jour. Cincinnati Soc. Nat. Hist., in wps, 73 pp., 18 plts); PALEOZOIC SEAS AND BARRIERS OF NORTH AMERICA By Ulrich and Shuchert and presentation copy by Schuchert to H. S. Williams (from NYSM Rpt State Paleont. 1901, 31 pp., f/o map and table); and NEW AMERICAN PALEOZOIC OSTRACODA WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF UPPER CARBONIFEROUS GENERA AND SPECIES By Ulrich and Bassler 1906 (Proc. USNM #1446, wps, 15 pp., 1 plt). Vol. has marbled boards, cloth spine, vg. A unique item.

                                                                                                                        Price: $35.00                       (stock#IPAR19)


Ulrich E. O. 1906-1912 bound collection of 4 offprints of which NEW AMERICAN PALEOZOIC OSTRACODA, PRELIMINARY REVISION OF THE BEYRICHIIDAE WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW GENERA (Proc. USNM #1646, 49 pp., 8 plts.) and THE ORDOVICIAN – SILURIAN BOUNDARY (poorly trimmed advance copy from 12th International Geol. Congress Proc., 50 pp) are the most important works.  Price: $25.00             (stock#IPAR18) 


Vyalov O. S. (ed.) FOSSIL OSTRACODA Akad. Nauk Ukrainskol (in English) 8vo, stamp to wp else vg, 217

pp.,plts, figs. Scarce.                                                                                         Price: $20.00               (stock#IPAR41)


Clarke J. M. 1885 ON THE HIGHER DEVONIAN FAUNAS OF ONTARIO COUNTY NEW YORK USGS Bull. #16 no wps, removed from bound vol. of  USGS bulletins, contents clean and vg with 80 pp. and 3 plts of fossils incl. crustaceans and fishes.                                                                                Price: $25.00                 (stock#USGSB16)

Feldmann R. M. et al. 1993 LATE CRETACEOUS AND PALEOCENE DECAPOD CRUSTACEANS FROM JAMES ROSS BASIN ANTARCTIC PENINSULA Paleont. Soc. Memoir #28 4to, wps, light wear, vg, 41 pp., 30 figs.      

                                                                                                                          Price: $15.00                     (stock#IPAR59)

Feldmann R. M. et al. 1995 FOSSIL DECAPOD CRUSTACEANS FROM THE JAGUEL AND ROCA FORMATIONS (MAASTRICHTIAN-DANIAN) OF THE NUEQUEN BASIN ARGENTINA Paleont. Soc. Memoir #43 4to, wps, light wear, vg, 22 pp., 17 figs.                                                                                Price: $15.00                     (stock#IPAR58)

Feldmann R. M. et al. 1998 DECAPOD CRUSTACEANS FROM THE EOCENE CASTLE HAYNE LIMESTONE, NORTH CAROLINA Paleont. Soc. Memoir #48 4to, wps, vg, 28 pp., 30 figs.     Price: $15.00        (stock#IPAR72)

Kesling R. V. 1958 FOSSIL CRABS FROM GUAM Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 14(14) 8vo, wraps, like new, 56 pp., 12 pls, 2 maps.                                                                                   Price: $8.00                (stock#UMCP14-14)

Packard A. S. 1886 ON THE SYNCARIDA A HITHERTO UNDESCRIBED SYNTHETIC GROUP OF EXTINCT MALACOSTRACOUS CRUSTACEA Mem. Nat. Acad. offprint, royal 4to, wraps, some wear to wrap margins, contents vg, 17 pp., 4 fine, tinted lithographed plates.                             Price: $25.00                     (stock#IPAR43)

Packard A. S. 1886 Two important works on fossil Crustaceans (1) ON THE SYNCARIDA A HITHERTO UNDESCRIBED SYNTHETIC GROUP OF EXTINCT MALACOSTRACOUS CRUSTACEA and (2) ON THE CARBONIFEROUS XIPHOSUROUS FAUNA OF NORTH AMERICA both from Memoirs. Nat. Acad. Science Vol. 3(2) royal 4to, disbound, some wear, overall good, clean with photographic and fine lithograph plates. With 38 pp., 7 plts + figs and includes Mazon Creek specimens.                          Price: $40.00                    (stock#IPAR44)

Schram F. R. 1974 CONVERGENCE BETWEEN LATE PALEOZOIC AND MODERN CARIDOID MALACOSTRACA offprint title wps, vg, 10 pp., 4 figs.                                                               Price: $6.00                      (stock#IPAR45)

Sturgeon et al. 1964 RARE CRUSTACEANS FROM THE UPPER DEVONIAN CHAGRIN SHALE IN NORTHERN OHIO Unv. Michigan, Cont. Paleontology 19(5) 8vo, wraps, like new, 18 pp., 5 pls, 1 figs.  

                                                                                                                          Price: $8.00                 (stock#UMCP19-5)

Whittington H. B. and Rolfe W. D. I. (eds) 1963 PHYLOGENY AND EVOLUTION OF THE CRUSTACEA MCZ Spec. Pub. 8vo, cloth, ex-priv. lib. else vg, 192 pp., 80 figs.                    Price: $20.00                     (stock#IPAR49)





Bollman C. H. 1893 THE MYRIAPODA OF NORTH AMERICA USNM Bull. #46 8vo, cloth, ex-lib with period bookplate, stamp else some wear, good copy, 210 pp.                           Price: $25.00                    (stock#IPAR50)
Burke J. J. 1979 A NEW MILLIPEDE GENUS MYRIACANTHERPESTES (DIPLOPODA, ARCHIPOLYPODA) AND A NEW SPECIES, MYRIACANTHERPESTES BRADEBIRSKI FROM THE ENGLISH COAL MEASURES Kirtlandia #30 8vo, wps, fine copy, 24 pp., figs.                                                                  Price: $10.00                      (stock#IPAR51)


Darlington P. J. A FOSSIL CARABID BEETLE FROM THE MIOCENE OF MONTANA Unv. Mich, Paleont. Cont. 22(14) wps, vg, 5 pp., 2 plts.                                                                          Price: $7.00               (stock#UMCP22-14)

Hull F. M. 1960 A NEW GENUS AND FOUR NEW SPECIES OF FOSSIL DIPTERA FROM MONTANA AND COLORADO Unv MI Cont. Paleont. 15(11) wps, clean, vg, 11 pp., 4 plts on fossil flies including some from Scudder’s Stump Hill locality at Florissant.                                                  Price: $10.00              (stock#UMCP15-11)

Mjoberg E. 1925 THE MYSTERY OF THE SO-CALLED “TRILOBITE LARVAE” DEFINITELY SOLVED offprint Pysche, vol. 32, wraps light wear, vg, 36 pp., 2 plates, on recent insect larvae that broadly resemble trilobites.                                                                                                                             Price: $10.00                           (IPAR138P)


Tillyard M. A. 1923 TARSOPHLEBIOPSIS MAYI N.G. ET N.SP. A DRAGON-FLY FOUND IN THE BODY CHAMBER OF A CORALLIAN AMMONITE offprint from Geol. Mag. 8vo, wps, light wear, 6 pp., 1 plt, 3 figs. Note this offprint is bound with the wrap of another title from the same journal-printers error.            Price: $10.00                    (stock#IPAR60)

Wickham H. F. 1908 NEW FOSSIL ELATERIDAE FROM FLORISSANT, 3 pp., 3 figs; NEW FOSSIL COLEOPTERA FROM FLORISSANT by Wickham, 1909, good, 5 pp.; and NEW FOSSIL COLEOPTERA FROM FLORISSANT WITH NOTES ON SOME ALREADY DESCRIBED by Wickham, 1910, 4 pp. The three reports bound somewhat loosely into archival folder, ex-lib.                                                                                                       Price: $15.00                    (stock#IPAR53)

Wickham H. F. FOSSIL COLEOPTERA FROM FLORISSANT WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF SEVERAL NEW SPECIES bound with FOSSIL INSECTS FROM FLORISSANT COLORADO AMNH Bull. 30(5) 8vo, no wps, removed from bound issue of Vol. 30, clean, vg, 30 pp. total, 1 plt, 2 figs. Scarce.         Price: $20.00                  (stock#IPAR54)

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